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Quality and lab professionals have a new tool at their disposal with InnovaPrep’s Concentrating Pipette - increasing their ability to detect trace biological contamination using rapid methods.
In order to better answer its customers’ needs, the Rousseau cooperage announces that it has  moved its large formats workshop (producing casks and vats) into its newly completed facility based in Gevrey-Chambertin.
With accelerated growth in 2014 – 2015, Curious Cork Imports, a Denver and Napa-based wine importer with a focus on premium European wines, is strengthening its sales management team to include six managers and to offer national support to its distributor partners, signaling an overall growth of imports in the U.S. market. Since January of 2014, Curious Cork Imports has grown distribution from its home base in Colorado, to fifteen states in the U.S., with anticipated growth to twenty markets by the end of 2015. “We’re sailing in the center of the storm, seeing imported wine growing to an eventual 50% market share in America,” says CEO Peter Baedeker. “Our growth since last year is evidence of the strong U.S. demand for quality European imports that are supported by authentic marketing to smart consumers. The additions in our sales management team will assure that we support sales growth through strong distributor and account service.”
Oak Solutions Group is pleased to the announce the latest addition to its portfolio: the Precision Fire Toast tank stave series, which offers new flavors and exceptional accuracy for every stave thanks to an innovative new toasting system.
Criveller Group released a new vertical diatomaceous earth, DE, filter that it reports is more affordable and performs better than horizontal DE filters. The new filter has DE cake on both sides of the screens, making the filter smaller and more maneuverable. Washing vertical filter elements is easier than with a horizontal filter, and discharging DE material is simpler because the exhausted cake is detached from the screens through vibration and can be recovered through a large opening at the bottom of the unit. 
G3 Enterprises announced it is entering into a partnership with PET container manufacturer Petainer to tap into the fast-growing wine-on-tap segment. U.K.-based Petainer produces recyclable PET containers at factories in Europe. The company will produce 20-liter wine kegs designed for one-time use that will be sold through G3 to North American wineries. Once empty, the plastic kegs can be recycled eliminating the need to ship, store and clean empty kegs.,
The new HI2002 or “edge” pH/ORP meter and HI2004 DO meter by Hanna Instruments Inc. are both half an inch thick and weigh 9 ounces to allow them to be used as either portable or bench-top devices. The units also feature a 5.5-inch LCD display screen, capacitive touch keypad, dual USB ports, cradle with swivel arm electrode holder and wall mount. The digital electrodes also feature a 3.5 mm connector. 
Label printer and packaging products supplier Lauterbach Group introduced a new “cutting-edge production cell,” an in-house system to ensure its clients’ labels get to market sooner as well as enhance and protect their products. The production cell is combined with Lauterbach’s OmniMark Management System to add brand protection marks to labels. “This cell is truly state of the art. It allows our clients to speed up time to market with their ideas, or ideas that we have helped them generate, to protect and evolve their brand,” said Shane Lauterbach, president of the Lauterbach Group. “With this production work cell and the integrated workflow, art management and color-management systems, we pulverize numerous vulnerable touch points for our clients.” 
Overnight Labels Inc. is now offering birch and cheery wood veneer labels. According to the supplier, the two materials retain the feel and look of wood while also being smooth enough for printing and conversion. Veneer labels are ideal for short runs and are printed on flexographic and UV digital ink jet presses. 
Saverglass released its new Invent line of premium bottles that the supplier says is “defined by its avant-garde new punt design.” According to Saverglass, “the bottle seems to eloquently melt at its base, creating a curve and fold of lines that organically bloom into a distinct silhouette that instantly stands out in any environment as unique.” The new bottles are available as a 300 mm tall Bordeaux and 296 mm tall Burgundy shapes and weigh 500 grams, making it the lightest bottle in the company’s glass portfolio. Both styles are offered in two colors: extra-white flint glass or an antique green.
More proof that you, the growers, are first priority to Vintage Nurseries and that they keep growing for you. The Vintage Nurseries “Growers First” philosophy has really taken root. In fact, they’ve created the Vintage Root Sock system that is globally exclusive to Vintage Nurseries. They made it their mission to develop this innovation to save you time, money and hassles. But they didn’t stop there. You’ll be pleased to discover all of the added benefits that were designed into this root sock for you. They realized that, it couldn’t just be new, it had to be different.
Greenville, S.C. (March, 2015) – For the $641 billion food service industry1, fruit flies present a relentless and pesky issue to both the storage and display of food year-round. As warmer weather quickly approaches, fruit fly infestations in hotels, restaurants, bars, wineries, breweries, etc. are likely to increase drastically across the country. Not only do fruit flies thrive in warm and humid environments, but they are drawn to the food and equipment commonly found and used in food service facilities. According to the University of Kentucky, “fruit flies are especially attracted to ripened fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. They also will breed in drains, garbage disposals, empty bottles and cans, trash containers, mops and cleaning rags.”2 Luckily for the food service industry and food lovers alike, Aunt Fannie’s ( has developed FlyPunch! a safe, effective, chemical free, and affordable solution to the ever present fruit fly.
Sausalito, California, March 10, 2015 — LUX Strategic, a full service sales and marketing company for the wine industry is open for business.
Adelsheim Vineyard poured several demonstration wines for various wine quality techniques it has advanced at its Newberg Oregon winery. These wines were among 20 selected by Wine Business Monthly to feature at its inaugural Innovation+Quality Show held at Charles Krug Winery in Napa. Winemaker David Paige and Head Viticulturist Chad Vargas have been experimenting and expanding their use of the Agrothermal Systems patented thermal heat technology since 2012.
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