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Oxbo International Corporation unveiled its new onboard destemming and sorting system for the company’s 6120 model grape harvester at the recent Unified Symposium in Sacramento, Calif. The manufacturer reports its new system can remove 99.9% of MOG and can be configured to harvest with either an over-the-row conveyor or with onboard storage bins. The system also allows the operator to choose to bypass the sorting system entirely and use Oxbo’s standard fan-driven separating system. “The PremiumSort system allows you total control over your harvest: de-stem and sort when you want to, or simply use Oxbo’s industry leading three fan cleaning system,” said Mike Miller, Oxbo’s vice president of marketing. “Our flexibility allows the 6120 to fit the widest variety of operations.” 
The new chiller, wine shipper by Thermal Packaging Products is designed to help wineries fill orders during the hot days of summer. According to the manufacturer, the cushioning carton liner features an ultra-insulating padding made from purified, recycled super-absorbent cotton enhanced textile fibers sandwiched between an inner layer and an outer layer of poly film sealed on all sides. The inner surface of the poly film is perforated to allow condensation from the refrigerant to wick away and be absorbed into the cotton fibers to protect labels. 
Norfolk, Nebraska, USA, February 5, 2015 – To help wineries and wine fulfillment houses ease the concern of customers about the integrity of their order during warm summer months, Thermal Packaging Products introduces Chilled Wine Shipper, a temperature control shipping carton made with eco preferable insulated padding and materials that will keep chilled wine cool.
January 28, 2014, San Jose, CA — Vines OS, a comprehensive eCommerce winery solution built specifically for wineries, announces new features for managing online event sales and creating Valentine’s Day gift packages.
Napa and Ukiah, California – On February 1st, two leading packaging suppliers, Amcor Flexibles Capsules and Maverick Enterprises, Inc. will further strengthen their position in North America through the creation of a manufacturing and sales partnership. The two companies will combine their extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of polylaminate, PVC & sparkling foils for the North American wine and spirits market.
Amcor’s folding carton business, a division of global packaging leader Amcor Group GmbH, has launched a new printing technology named Sunshine. The patent-pending technology consists of an in-line application of a bright silver coating over an ultraviolet (UV) or electron-beam (EB) primer. The process delivers a highly reflective metallic effect, unlimited design possibilities, and faster speed to market for a range of folding carton applications. The breakthrough technology also simplifies the supply chain, improves packing line performance versus laminated boards, and provides significant environmental benefits.
Nexternal and Microworks are pleased to announce that wineries can now automatically
Nexternal is pleased to announce a robust integration with GSO (Golden State Overnight Delivery Service,
G3 Enterprises has expanded its product portfolio and will be introducing some highly-innovative new products and packaging partners this month at the 2015 Unified Wine and Grape Symposium. The new products are designed to enable wine producers’ flexibility to respond to consumer needs and lifestyles. The new products to be unveiled at the G3 Enterprises booth (#443) include the new GTWIST Cap collection and Zipz single-serve cups.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp’s Model 156 de-casing and single filing unit now features an “Intelligent Control” package to automatically monitor container flow and adjust the de-casing speed as necessary to ensure a continuous fill rate. The supplier reports the Model 156 takes the place of three machines as it functions as a flap opener/positioner, de-caser, and container single filer. Operating at speeds of up to 50 cases per minute, the machine opens the case flaps, uncases and single files the containers then uprights the emptied cases for conveying to case packing. 
Active Club Solutions unveiled its new mobile point-of-sale system that is integrated with the company’s wine club software and e-commerce system. Active Club Solutions president Arne Haugland said the new POS is fast, easy to use and is an extension of club and inventory management offering pickup signatures, card updates and other services. “Now we have what our market wants: a complete all-in-one DtC package with best-of-breed support,” he said.
Agribotix announced it has launched a new cloud-based “Bring Your Own Drone” data processing solution for anyone using a drone for agricultural data collection. "During our first year flying our own drones over crops, we discovered that drone pilots need a simple way to produce reports that are useful to a farmer. This includes everything from an overhead view of a field used to spot problem areas, to a zone map for precise fertilizer application," said Paul Hoff, Agribotix CEO. 
The inventor of the “Lux” barrel bung, a glass bung with a removable silicone end cup, announced that he had received a patent for the product. Don Corson, winemaker and owner of Camaraderie Cellars, developed the bung to provide an effective and stylish bunghole stopper. The Lux bung features a silicone cap that wraps around the glass bottom of the bung to provide a seal on the bunghole. The silicone cap can be removed for cleaning, sanitizing and replacement. Corson trademarked the design in 2012 and with the help of consultant Angelo Spandrio received a patent in 2014.
The L2501 is an all-new, compact tractor by Kubota that features a 24.8 horsepower diesel engine on a larger chassis. The transmission features four main-shift speeds in two ranges for high and low, for a total of eight forward and four reverse speeds. The gear drive transmission models come in 2WD or 4WD, and the optional HST transmission offers simple forward and reverse change and 3-range shifting for optimal operating efficiency. Optional cruise control is also available on HST models. 
Security and authenticity systems supplier SecureRF released its new LIME Tag NX01 a secure near field communication NFC tag that utilizes public key infrastructure technology to deliver identification and authentication without needing a database or internet connectivity. The device does not require a battery or other external power source and is available as an inlay, card or chip for integration into existing products, labels or tags.
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