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Food grade gases, industrial gases, propane, dry ice, H2SO3 solutions, dispensing & gas handling equipment, sanitary fittings & valves, sanitary tools, hoses, cleaning & sanitizing products, welding equipment, safety supplies and custom fabrication.  

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3220 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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3220 Santa Rosa Ave
Santa Rosa, CA 95407

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  Gas Blanketing Device   View    Download  
  Tri-Action Tank Safety Vent   View    Download  
  Carbon Dioxide Snow Horn   View    Download  
  Cleaning & Sanitizing Products   View    Download  
  H2S03 Digital Dispenser   View    Download  
  In-Line Sparger   View    Download  
  Keg Pressure Transfer Device   View    Download  
  Pressure Transfer Device for H2S03   View    Download  
  SO2 Barrel Gassing Unit   View    Download  
  Stirring Wands   View    Download  


Birko, Blueline, Cipriani, Dixon, Electric Co., Goodyear, Kanaflex, Lincoln, Miller Electric Co., REMCO, Reotemp, Schaeffer, Tudertechnica, Unisource


MATHESON is a single source for bulk and compressed gases, including food grade, industrial, specialty and medical gases as well as H2SO3 liquid solutions and dry ice. For the wine industry, MATHESON carries a wide range of gas handling equipment and delivery systems, sanitary fittings and valves, sanitary tools, hoses, cleaning and sanitizing products, safety equipment and supplies, as well as welding equipment and supplies. MATHESON can also custom fabricate equipment to meet a winery or vineyards specific needs. MATHESON has been proudly serving the wine industry for over 40 years.

offers the following products and/or services:

     General (2853)
         Safety & Maintenance (101)
             Safety & Protective Equipment (57)
                 Safety & Protective Equipment (50)
                 Toxic Gas Detectors (12)
     Winery (2643)
         Cooperage (290)
             Barrel Washers (30)
                 Semi-automatic (27)
             Barrels (163)
                 Stainless Steel Wine Barrels (19)
         Packaging (840)
             Wine Kegs (24)
                 Stainless Steel Wine Kegs (19)
         Tasting Rooms (469)
             Tasting Room Supplies (188)
                 Tasting Room Supplies (188)
         Winery Equipment (1051)
             Automatic Control Equipment (34)
                 Automatic Control Equipment (34)
             Bottling Line (142)
                 Fillers, In-Line (43)
                 Rinsers / Washers (34)
                 Sparger (20)
             Cleaning / Sterilization Equipment (94)
                 Chemical (59)
                 Hot Water (72)
             Food Grade Rubber (14)
                 Food Grade Rubber (14)
             Generators - Gas/Nitrogen (30)
                 Generators - Gas/Nitrogen (30)
             Gauges, Tank (18)
                 Gauges, Tank (18)
             Heat Exchangers & Cold Stabilization Equipment (56)
                 Heat Exchangers & Cold Stabilization (56)
             Hoses & Fittings (66)
                 Hoses & Fittings (66)
             Laboratory Equipment/Analyzers/Instruments (147)
                 Co2 & So2 Analyzers (43)
             Must Pumps / Wine Pumps (109)
                 Gas Pressure (6)
             Valves / Pipes / Fittings (111)
                 Valves / Pipes / Fittings (110)
             Welding & Supplies (19)
                 Welding & Supplies (18)
             Micro-oxygenation (17)
                 Micro-oxygenation (17)
             Food Grade Tools (7)
                 Food Grade Tools (7)
             CO2 Removal (6)
                 CO2 Removal (6)
         Winery Supplies (376)
             Gases / Ozone (23)
                 Ozone for Cleaning (17)
                 Gases for Winemaking (9)


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