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Moyno’s metering pump is now available in bare shaft, close-coupled and motorized configurations. According to product information, the bare shaft configuration is a good option for applications requiring a separate drive. The close-coupled configuration permits the buyer to add their own motor, gear moter or variable speed drive, and the motorized configuration is the most compact model, which also comes with AC and DC variable speed drives. Details: moyno.com
Seguin Moreau unveiled transparent Plexiglas staves that offer a view into the fermentation process conducted in oak tanks. The cooper developed the staves for Château Mouton Rothschild in France as part of the Premier Grand Cru winery’s cellar renovation that was completed this year. Seguin Moreau reports it provided the winery with 44 vats each fitted with two of the transparent staves. Details: seguinmoreaunapa.com
Standard Knapp’s Versatron case packer with lowering head offers a “fully programmable pick-and-place motion” that can achieve positive placement to the bottom of each case. The lowering head module can be equipped with various gripper heads to provide “safe, consistent damage-free placement of product into each case with zero drop.” Depending on of size of the product, the lowering head can operate at 30 cycles per minute. Details: standard-knapp.com
Italian closure manufacturer Supercap Srl., released its “Nature” synthetic cork that it claims offers the design and appearance of natural cork with the “qualitative advantage” of a synthetic. The company worked with Sommelier Luca Gardini to develop a product that “protects all organoleptic aspects” of a wine until it’s uncorked. Details: supercap.it
The new M7000 portable marking unit by Propen offers a marking rate of 10 characters per 3 seconds and can mark products with logos, serial numbers, linear text, Data Matrix or date codes. The hand-held device has a 7” color touch screen, two USB ports and can store 2,000 files. Details: propen.us
Coravin, LLC today announced the launch of its Coravin™ Wine Access System, a new technology that allows users to pour and enjoy wine from their favorite bottles without pulling the cork. Coravin will forever change the way wine is enjoyed, served and sold.
Active Club Solutions, Inc., a leader in wine club software technology since 2003, broadens its market significantly with the launch of Remote Active Club Manager.
(ST. HELENA, CA, JULY 24, 2013) -- CellarPass, the leading wine country travel service that helps guests explore, book and share wine country experiences has announced the launch of their new ticketing platform which now offers wineries and event organizers the ability to easily create, manage and promote and sell tickets to their events through the industry’s leading guest management system.
On July 3, 2013, Bureau Veritas confirmed that Tonnellerie Rousseau had complied with international standards on food safety, and consequently obtained the ISO22000 certificate.
PROPEN is a Gravotech brand, a world leader in the design and manufacture of permanent marking solutions for the industry. PROPEN introduced the new portable marking solution, the electro-magnetic M7000, with Touch’n Mark technology.
After more than six years of study, research, prototypes and production, Seguin Moreau has unveiled a newly patented advancement in oak tanks designed especially for Château Mouton Rothschild: vats fitted with food-quality transparent Plexiglas staves.
Parsippany, N.J. – July 17, 2013 – Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a provider of price management solutions, announced the release of a Vistaar-sponsored white paper, “The Pricing Platform: A Nimble Path to Pricing Excellence.” The white paper, written by Michael Dunne, senior vice president at Creative Executions and former vice president of research at Gartner, outlines an approach to help executives deliver business value through pricing technology. To download the white paper, visit: info.vistaar.com/PricingExcellence_WhitePaper.html.
The Royal Wine Corporation was seeking ways to increase its bottle packaging line speed to keep up with booming demand for its wines, spirits and liqueurs. The family-owned company moved from Europe to the United States in 1948 and is recognized as the unequivocal leader in the kosher wine and beverage industry. Royal’s portfolio includes nearly 60 brands, which hail from Italy, Israel, France, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Canada and the United States.
To celebrate its 30 years of supplying the wine industry, Gamajet released a limited edition “XXX” large tank washer. The tank washer employs a rotary impingement system to combine pressure and flow to create high-impact cleaning jets. In addition to the high-power blasts, the washer rotates in a 360-degree pattern to ensure the entire tank surface is scoured clean. Details: gamajet.com
Graco Inc., unveiled its new SaniForce 2:1 piston pump, which is designed to transfer liquids from drums and bins. The pump can handle low to medium viscosity liquids and can be inserted through a standard bunghole. Flow capacity ranges from 1.5 gpm at 60 cpm up to 2.5 gpm at 100 cpm. Details: graco.com


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