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TCW Equipment    


Sales & service of: pumps (flexible impeller, rotary positive displacement, elliptical, peristaltic, centrifugal, piston), presses, crusher-destemmers, filters, corkers, fillers, labelers, valves, fittings, hose, spinners, tanks.  

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(707) 963-9681


(707) 963-7739


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2975 Dutton Ave, Unit C
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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Location Address

2975 Dutton Ave, Unit C
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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Alla France, ElvaMac, Enolta Mapan, Ferrinox, Graver, Hanna, Jabsco, L-Inox, Marchisio, Mencarelli, Minox, Mori, Ragazzini, Remco, Superklean, Tecnomax Due, Tosa Mecc, Versa-Matic, Waukesha

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TCW Equipment
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2617)
         Packaging (836)
             Machinery (125)
                 Capping, Corking, Sealing (34)
                 Capsuling Equipment (23)
                 Labelers (65)
         Winery Equipment (1043)
             Bottling Line (141)
                 Cappers / Capsuling (51)
                 Corker (37)
                 Fillers, In-Line (42)
                 Bottle Labelers (56)
                 Rinsers / Washers (33)
                 Sparger (20)
             Crushers/Destemmers (52)
                 Crushers/Destemmers (52)
             Crushpad Equipment (43)
                 Crushpad Equipment (43)
             Filters / Filtration Systems (102)
                 Plate & Frame (45)
                 Membrane Filter (52)
             Presses (56)
                 Basket Presses (20)
                 Membranes & Bladders (39)
             Must Pumps / Wine Pumps (109)
                 Air pump / membrane (29)
                 Centrifugal (40)
                 Flexible Impeller (33)
                 Peristaltic (26)
                 Progressive Cavity (34)
                 Rotary Lobe (positive displacement) (39)
             Sorting Tables (36)
                 Sorting Tables (36)
             Tanks (199)
                 Cleaning Equipment (38)
     Vineyard (979)
         Vineyard Equipment (614)
             Irrigation (116)
                 Flow Meters (42)

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