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The new stakvat tanks by Ausvat are 900-liter, stainless steel tanks designed for storing and aging wine. The tanks can be stacked vertically four high to provide more wine storage on less square feet. Each tank also features two doors that can be equipped with food-grade membranes with different rates of oxygen permeability to provide varying ranges of maturity time. Each tank also is equipped with interior tubing for temperature control. Details: ausvat.com
Douglas Machine’s Vantra IM is a compact, intermittent motion cartoner with the flexibility to setup, load, and close cartons and trays at speeds of up to 55 per minute within a single platform. The Vantra IM can be integrated with various in-feed options to handle cans, bottles, bags, flat-flow wrapped product, and more, including applications requiring multiple manipulations. Details: douglas-machine.com 
Griffco Valve Inc., introduced its leak-free Unibody valve for use in chemical-feed, metering, and dosing pump systems. Available as a back-pressure valve and two-port pressure relief valve, the Unibody features single-piece construction with union connections machined together with the valve body to form a solid piece of material. Designed for hard-to-seal or troublesome pumping systems, the new Unibody valve is available in PVC and CPVC construction in sizes from ½” – 1” (DN 15 – DN 25). Details: griffcovalve.com 
Guala Closures Group released a new range of liners with different levels of oxygen permeability rates developed through a partnership with French manufacturer MGJ. The two companies collaborated for the past two years to develop the Oenoseal line that includes: Oenoseal ONYX, with an aluminum layer to ensure maximum impermeability to oxygen and designed for delicate white wines and aromatic rosés; Oenoseal IVORY, which is meant for white, rosé and re d wines that require a low, but regular, supply of oxygen (nano-oxygenation) and Oenoseal CORAL designed for white, rosé and red wines which require a more significant supply of oxygen and enables the avoidance of reduction problems for wines with high tannin levels. Details: gualaclosures.com
Concrete tank manufacturer Sonoma Cast Stone unveiled its new line of 320-gallon, concrete amphora designed for aging and storing wine. The company reports red and white wines can benefit from the slow oxidation, natural insulation and addition of subtle mineral characteristics provided by concrete. The tanks are available in different colors of concrete including an optional second color and can also be adorned with a winery logo. Details: concretewinetanks.com 
Verallia, the global leader in glass manufacturing headquartered in Europe, announces the creation of SGP Packaging, a US-based division for North American customers. The new division represents the entire Saint-Gobain-Verallia global lines of glass packaging and services offering brand new options for distinctive bottles and jars.
Napa, CA (December 9, 2014) - In an effort to help its winery customers build direct-to-consumer sales and drive repeat business, WineDirect has introduced five innovative new services.
John Bacigalupi is the first California grape grower to use an ozone generator to reduce pesticide use in fighting vineyard pests. “You are taking something as old as the earth and reapplying it,” so says 2nd generation Russian River Valley grape grower, Bacigalupi. Bacigalupi Vineyards is well known because of its place in history as a major contributor of chardonnay grapes to the 1976 Paris Tasting winning chardonnay. But searching for sustainable farming methods trump fame when it comes to standards in the Bacigalupi Vineyard.
As a result of the worldwide success of the free winemaking calculation application OenotoolsTM Oenobrands has now released a new version that is even more comprehensive, fast and easy to use, while still free of charge. More than 10,000 winemakers (and growing) in over 60 countries are now using this application, which was recently awarded an innovation prize.
Catalyst Manufacturing, a new supplier based in Seattle, Wash., unveiled its first line of small-volume tanks designed for wine and beer making. The new IntelliTanks are made with high-quality and high-density polyethylene and 304 grade stainless steel and come in either six- or fifteen-gallon capacity. The tanks are fitted to work with Tri-Clover sanitary fittings and other stainless steel accessories such as a “ported spout” that is shaped like a “T.” The spout can be attached to an inert gas tank on one end and a topping spigot on the other to turn the tank into a topping wine tank that can be moved throughout a barrel room or a keg system in the tasting room. Details: catalyst-manufacturing.com
GF Piping System’s Cool-Fit Plus system is insulated plastic piping designed for indirect cooling applications. The system features a core pipe made of ABS that is insulated with high-density polyurethane protected with a black polyethylene jacket that is watertight and UV resistant. The system is suitable for applications with water-based coolants from -58F to 104F at an operating pressure of up to 10 bar and within diameters from ¾” to 12”. The system is assembled with “patented joining technology” based on an inner nipple that allows the system to be quickly and efficiently joined with Cool-Fit ABS Cement & Cleaner.
Global Package announced it has added the new Claire bottle to its Elegant Light line of glass. The Claire is a Burgundy bottle featuring more “reserved styling” with an elegant swan’s next and substantial label area. The Elegant Light line bottles are lighter to help wineries cut costs but still feature striking design. Details: globalpackage.net
The new sanitary belt conveyor by Key Technology features a positive drive urethane (PDU) belt, stainless steel frame and components and open construction to make sanitizing the machine easier and quicker. The unit is available in “dog leg,” flat and inclined configurations and can be mounted on the floor, on casters or be suspended. Belts can be designed with a flat surface or other configurations. The conveyor can also be equipped with an optional motorized pulley to eliminate shaft-mounted motors and gearboxes. Throughput capacity ranges from less than 2,000 lbs per hour to more than 60,000 lbs. Details: key.net
Nelson Irrigation Corporation unveiled its new 1000 series of irrigation control valves that it claims saves energy and provide higher flow capacity with lower friction loss. The new valves also offer more precise and stable pressure regulation over a wider range of flow and with minimal pressure differential required across the valve. The valve is available in three different flow path options, inline, tee and elbow and can be equipped with five different inlet/outlet styles. Details: nelsonirrigation.com


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