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October 16, 2014, San Jose, CA — Vines OS, a comprehensive eCommerce winery solution built specifically for wineries, announces a new feature that encourages online Wine Club signups while purchasing online. Club discounts are clearly displayed, along with a simple pop up window that allows shoppers to select the Club option of their choice, without ever leaving the checkout page.
AstraPouch® announced today that it is now offering digitally printed AstroPaq® pouches at a low minimum quantity of 1,000 pouches per SKU. Pre-printed pouches had previously only been available in quantities of 25,000 or more. With this change, fully branded pouches will be more accessible to wineries of all sizes.
October 14, 2014 (Paso Robles, CA) – According to Matt Ortman, not all fermenting vessels are created equal. In just his second year as winemaker at Villa San-Juliette Vineyard & Winery, he had already purchased four concrete tanks because he believes that, for some wines, they’re ideal.
Santa Rosa, CA, October 10, 2014 – M.A. Silva, manufacturer of cork, glass and packaging, announced the purchase of Vintners Global Resource’s (VGR) packaging business. VGR, located in Washington, is a supplier of wine bottles, closures and packaging serving the Pacific Northwest wine industry. In cooperation with M.A. Silva’s long-time partner Oak Tradition, located in Walla Walla, the combined companies will offer a high quality product portfolio and an unparalleled spectrum of expertise and customer service to wineries in the Pacific Northwest region. Andy Brassington, VGR’s CEO and founder, and Teresa Lawrenson, VGR’s account manager, will join the M.A. Silva team. VGR’s Kent, Washington operations are now part of M.A. Silva.
Amcor Flexibles Capsules announced it is offering Stelvin closures in a choice of 24 colors that are available in two weeks after ordering. The closures are intended to help wine companies take advantage of new opportunities for large and small product runs with optimal lead times and original packaging. The 24 traditional and modern ColorSprint closures include four original metallic colors. The new product range is offered exclusively with the Stelvin 30x60 capsule and Saranex liner. Details: amcor.com
Flame Engineering reports its flamers are now approved for the use in organic farming. The Red Dragon GP-Series of flame units for vineyard and orchard use are designed for “berm flaming” and can be used as an effective method of weed control or to control pest pressure by conducting a complete winter burn down to remove insect habitat. Details: flameengineering.com 
Mercier’s newest barrel is the Affinity, which is made with staves of tight grain French oak that are air seasoned for 24 months and formed with a special water bending process. The cooper says the combination of tight grain and a specific toast helps extract smoother tannins that respect the fruit and its “elegance” as well as accentuate freshness, minerality and fat. The barrels are available in 225, 228, 300 and 500 liter capacities. Details: tonnellerie-mercier.com
RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 7, 2014 – Mims Distributing Company, a wholesale beverage distributor in North Carolina, has announced that it is adding wine to its portfolio and expanding its distribution reach to include all of North Carolina. The company will grow its distribution area from its current nine counties to the entire state for its wine division and select craft beers.
In collaboration with DSM Food Specialties, Oenobrands created the liquid mannoprotein Final Touch Pop to improve the organoleptic qualities, freshness, balance and the bubbles of sparkling wines. Based on three years of tests in Italy, Oenobrands reports the product can increase aromatic intensity and suppleness as soon as it’s added to a wine and the wine will retain these improved qualities over time. Final Touch Pop can be added after the second fermentation right before bottling in the Charmat method or in the dosage of liquer in the traditional production process of sparkling wine. Details: oenobrands.com 
Pellenc unveiled its new Optimum harvester that features the next generation of its on-board optical sorting system, the Selectiv’ Process 2, which the company claims can bring in 99.8% clean grapes. According to Pellenc, the new Optimum is the most compact and lightest harvester tractor on the market and can make 95° turns making switching from one row to another easier and faster. An improved engine and better load sensing technology has reduced fuel consumption by 40%. “The new Pellenc Optimum is a concentration of technological innovations combining performance, quality and cost effectiveness without compromise,” said Jacques Servoles, Pellenc’s department director. “From this point of view, it will bring viticulture into a new era.” Details: pellenc.com
UPM Raflatac launched a new portfolio of label stocks for the craft beverage market. The stocks are designed for beer, wine, liquor and even non-alcoholic beverages, such as energy drinks, flavored waters and specialty sodas. Label designers have access to new textured, colored and metallized papers as well as ultra-clear and white films to create eye-catching, informative labels that help entice consumers into making a purchase. The new label stocks also feature adhesives tailored to increase automated packaging and offer exceptional wet strength on bottles and cans. Details: upmraflatac.com
Düsseldorf, October 2014. Due to improved collection and recycling in various European countries the average aluminium closures recycling rate is now at 45 percent. Aluminium recycling saves up to 95% energy use compared to its primary production, with the corresponding savings in greenhouse gas emissions. It can be recycled over and over without any loss of quality.
October 3, 2014. Wittlich, Germany and Walnut Creek, CA – Today Bernd Clemens, managing director of Clemens GmbH and Marty Fischer, CEO of AgroThermal Systems jointly announced that Clemens and its network of dealers in the EU will be distributing and servicing AgroThermal Systems equipment throughout Europe and the Middle East starting immediately. Clemens began designing equipment for AgroThermal Systems earlier this year and will be supplying AgroThermal in other markets outside of the EU and Middle East. Machine availability is planned for the Northern Hemisphere 2015 season.
In the presence of Senator Lois Wolk and Mayor Harry Price, as well as other dignitaries, Guala Closures Group officially opened its first production plant in the USA.


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