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WG Security Products announced the release of its new Bottle Tag security device. The device provides multiple levels of protection as it alarms at four different triggers. According to the manufacturer, the Bottle Tag is easy to apply and can fit a wide variety of bottle sizes without damaging the foil. “The WG Bottle Tag offers the retailer an aesthetically conscious and secure product that is sure to decrease their shortage,” said Graham Handyside, executive vice president of WG Security products in a press release. Details: wgspi.com
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. unveiled its new 108RT depalletizer, which is designed for the high-speed transfer of reverse-taper bottles. The unit features devices that square and secure the top and secondary layers of a pallet prior to transfer and maintain the slip sheet in place as the pallet top layer is taken to the loading table. A-B-C also reports that each product load is kept under control on all four sides to contain the bottles in a tight pack and enhance stability. Bottles are single filed with a conveyor designed to “pull” them from the back and guide them to the line conveyor. Details: abcpackaging.com. 
The Magnum/Interfil wine-cleaning centrifuge can process 840 gallons per hour (or 14 gallons per minute), and the headspace of the centrifuge can be filled with an inert gas like nitrogen to help prevent the wine from being exposed to oxygen. The centrifuge employs stainless steel, sanitary pumps and can remove solids down to 1 micron in size. Details: interfil.com.au.
Oenobrands recently shared in-house research that indicates its Anchor Co-Inoculant bacteria is compatible with its line of commercial yeast strains and is even more effective with micro-oxygenation. The company studied the use of micro-oxygenation with the co-inoculant bacteria and yeast, and it reports that wines treated with both as well as micro-oxygenation finished alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in 12 days and exhibited more intense color. Details: oenobrands.com.
PDC International Corp. announced the release of its re-engineered 65 Series shrink sealer designed for shrink-sleeve labeling and other applications. The unit can also apply tamper-evident branding around the upper portion of a container. Sleeve diameter range is 0.375-3.25 inches, and sleeve height range is 0.625-8 inches. Details: pdc-corp.com.
RTI-Ag is bringing its line of "biofertility" products to the North American wine industry. The company’s biofertility products contain the fungus mycorrhizae, which helps plant roots uptake essential nutrients and water. The company claims its products require only a single application and result in healthier, more vigorous plants that establish themselves quicker. Details: rti-ag.com.
Nomacorc, one of the world's leading producers of wine closures, is pleased to announce that Sonoma County-based Avalon Winery is the first United States winery to use Nomacorc's new plant-based Select® Bio, a zero carbon footprint wine closure. This sustainable closure, made with renewable, plant-based biopolymers derived from sugar cane, will be used in Avalon's wines, beginning with the 2012 vintage of their flagship California "CAB."
Sebastopol, CA – VingDirect and VinNOW announced they are offering a complimentary version of VingDirect’s one-of-a-kind tasting room dashboard.
Exton, PA, June 19, 2014 – Gamajet is still crushing on the wine industry after more than 30 years, asking wineries to “Go with the one who treats you right.” To prove its undying love, Gamajet is offering 10 percent off machines for the wine industry – for a limited time only. As an added bonus, they are offering carts for 50 percent off and bipods for 10 percent off with the purchase of a machine. Wineries can take advantage of these intoxicating deals by calling 877-Gamajet or visiting the web site at www.gamajet.com/applications/wine.php.
xpedx, a business of International Paper (NYSE: IP) and Unisource Worldwide, Inc., announced that they have chosen the name Veritiv for the leading distribution solutions company that will be created upon completion of their merger. The name Veritiv comes from the roots of three words: “verity”, meaning true, and “active” and “connective”. Common stock of the new company is expected to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VRTV.
Parsippany, N.J. – June 17, 2014 – Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of price management solutions, announces its participation in the 10th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS), to be held June 30-July 1 at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa. During the event, Vistaar’s Sandy Tungare, founder and CEO, will be a keynote speaker on business technology trends, while Paul Greifenberger, senior vice president of global sales, will moderate a panel discussion on leveraging Cloud technology for marketing and trade sales. Vistaar executives will also be on hand at booth #11 at WITS and during the coinciding Beer Industry Technology Symposium (BITS).
INSIDE Secure and Selinko announced the release of their new CapSeal system to fight counterfeiting in the wine and spirits market. The system employs an INSIDE Secure VaultIC 150X chip and Selinko’s object identification technology to confirm a product is authentic. The chip is connected to an antenna inserted into the neck of the bottle just above the cork. A user with a near field communication enabled smartphone or device can then determine if the bottle is authentic and has remained unopened. The suppliers stress that while the CapSeal system can authenticate an unopened bottle, the system can not prevent a refilled bottle being passed off as fake. Details: insidesecure.com
The new Veriflow device for testing for the presence of Brettanomyces is now available. Developed by the biotech firm Invisible Sentinel with Jackson Family Wines, the test is designed to provide a quick and simple assay for brett. The unit employs molecular flow-based technology and real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis to provide same day results. Details: invisiblesentinel.com
Mio Vigneto Products is now offering a new line of barrels, casks and fermentation tanks made of Slovenian oak. The importer reports the Slovenian oak products are made with wood that has been air dried for 4 to 5 years and has a tannin level of between French and American oak. The open and closed top fermentation tanks and casks are available with several options including different toast levels, man-ways, sample taps, racking ports, drains, temperature gauge and company logo carved into the head. Details: miovigneto.com


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