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ColloPack is the factory-authorized dealer for the industry's leading manufacturers of grape processing equipment, wine bottling equipment and video inspection systems. ColloPack also offers stainless steel tanks and sparkling wine corks.  
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(707) 258-3940


(707) 258-3949

Sales Contact(s)

Dave Means

Administrative Vice President

Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 480-8709

Email address:


Phil Giacalone

Sales Vice President

Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 486-9439

Email address:


Rick White

Vice President

Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 738-0511

Email address:


Ned Morris


Direct Phone: (509) 730-9188

Cell Phone: (509) 387-0707

Email address:


Joe Mironicki

VP Sales

Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 695-3125

Email address:


Craig Richardson


Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 256-9829

Email address:


Mike Wegman


Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 696-7098

Email address:


Adam Bloom


Direct Phone: (707) 258-3940

Cell Phone: (707) 724-1134

Email address:



Mailing Address

171 Camino Dorado
Napa, CA 94558

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Location Address

171 Camino Dorado
Napa, CA 94558

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Company Profile


Albrigi, Bertolaso, Bortolin Kemo, Cavagnino & Gatti, Champagel, Diemme, Francesca, Innotec, Logic & Controls, Oller, Perrier, Robino & Galandrino


The ColloPack Solutions headquarters is located in Napa, CA. Also, ColloPack has a sales office in Washington. Besides sales and administrative offices in Napa, ColloPack maintains in Napa an extensive inventory of spare parts and a machine shop for manufacturing emergency parts. ColloPack has thirteen people in the after-sales department, all dedicated to providing the highest level of service to its customers. With ColloPack's extensive product line and experienced staff, it offers superior solutions for the wine industry's grape processing and bottling needs.

ColloPack Solutions
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2617)
         Packaging (837)
             Closures (117)
                 Sparkling Wine Closures (46)
             Machinery (125)
                 Capping, Corking, Sealing (34)
                 Capsuling Equipment (23)
                 Case Packers (22)
                 Labelers (65)
         Winery Equipment (1043)
             Bottling Line (141)
                 Cappers / Capsuling (51)
                 Case Packer (23)
                 Corker (37)
                 Depalletizer / Palletizer (33)
                 Fillers, Rotary (34)
                 Bottle Labelers (56)
                 Sparger (20)
                 Bottling Line Quality Control (14)
             Case Gluing, Sealing & Forming Equip. (14)
                 Case Gluing, Sealing & Forming Equip. (14)
             Case Packers / Movers (31)
                 Assisted Drop / Soft Drop (19)
             Crushers/Destemmers (52)
                 Crushers/Destemmers (52)
             Filters / Filtration Systems (102)
                 Membrane Filter (52)
             Presses (56)
                 Basket Presses (20)
                 Tank Presses (26)
             Tanks (199)
                 Metal / Stainless Steel (103)
             Sparkling Wine Equipment (30)
                 Bidulers (6)
                 Neck Freezers (11)
                 Disgorgers (12)
                 Doser/Fill Leveler (12)
                 Wirehooder (15)


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