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Terravion delivers real-time aerial imagery to vineyard managers. Every week during the growing season, we deliver a birds-eye view of your farm in multiple layers.  

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(925) 399-8796

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Robert Morris


Direct Phone: (925) 399-8796


Adam Metz

Vice President

Direct Phone: (925) 399-8796


Bob Westbrook

Vice President

Direct Phone: (925) 399-8796


Brandon Udelhofen

Director Operations

Direct Phone: (925) 399-8796



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7950 Dublin Rd, Ste 314
Dublin, CA 94568

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7950 Dublin Rd, Ste 314
Dublin, CA 94568

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Imagine viewing which blocks on your ranch needs your attention now and which ones have changed in the last week. Now you can. If you're farming any piece of land, you can look at an aerial image of your farm from roughly 24 hours ago. Terravion works in conjunction with your current tools for decision-making by showing you the existence and extent of the conditions which sampling, moisture probes and scouting can measure in greater detail. This allows you to react faster, make better decisions, communicate easily and make smarter vineyard interventions.

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