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BirdGard Super PRO Wireless. One transmitter can keep birds out of up to 48 acres. Deer Shield Super PRO broadcasts digital recordings of deer distress calls that trigger a primal fear response. Cover 3 acres, $519. Small unit covers 1 acre, $219.  

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Jim Burton


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2308 Raven Trl
West Columbia, SC 29169

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2308 Raven Trl
West Columbia, SC 29169

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Bird Gard Pro, Bird Phazer Laser, Bobbex, Deer Shield PRO, Jackites, The ScareWindmill


JWB Marketing sells bird and deer control products at discounted prices. The bird Gard PRO line of products; Bobbex liquid concentrate controls deer 3 ways: bad taste, bad smell and agitates their mouth if they bite into the plants; AwayWitheGeese LED that repels Canada geese at night for up to 4 acres; and predator kites and ScareWindmill for visual bird control.

JWB Marketing
offers the following products and/or services:

     Vineyard (993)
         Vineyard Equipment (626)
             Animal, Bird and Pest Control (113)
                 Bird & Deer Control (71)

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