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SANTA ROSA, CA - Tom Beard Company, innovative producer of barrel cleaning technologies, is proud to be the North American distribution partner for VinWizard™, an international leader in winery automation, monitoring and control systems. VinWizard™ is a remotely accessible system providing winemakers an integrated software and hardware solution to precisely manage wine ferments, temperatures and all other aspects of the operation from any location.
Renaissance Yeast Inc. is pleased to announce that they have signed an exclusive agreement with Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. to distribute the Renaissance family of hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-preventing wine yeasts for wine and cider in the USA and Canada. The appointment is effective January 1, 2015. “Gusmer has an extensive network of technical sales reps, a great reputation for quality products and service in the wine and cider industry and the application expertise to meet our needs as we continue to make great sales advances for our H2S-preventing yeasts in wine, cider and other alcoholic beverages in 2015,” said Dr. John Husnik, CEO of Renaissance Yeast Inc.
Bird Control Group has released its Agrilaser Autonomic laser bird deterrent system for use in vineyards and orchards to prevent crop loss. A laser trajectory is programmed with a laptop or tablet to provide random laser sweeps in a designated area. Depending on weather conditions, the manufacturer claims an area from 250 acres to 3,000 acres can be kept free of birds. Unlike noise systems or other visual deterrents, Bird Control Group reports birds do not get accustomed to the laser and continue to perceive it as a threat. The unit can be configured to the dimensions of multiple areas and with different trajectories depending on the level of bird activity in different areas during the day.
Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services, which provides relationship-based telesales and tasting room reservation management through, has announced multiple new Omni-channel services that will support winery direct-to-consumer sales and digital marketing efforts. The new services include Chatterbox Mail, Mobile, Social, SEO, Direct Mail, and Tasting Room Abandonment that will enable clients to utilize marketing best practices for reaching customers for every step of their DtC strategy. "Consumers demand a seamless purchasing experience,” said Chatterbox COO Ron Scharman. “From social interactions to phone transactions, Omni-channel solutions are the only way to ensure you are reaching the consumer where, when, and how they want to be contacted.” 
Wine storage cabinet manufacturer Haier unveiled a new line of cabinets that do not require compressors to provide refrigeration at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show. The solid-state refrigerating wine cabinet, magnetic refrigerating wine cabinet and smart Wine-cool feature no moving parts and deliver “a perfect, no-vibration, no-noise storage environment for red wine.” 
Laffort USA now has its innovative enological products more easily accessible by the Sonoma County winemaking community. Carlsen & Associates in Healdsburg and TCW Equipment in Santa Rosa are widely known and respected suppliers to the wine industry.
The new S8000 modular pH/ORP sensor platform by Sensorex can be installed as a retrofit, submersion or inline to provide accurate readings in production or water/wastewater operations. The S8000 unit pairs with the Sensorex TX2000 transmitter to form a complete monitoring system.
Hyster Company launched a new line of industrial engines designed to increase productivity and fuel economy for its 3,000 to 7,000 lb. Class IV and V product lines. The new engines from Power Solutions International feature Hyster Variable Power Technology. The Hyster S30-40FTS cushion tire trucks and H30-40FTS pneumatic tire trucks include the new PSI 2.0L LP engine. Higher capacity models, including the Hyster S40-70FT and S50CT cushion tire trucks and H40-70FT and H50CT pneumatic tire trucks, now contain the new PSI 2.4L LP or dual fuel engine. The optional dual fuel engine provides flexibility to run on LP or gas. Hyster Variable Power Technology provides adjustable performance modes that enable users to focus on fuel economy during low-activity periods, or to maximize productivity during peak business periods when moving more loads is required. 
Yale Materials Handling Corporation introduced a new line of warehouse trucks, the MPR080VG and the MPR100VG enclosed end riders designed for busy warehouse, cross-docking, shipping and receiving applications. Engineered for multi-shift applications, the enclosed end riders offer 8,000 pounds (MPR080VG model) and 10,000 pounds (MPR100VG model) of lifting capacity. The MPR100VG model is configured with a 160-inch fork length to enable customers to transport up to four single or eight double-stacked pallets.
Live Oak Bank is excited to announce a new lending division offering financing to the Wine and Craft Beverages industry. After extensive industry research, Live Oak assembled a team of lenders and industry experts to address the need for financing to wineries, vineyards, breweries, distilleries and ancillary businesses in this space. Live Oak can provide funding for acquisitions, successions, partner buy-ins/outs, expansions, operating capital, refinances, loan payoffs and real estate.
San Jose, CA, January 8, 2015 —Vines OS, the all-in-one eCommerce solution exclusively for wineries, announces a breakthrough for boutique wineries that have an existing website created with WordPress or other website building software. Wineries can now quickly and easily add secure eCommerce, wine club management and event ticketing to an existing WordPress or other CMS website. The new integration is easy to launch and can begin generating sales in as little as a week. It’s a quick, powerful and inexpensive option for all wineries. Vines OS leverages the content wineries already have in place, easily adding the ability to increase online, event and tasting room sales. Alternatively, Vines OS can redesign any or all of an existing site using their 13 years of custom design experience to build a beautiful new site, with everything needed to run an online storefront.
Bespoke Capital Partners announced it has made an investment in Nomacorc, LLC, the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic wine closures. Bespoke partnered with the Founder and Chairman of Nomacorc, Marc Noël, to recapitalize the business and buy out Summit Partners resulting in the partnership owning the entirety of the Company. Mr. Noël is currently the Chairman of Noël Group, a global leader in the transformation of synthetic materials. This investment provides the foundation and resources for Nomacorc to build upon its global leadership position. It will accelerate its industry-leading efforts in research and development for closures and oxygen management solutions to drive global growth as well as help the Company capitalize on the large long-term opportunity to consolidate certain attractive segments of the global wine supply industry. As such, Bespoke tailored its investment in a unique and thoughtful manner to allow for a longer-term hold.
FRESNO, CA – January 6, 2015 – Gusmer Enterprises, Inc. announced its exclusive distribution agreement with Renaissance Yeast Inc. for its full line of specialty hydrogen sulfide-preventing wine and cider yeasts in the U.S. and Canadian markets.
The new Halo pH meter by Hanna Instruments is equipped with Bluetooth technology to work anywhere in the field. The Halo transmits measurement data directly to an iPad (third generation or newer) running the Hanna Lab App. The app is a free application that turns the iPad into a pH meter when used with the Hanna Halo. Functions include calibration, measurement, continuous data logging, graphing and data sharing. Measurement and logging of pH and temperature at one-second intervals start as soon as the probe is connected. Measurements can be displayed with tabulated data or as a graph.
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