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Nomacorc, a global leader in wine closures, manufactures its products using a patented co-extrusion process. Our closures provide consistent, predictable oxygen management and protect against off-flavors due to oxidation, reduction or cork taint.  

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(919) 460-2200


(919) 269-3200

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Jay Cummins

VP Global Sales

Direct Phone: (919) 460-2200

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Steven Billey

North American Retail Manager

Direct Phone: (770) 656-4012

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Yolanda Castillo

Marketing Communications Specialist

Direct Phone: (919) 460-2233

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Mel Cressman

Media Relations Specialist

Direct Phone: (919) 460-2288

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Mailing Address

400 Vintage Park Dr
Zebulon, NC 27597

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400 Vintage Park Dr
Zebulon, NC 27597

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Select® Bio, Wine Quality Solutions


Nomacorc produces more than 2 billion closures annually. Working with renowned wine research institutes worldwide, the company leads the wine closure industry in fundamental and applied research into oxygen management in wine. 2 out of 3 bottles in the US are closed with Nomacorc, and 30 of the top 40 wineries in the world use Nomacorc to protect their premium wines. Nomacorc's portfolio of products reduces returns of faulty oxidized or reduced bottles and eradicates consumer frustrations of crumbling, hard to extract corks.

offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2624)
         Packaging (837)
             Closures (119)
                 Synthetic Corks (52)

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