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Parsippany, N.J. – June 17, 2014 – Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of price management solutions, announces its participation in the 10th Annual Wine Industry Technology Symposium (WITS), to be held June 30-July 1 at the Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa. During the event, Vistaar’s Sandy Tungare, founder and CEO, will be a keynote speaker on business technology trends, while Paul Greifenberger, senior vice president of global sales, will moderate a panel discussion on leveraging Cloud technology for marketing and trade sales. Vistaar executives will also be on hand at booth #11 at WITS and during the coinciding Beer Industry Technology Symposium (BITS).
INSIDE Secure and Selinko announced the release of their new CapSeal system to fight counterfeiting in the wine and spirits market. The system employs an INSIDE Secure VaultIC 150X chip and Selinko’s object identification technology to confirm a product is authentic. The chip is connected to an antenna inserted into the neck of the bottle just above the cork. A user with a near field communication enabled smartphone or device can then determine if the bottle is authentic and has remained unopened. The suppliers stress that while the CapSeal system can authenticate an unopened bottle, the system can not prevent a refilled bottle being passed off as fake. Details: insidesecure.com
The new Veriflow device for testing for the presence of Brettanomyces is now available. Developed by the biotech firm Invisible Sentinel with Jackson Family Wines, the test is designed to provide a quick and simple assay for brett. The unit employs molecular flow-based technology and real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis to provide same day results. Details: invisiblesentinel.com
Mio Vigneto Products is now offering a new line of barrels, casks and fermentation tanks made of Slovenian oak. The importer reports the Slovenian oak products are made with wood that has been air dried for 4 to 5 years and has a tannin level of between French and American oak. The open and closed top fermentation tanks and casks are available with several options including different toast levels, man-ways, sample taps, racking ports, drains, temperature gauge and company logo carved into the head. Details: miovigneto.com
Skolnik is now producing its stainless steel wine barrels in 85 gallon and 110 gallon capacities. The drums feature a 2” Tri-Clover opening in the center half of the drum body and can be used for storage and fermentation. Details: skolnik.com
Vine Tech Equipment released a new smartphone app to help growers calibrate their sprayers for orchards, berries and vineyards. The app is available for Android and Apple products, and according to Vine Tech app will work with any sprayers using Teejet nozzles. Users select row spacing, MPH, PSI and then select the combination of nozzles that meet the goal for gallons per acre. The app features tools to determine plants per acre, MPH and convert GPA to GPM and GPM to GPA. Details: vinetechequipment.com
Sales and marketing consulting firm Winery Advisor announced the release of its new tasting room sales training video. The 50-minute video is based on Winery Advisor’s classroom program and instructs tasting room staff on methods to create desire, handle objections, spot buying signals and tips on how to close the sale on wine purchases and club memberships. Details: wineryadvisor.com
(Kent, OH) A commitment to advanced environmental standards has earned Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. two Encouraging Environmental Excellence Silver Awards from the Ohio EPA.
Trinity Logistics, a nationally top ranked third party logistics provider headquartered in Seaford, Delaware, has recently opened a new regional service center in St. Paul, Minnesota. One of the major focuses of this office is to expand the company’s already existing business in the beverage alcohol industry.
G3 Enterprises has recently installed a new Nilpeter Flexo Press providing customers with the latest technology to meet the ever-changing demands of wine label designs.
The start-up company Aunt Fannie claims to have raised $500,000 in seed money to develop what it’s touting as a natural pesticide to quickly attract and kill fruit flies. The company’s FlyPunch! is a 3.4 ounce pouch filled with a proprietary liquid “made from natural concentrates with no poisonous ingredients” that attracts and kills fruit flies quickly. Details: auntfannie.com
GW Kent released new sanitary strainers that fit 2” tri-clamps and come in various configurations. The company reports the strainers offer a large surface area and provide high flow rates with minimal pressure drop. The strainers can handle medium to fine straining and can be equipped with a variety of mesh sizes. Details: gwkent.com
The heavy-duty Mc Mag 3000 flow meter is designed for “dirty water” applications such as surface water and wastewater ponds. The electromagnetic sensor measures in multiple locations to deliver results within 1% accuracy. Each unit comes with a guaranteed five-year battery life, and the angled sensor sheds debris to help ensure accurate measurements. Details: mccrometer.com
Summit Agro announced it’s adding the Ranman 400SC fungicide to its portfolio of products. The fungicide’s active ingredient is Cyazofamid and according to Summit Agro the product is an ideal candidate for disease resistance management. The fungicide is designed to be applied at 2.1 to 2.75 fl. oz/acre before or after the first appearance of disease symptoms and is effective for treating downy mildew on grapes. Ranman 400SC will be available in 1 gallon and 1 quart size containers. Details: summit-agro.co.jp 
The new MCR-4TC data logger by TandD provides four channels of temperature monitoring and logging. Up to four units can be linked to provide 16 channels of monitoring. The unit supports K, J, T, S and R thermocouple types. Data can be viewed on a LCD display, accessed through a USB connection or saved onto a SD card and later transferred to a PC. Details: tandd.com


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