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AaquaSteam Portable Electric Steam Generator By Reimers AaquaBlaster LT Barrel and Tank Cleaning Tool AaquaTools AaquaBlaster Container Cleaning Tool - perfect for wine barrel and tank cleaning. AaquaTools Features HydroTek Floor Cleaning Tools AaquaTools KEW Poseidon 7 - portable electric high pressure washer AaquaTools - Food and Beverage Industry Tools AaquaTools ScanJet SC15 AaquaTools HotCart Portable Tankless Hot Water Generator/ Hot High Pressure Washer


(800) 777-2922


(916) 635-8856

Sales Contact(s)

Steve Buchan


Cell Phone: (916) 869-9024

Email address:


Robert Astle

Vice President

Cell Phone: (916) 869-7593

Email address:



Mailing Address

3233 Fitzgerald Rd, Ste B
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

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Location Address

3233 Fitzgerald Rd, Ste B
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742

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Company Profile


AaquaTools, Alfa Laval, Clear Water Technologies, HydroTek, KEW/Nilfisk, Noritz, Reimers, Scanjet


AaquaTools has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality water-driven products and solutions for the wine and food processing, automotive, transportation and industrial and solid waste industries. Our sanitation/sterilization solutions include but not limited to barrels and tanks, portable restrooms, organics, recycling and garbage. Our success can be attributed by our ability to find a water cleaning need and fill it with a tool that we manufacturer ourselves or distribute for others.

AaquaTools, Inc.
offers the following products and/or services:

     General (2862)
         Facilities & Construction (657)
             Waste Disposal / Wastewater Treatment (144)
                 Waste Disposal (23)
         Safety & Maintenance (105)
             Safety & Protective Equipment (58)
                 Safety & Protective Equipment (51)
     Winery (2655)
         Cooperage (295)
             Barrel Washers (29)
                 Semi-automatic (27)
                 Automatic (12)
         Winery Equipment (1070)
             Bottling Line (144)
                 Rinsers / Washers (30)
             Cleaning / Sterilization Equipment (96)
                 Chemical (60)
                 Hot Water (73)
                 Steam (68)
             Heat Exchangers & Cold Stabilization Equipment (57)
                 Heat Exchangers & Cold Stabilization (57)
             Hoses & Fittings (69)
                 Hoses & Fittings (69)
             Ion Exchange Equipment (Deionization) (12)
                 Ion Exchange Equipment (Deionization) (12)
             Tanks (208)
                 Cleaning Equipment (40)
         Winery Supplies (374)
             Chemicals (66)
                 Cleaning (39)
             Gases / Ozone (24)
                 Ozone for Cleaning (16)
     Vineyard (999)
         Vineyard Equipment (631)
             Other Vineyard Equipment (92)
                 Other Vineyard Equipment (93)

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