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Laffort USA has trademarked and begun U.S. sales of VEGECOLL, a potato protein isolate, for reduction of phenolic compounds in must, and for use in white, rosé and red wines for fining. VEGECOLL offers high clarification and sedimentation rates, along with color stabilization and reduction of astringent tannins. Details: laffort.com/en/fining/728-vegecoll.
GridBee mixers from Medora Corp. are suitable for winery wastewater pond use, supplementing aeration with energy-efficient mixing for ponds and water basins. The mixers are compact, lightweight and low-maintenance, even in high TSS applications, with no moving parts or electrical use in the water. Mixers are available to rent, purchase or lease-purchase. Details: wastewater.medoraco.com/airpwr.
FELCO’s new FELCOtronic 801 is the newest in FELCO’s line of electronic pruners. Designed for vineyard use, it offers additional speed, a full day of battery life and an ergonomic and lightweight design. The hardened-steel cutting head has a semi-opening mode to save time and make high-quality cuts for vine health. Details: FELCO801.com.
CleanSweep automated self-cleaning red wine fermentors are now available from Spokane Industries. The CleanSweep system evacuates pomace from the tank with the press of a button, making tank cleaning a one-person job, and safer for workers. CleanSweep is available on all new tanks 5,000 gallons and larger. Details: spokaneindustries.com.
Union Jack of Louisville, Ky., is expanding its winemaking tools catalog with a new line of Sani-Lav nozzles for washing and sanitizing applications. All models have a trigger-controlled, variable-spray pattern and instantly shut off when the trigger is released. The N81 is a water-saving model. Details: unionjacktools.com.
PORTLAND, OREGON, December 20, 2013 – Cascade Corporation accepted a WINovation award for their Wine Barrel Handler from the Wine Industry Network (WIN) last week in Santa Rosa, California. The “Excellence in Innovation” award recognizes Cascade as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The awards are a part of the second annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo and Cascade was one of just 10 companies honored with this award.
Oenobrands released its new Natuferm yeast nutrient, which is made from 100% inactivated yeast containing organic nitrogen and trace elements. The nutrient is designed to foster the growth of a healthy yeast population for the initial phase of alcoholic fermentation. Natuferm provides organic nitrogen in the form of free amino acids and peptides at the beginning of fermentation and winemakers can then add ammonium salts or complex yeast nutrients two to three days later as needed. Details: oenobrands.com
The new AP550 by Primera is a semi-automatic label applicator designed for flat surfaces such as flat-sided bottles, boxes and other packages. Labels are applied within minutes. Details: primera.com
The South Korean company SJE Corporation is now distributing steam-cleaning units through its U.S. subsidiary Steamericas. The company’s Optima steam machines are powered with a diesel or electric burner and are designed for cleaning and sanitizing barrels and other equipment as well as surfaces. The compnay's barrel cleaning and sanitizing unit features a digital thermometer and valve to control steam pressure. Details: steamericas.com
SurePure, a manufacturer of photopurification technology, announced a South African winery is launching a line of wines that have been stabilized with one of the company’s ultra violet light systems. SurePure claims its patented UV ‘Turbulator’ technology can be used as a microbiological control rather than pasteurization or chemicals like sulfur. The winery, Neil Patterson Wines, used the method on a 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon and a 2009 Merlot, according to a press release by SurePure. Details: surepureinc.com
TeeJet released its new TXR ConeJet hollow cone spray tips designed for airblast, director and specialty spray applications. The TXR produces an 80° hollow cone spray pattern with fine to very fine droplets for thorough leaf coverage. TeeJet reports the tip is ideal for insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and other applications for orchards and vineyards. The tips are available with 0.046 GPM to 1.45 GPM flow rates with a recommended pressure of 30 to 360 PSI. Details: teejet.com
VingDirect announced the launch of its tasting room benchmarking dashboard tool. The automated online tool downloads data directly from wineries’ POS systems and is accessible from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Wineries can use the tool to gauge tasting room activity as compared to other VingDirect member wineries as well as track specific criteria such as annual taster count, state, county, AVA and average retail bottle price. Details: vingdirect.com
Napa, CA, December 9, 2013—Free Flow Wines, the pioneer of premium wine on tap, today announced that the company has installed two new innovative systems to help the company meet the increase in demand for their wine kegging services, while continuing to decrease the carbon footprint of the wine industry. Free Flow Wines recently installed the first automated wine kegging line in North America and a state-of-the-art water reclamation system that recycles 99 percent of all water used by the company. Both systems are installed in their new headquarters in Napa, California.
Dec. 9, 2013 - NORFOLK, Neb. -- Norfolk, Nebraska, USA, ThermoKeeper thermal protective packaging liners are specifically designed for temperature control and protection of mail order shipments of chocolates, smoked meat, seafood, pies and cakes, wine, cosmetics, pharma, pet meds and other temperature sensitive payloads. The patented cotton enhanced insulating materials used in all ThermoPod products offer soft cushioning thermal protection. The packaging, post-use, is disposable by the customer as ordinary household trash.


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