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(707) 284-2888


(707) 284-2894

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Louis Zandvliet

General Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 284-2888 ext. 14


Jannette Bass

Administration & Transportation Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 284-2888 ext. 17

Email address:


Nicole Heslip

Regional Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 529-9511

Email address:


Joe Farley

Regional Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (805) 674-4464

Email address:


Louise Bassett

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Direct Phone: (707) 284-2888 ext. 13

Email address:


Mario Carofanello

Regional Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 536-8599

Email address:


Steve Burch

Pronektar Manager & Regional Sales Manager

Direct Phone: (707) 483-6276

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Mailing Address

480 Aviation Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Location Address

480 Aviation Blvd
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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The Radoux Cooperage is recognized worldwide as a leader in the industry: a technological innovator, blending cutting edge science with the best of 'Old World' cooperage tradition. Manufacturing French, American and Eastern European oak barrels, French oak tanks and casks, as well as a full line of oak adjuncts, Radoux can satisfy the needs of the most discerning winemaker.

Tonnellerie Radoux USA
offers the following products and/or services:

     Winery (2625)
         Cooperage (288)
             Barrels (165)
                 Barrels (143)
             Casks (oak) (73)
                 Casks (oak) (73)
             Cooperage Supplies & Services (54)
                 Cooperage Supplies & Services (54)
             Oak Barrel Alternatives (84)
                 Staves (68)
                 Cubes (41)
                 Chips (67)
                 Segments (45)
         Winery Equipment (1039)
             Tanks (201)
                 Oak Tanks (27)


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