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Vancouver, BC — April 24, 2014 — Renaissance Yeast Inc. announced that The University of California (UC) has been awarded a patent from the Japan Patent Office protecting its hydrogen sulfide-preventing yeast technology in that country. This now brings to sixteen the total patents issued, including those granted in major wine producing countries such as France, Italy, Spain, United States and Australia. Patents are also pending in a number of other countries. Renaissance is the exclusive global licensee of UC’s hydrogen sulfide-preventing technology for wine, beer, cider, sake and other yeast-fermenting applications. All Renaissance yeasts have been naturally developed through classical means and are non-GMO. Certified organic strains are also available.
ANAHEIM, Calif.—Wineries and wine bottlers can learn about the benefits of using PET Liners on their labels from a new white paper prepared by Labeltronix, Southern California’s leading producer of high-quality labels.
The “Wine Cannon” by Bevolution Systems is designed to dispense glasses of wine from bag-in-box packages quickly and cleanly. The system employs air pressure to force wine out of the packaging to the dispensing unit, which the company says pours an exact amount of wine quickly and cleanly. Details: bevolutionsystems.com 
Roaming Gnome Enterprises announced it is now offering “Esprit du Chene” French oak staves. The oak barrel alternatives can be used with any maturation tank, but Roaming Gnome says the product is being imported specifically for use with the Oenotank, which it also distributes. Details: wineryproducts.com
Smurfit Kappa announced it’s offering its “Pouch-Up” 3L packaging in a flexible, generic design to allow for small-run orders of the package. The pouches’ double gusset on the bottom and top gives it a more cylindrical shape, and a quadruplex aluminum film ensures high mechanical strength and prevents exposure to oxygen. Details: www.smurfitkappa.com  
Spotwine describes its new single-serve pouch as a “revolutionary new delivery system for consumption of wines, spirits and mixed cocktails.” The package holds 187 ml and is designed so consumers can drink from the pouch, with a straw or pour into a glass. The pouch also features a re-closable cap. Details: spotwineusa.com 
Tonnellerie Rousseau released a special barrel to commemorate the company’s 60th year of doing business. The limited edition barrel, or the “60” features many of the characteristics of Rousseau’s signature “Video” barrel that it released in 2008. According to the cooper, the 60 features extra tight-grain French oak as well as “elegance, finesse (and) irreproachable finishing,” that creates wine volume, depth, sweetness and length without overshadowing the fruit characteristics. Details: tonnellerie-rousseau.com 
Yale Materials Handling Corporation unveiled its new ERP025-030VC three-wheel lift truck that features a narrow width and tight turning radius for operating in constricted or congested areas. The lift truck is 39.2” wide and is available with either 2,500 or 3,000 pounds of lift capacity and turning radiuses of 55” or 57.2”. Details: yale.com 
April 16, 2014; NEW YORK – Andegavia Cask Wines today announced the introduction of the first sustainably-packaged, luxury wine brand with direct-to-consumer delivery. Blending the heritage of Old-World Europe with the spirit of today’s modern-day wine drinker, the smartly-designed Andegavia cask seals high-end varietals in recyclable packaging for a greener, more cost-effective way to enjoy luxury wines every day. Andegavia’s exceptional cask wines are sourced from top wine regions, including Napa and Sonoma Valley, and provide a “wine-on-tap” experience at home.
Napa, CA, April 17, 2013— The ultimate Earth Day story is on tap this year as restaurants and venues nationwide, including Pebble Beach Resorts, Marriott Hotels and Caesars Entertainment, have significantly reduced their waste by installing wine on tap. Free Flow Wines, the pioneer in this space, today unveiled new waste reduction numbers that showcase the green benefits and lower carbon emissions that wine on tap offers. Free Flow Wines has removed more than 2 million wine bottles from landfills and has allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move away from bottles and disposable packages to a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of serving wine.
Carmel Valley, California, Jan 2, 2014 - Guurgle.com, LLC has just launched its new wine app, Guurgle, after 3 years of research and development. Guurgle is a comprehensive, easy to use wine app for all wine drinkers and enthusiasts, that provides a powerful resource allowing a user to search for wines, wineries, grape varietals and read and write reviews. Users can find everything about wineries in California.
April 16, 2014 - Key Technology strengthens its commitment to California food processors by expanding its Innovation and Solutions Center (ISC) and local service capabilities in Sacramento, California, USA. The customer visitor center, which opened in 2011, was expanded in 2014 to showcase Key's complete source of belt- and chute-fed digital sorting technologies, conveying, and processing solutions for food processors. The expanded ISC now offers spare parts, after-sales service, and technical support for all Key equipment, and enables customers to participate in equipment demonstrations, application tests, and training in Sacramento.
AstraPouch announced the launch of its new website, www.astrapouch.com. The company has seen tremendous growth in the past year, including a significant expansion of its products. Its signature pouch is now available in sizes ranging from the single-serve 187ml and 375ml AstroMini to the double-gusseted 3.0L AstroPaq. AstraPouch also manufactures a range of filling machines, capable of everything from hand and tabletop filling to semi- and fully automated filling. The products are now clearly represented on the website, and a new gallery beautifully showcases pouches from many of AstraPouch’s clients.
BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (April 14, 2014) – Tractor Supply Company, in partnership with National 4-H Council, recently announced the launch of its spring 2014 Paper Clover Campaign.


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