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GEA provides centrifugation with decanters and separators; manufactures sanitary flow components and cleaners; and is a specialist in membrane filtration/mechanical separation technologies from coarse to fine clarification.  

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(410) 997-8700


(410) 997-5021

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Brian Romano


Direct Phone: (215) 519-6847

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Dave Medlar


Direct Phone: (207) 317-4198

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Mailing Address

9165 Rumsey Rd
Columbia, MD 21045

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9165 Rumsey Rd
Columbia, MD 21045

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Company Profile


GEA develops innovative solutions for manufacturing wine. Our expertise extends from complete turnkey projects, engineering, planning and construction to process automation, refrigeration, aseptic and ultra clean filling and packaging. GEA beverage technology is easy to install and maintain, enabling customers to benefit from significantly lower operating costs, while achieving the highest quality production. Our components and systems are designed to minimize the consumption of natural resources--such as water, energy and raw materials--to reduce the customers' environmental footprint.

GEA Group
offers the following products and/or services:

     General (2824)
         Facilities & Construction (645)
             Engineers (119)
                 Engineers (119)
     Winery (2616)
         Winery Equipment (1043)
             Centrifuges (28)
                 Centrifuges (28)
             Distilling Equipment (24)
                 Distilling Equipment (24)
             Evaporators (8)
                 Evaporators (8)
             Filters / Filtration Systems (102)
                 Cross Flow (38)
                 Reverse Osmosis (21)
                 Membrane Filter (52)
             Tanks (199)
                 Cleaning Equipment (38)
             Valves / Pipes / Fittings (108)
                 Valves / Pipes / Fittings (107)

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