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Primera announced its new LX900 printer is the fastest and most economical color label printer on the market. The supplier reports the LX900 features high-resolution inkjet technology to print labels for wine bottles, boxes and other packaging. Labels can feature photos, graphics, illustrations and high-resolution or two-dimension bar codes. Print resolution is up to 4800 dpi and the unit can print full-color labels at up to 4.5” per second in draft mode. The LX900 uses individual print cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Details: primeralabel.com
Solar LED innovations announced the release of its new Solar Pod Lights for use in the field. The lights feature an all-inclusive solar power system that includes an energy storage battery and automatic LED lights that activate at night and turn off in the morning. Solar LED designed the lights for use in portable toilets in the field or at remote workstations. “The entire system is about the size of a hockey puck, so it fits anywhere light is needed,” said Tom Chorman, CEO and founder of Solar LED. Details: solargoose.com
Santa Rosa, CA, August 11, 2014 – M.A. Silva, the leading manufacturer of cork, glass and packaging, has been named as a 2014 Best Places to Work winner in the North Bay.
Betts Truck Parts & Service announced the addition of Delco Remy rotating electrics to its product line. The company now carries Delco Remy starters and alternators for class 5-8 trucks, along with starters and alternators for refrigerated trailers.
St. Helena, Napa Valley, CA—California farmers each year face challenges in competition for precious water resources, and now with one of the most severe drought cycles in history, this innovative new irrigation tool has come along just in time. The Deep-Root Irrigation or DRI was developed by a friend to Napa Valley grape growers, Jeff Ciudaj, who has been field testing the product to great success for the past three years.
The new Alcolyzer ME module by Anton Paar makes it possible to measure the alcohol content of all alcoholic beverages. From wine to cider and spirits, the Alcolyzer ME employs Anton Parr’s NIR method for direct alcohol measurement with an expanded alcohol range. The unit requires a daily calibration with water and an occasional treatment with a water and ethanol solution. Details: anton-paar.com
The Burkert multi-channel transmitter and control unit, Type 8619, now features a new, separate housing to offer more options on where the unit can be installed. The unit can connect multiple sensors for data logging, control and dosing and the new housing means the Type 8619 can be installed on walls, pipelines and railings. Details: burkert-usa.com
Deep Root Irrigation announced it has developed a new irrigation system that could save growers water while boosting the growth of their plants. Based on tests in Napa County, the company claims its DRI-12 can use up to 50% less water than traditional drip systems. The unit can be installed on existing emitters and can also be used to apply liquid fertilizers to the root zone. drisystem.com
Della Toffola announced the release of its OMNIA ceramic cross-flow filter in the United States for trials and purchase. The new filter provides a juice recovery rate of more than 90% and can be used to separate wine from lees as well as juice from solids and to extract clean juice from cold-settled lees, according to the manufacturer. “Ceramics are capable of a longer life; they never die,” said Giacomoa Della Toffola, grandson of the company’s founder and production supervisor of research and development. “It’s like buying a diamond. They last forever.” Details: dellatoffola.us
Kubota Tractor Corporation introduced two new models to its MX series of diesel-powered tractors. The MX4800 and MX5200 offer two- and four-wheel drive and deliver 49.3 or 54.7 horsepower. The new tractors feature an enhanced engine design that complies with federal emission standards and more space and other features to improve operator comfort. Details: kubota.com
Standard-Knapp released its new EZ Picker, a bottle-handling tool designed for small wineries, craft brewers and distillers. The unit can be used to pull empty glass or pack filled bottles and is available in different sizes to handle a wide range of bottles. The EZ Picker weighs less than 4 pounds and is made with stainless steel. Details: standard-knapp.com
As of May 2014, cellar•tek supplies ltd. was awarded the official Western Canadian Distributorship for Saverglass, the worldwide leader in the production, customization and decoration of premium and super premium bottles.
Longtime winegrower Stephen Collum and his business partner Elissa Holdener, creators of the Vineyard Concept Cover announce further testing of his groundbreaking new product that dramatically shows the effectiveness of the covers in maintaining the cool temperatures of the fruit from harvest to processing. Now growers can ensure delivery at the highest quality even when travel times find the bins moving to the wineries in the heat of the day. And winemakers can now have the extra advantage of handling the fruit in a measured pace with better results than ever before.
Saxco International, LLC announced that it has acquired Square Peg Packaging and Printing, LLC. Saxco is the market leader in the distribution of rigid packaging for the liquor wine and beer industries. Saxco’s partnerships with North American manufacturers and unparalleled sourcing capabilities result in a wide array of customized glass, plastic and closure packaging solutions for their customers.
Visit iSys Label in booth #6413 at the upcoming LabelExpo Americas tradeshow in Chicago for live demonstrations of the EDGE 850 and APEX 1290 digital label printers.


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