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Cambrian Innovation’s EcoVolt Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) employs a polishing process that removes more than 99% of pollutants and solids, enabling water re-use on site. According to the manufacturer, the EcoVolt MBR was designed specifically to serve the food and beverage industries. The containerized system leverages new aeration technology with proprietary automation, resulting in what Cambrian claims is the most energy efficient design on the market. For breweries, wineries, and other producers with a low volume or concentration of wastewater, the EcoVolt MBR is an option for stand-alone water treatment solution that cleans water for onsite reuse or sewer discharge. cambrianinnovation.com
Tekni-Plex, Inc. has engineered a new laminated aluminum foil/foam barrier liner for roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) wine closures. The new Tri-Vin liners from Tri-Seal, a division of Tekni-Plex, Inc., are designed to replace tin/Saran barrier liners commonly used for ROPP wine applications. The manufacturer reports it conducted oxygen permeability tests as well as sensory organoleptic testing. “We designed the Tri-Vin liner to perform in the correct oxygen sensitivity range, allowing winemakers to cost-effectively maintain the drinkability window for consumers,” said David Andrulonis, vice president and general manager of Tekni-Plex. tekni-plex.com 
The liquid bird repellant Avian Control is now registered for use on wine grapes and other fruit in California. According to the manufacturer, Avian Control does not affect plants or soil while providing up to two weeks of effectiveness. The compound can be sprayed or fogged at a cost of about $12.50 per acre and can reduce bird losses by 37% to 87%, without causing birds to leave excess droppings. aviancontrolinc.com
American Tartaric Products is now offering the SPX/Seital line of centrifuges. The machines are skid mounted to allow for “plug and play operation,” feature an auto pilot option that monitors and optimizes the machine’s performance during a cycle, minimize any oxygen pick up with a hydro-dermetic or hermetic seal designs and come with a remote monitoring capability. americantartaric.com 
Enartis Vinquiry has two new blends of the co-polymer PVI/PVP, yeast derivatives with immediately available mannoproteins, sulfur containing amino acids and oligopeptides that can be added at the onset of fermentation to white and rosé wines to remove copper and boost aromas. Enartis Pro FT is recommended for the protection of primary aromas of thiolic varieties and Enartis Pro XP is for non-thiolic varieties. According to the supplier, the co-polymer binds to metals and settles out while the amino acids and oligopeptides provide a substrate for yeast with beta-lyase to produce thiols. The mannoproteins improve mouthfeel and stability. enartisvinquiry.com 
Maverick Enterprises Inc. now offers full-bottle sleeves that provide for a complete package design without etching or labels. The sleeves can be printed with all pertinent brand information incorporated into an overall design. maverickcaps.com 
To meet the growing demand of winemakers and winery owners around the world, Diam Bouchage has announced the opening of a new plant in the Pyrénées-Orientales, adjacent to the company’s main office in France.
Active Dry Yeast ENARTIS FERM AMR-1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the production of late harvest wines. AMR-1 is a high alcohol tolerant yeast selected from dried grapes for the production of Amarone wine. It produces elegant, clean wines that express varietal and regional character. In difficult conditions such as high sugar and alcohol concentration, low pH and low temperature, AMR-1 quickly ferments to dryness, producing clean wines with pleasant black fruit and spice aromas. During the sur lies phase, it liberates great quantities of mannoproteins and polysaccharides that improve mouthfeel and color stability.
Tekni-Plex, Inc. has engineered a new laminated aluminum foil/foam barrier liner, available globally, to deliver performance, cost and environmental attributes for roll-on pilfer proof (ROPP) wine closures.
NEW JERSEY, JULY 18th 2015 - A new technology called GOfermentor, set to revolutionize the winemaking process in the areas of oxygen control and water waste, has been released onto the international winemaking market.
ZEBULON, N.C. (July 16, 2015) After more than 60 years under the leadership of the Ohlinger family, the German Ohlinger Group joins a new and larger family, Vinventions.
Santa Rosa, CA (July 13, 2015). Mavrik North America has teamed with The Ranch Winery to open its sixth alcohol reduction hub on the west coast. Existing locations include San Luis Obispo, Lodi, Santa Rosa, Napa, and Hopland, with additional locations pending TTB approval.
Cambrian Innovation, provider of advanced biotechnology products for industrial businesses, announced today a major new product line, the EcoVolt® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR). Extending and enhancing Cambrian’s distributed water offerings for growing industrial businesses, the EcoVolt® MBR is a polishing process that removes over 99% of pollutants and solids, enabling water re-use on site. Cambrian’s first EcoVolt MBR customer is one of the fastest growing and largest craft breweries, Lagunitas Brewing Company.
The Tow and Blow wind machine was developed in New Zealand and is now for sale in the U.S. through Chamberlin Agriculture. The machine is designed to protect fruit and other crops from freezing temperatures, frost and excessive heat. An aerodynamically designed, composite shroud design increases airflow to protect up to 10 acres from frost and 3 acres from heat. The fan is powered with a small engine that requires 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour, while the hydraulic lift and rotating mechanism are powered by DC power packs with a solar panel to provide backup power. An auto start mechanism can be set to start the fan at specified temperatures, and at 5.5 feet wide the machine should fit between most vineyard or orchard rows. towandblowusa.com
The Gofermentor is a fermentation tank that operates with a single-use, biodegradable bladder with two chambers. One chamber is designed to hold must while the other chamber is filled with air. The liner is enclosed in a rigid container that can be moved by a forklift or pallet. When the air chamber inflates it compresses the cap and forces juice up through it, creating a “punch up” effect. The air chamber can also be used as a press when fermentation is complete, or as a press for whole clusters of white grapes when connected to a second fermentor. Once the liner is empty it can be folded up and discarded. The system is designed as a winemaking system that uses little to no wash water and protects must and juice from any exposure to air. gofermentor.com


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