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Today, Northern Brewer Incorporated, the world's largest retailer of consumer wine and beer making supplies announced the launch of a brand-new wine kit and website dedicated to the home winemaker,, with the collaboration of Tim Vandergrift, the leading authority on consumer winemaking in North America.
Steamericas released upgraded SE and SD Optima Steamer steam units that are built with SAE 304 stainless steel and equipped with three steam outlet values that can be operated simultaneously. The SE (electric) and SD (diesel) feature built-in water reservoirs as well as water inlet valves and a quick-activated emergency stop for improved operator safety. 
UPM Raflatac launched a range of products for decorative labeling applications that create “eye-catching and tactile effects” that also “radiate quality and convey a premium appearance.” The line features decorative paper and film products with silver, gold, brushed metal and mirror-finish. Other options include iridescent, tinted and opalescent materials as well as textured, embossed and smooth label stocks. 
VinSense, a startup founded with technology licensed by the Purdue Research Foundation Office of Technology Commercialization, is designed to give growers better information on how the “microclimate, including soil temperature, water and nutrient flow and availability affects the characteristics of their vineyard’s high-value crop.” The VinSense system is comprised of software that generates a precise soil map for optimal sensor deployment and assembles sensor data to create visual analytic tools. The company reports it currently has several test sites in Napa Valley as part of its initial strategy to help vineyard managers in the West Coast make better water decisions to achieve quality goals. "We use innovative visual analytics to integrate high-volume data flows into actionable decision-making tools that have been collaboratively developed with end-users, growers and vintners,” said co-founder and chief enologist Christian E. Butzke. 
November 6th, 2015 - Saint Helena, California – Bob Herrick, Owner and President of Herrick Grapevines, is pleased to announce a new chapter for his St. Helena grapevine nursery.
Curious Cork Imports and Domaine de Baron’arques are pleased to announce the establishment of an exclusive agreement for the importation and distribution of La Capitelle du Domaine de Baron’arques in the United States.
The WISE (Wine Industry Sales Education) Academy is a Napa organisation that specialises in wine industry direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales training.
November 3, 2015 – São Paio de Oleiros, Portugal ---The Cork Supply Group (CSG) has purchased a facility in Portugal for the manufacture of technical corks including champagne corks, micro 1+1s, traditional 1+1s, and micro-agglos. This expansion into the production of technical corks fits seamlessly with the company’s philosophy of vertical integration from forest to bottle. Since CSG oversees the harvest and production of their natural cork every step of the way, all remaining cork materials from that production are of very high quality. Now CSG will be able to manufacture technical corks with 100% of these high quality remaining raw materials, making the new facility an integral part of the company’s commitment to high quality standards and environmental stewardship.
ZEBULON, USA, and JABLONEC, Czech Republic (November 2, 2015) — Preciosa, the owner of the popular Bohemian glass wine closure brands “Vinolok” and “Vinoseal”, has completed an Agreement with Vinventions for the distribution of Vinolok/Vinoseal in Germany, Italy, Spain and China as well as North and South America. The Distribution Agreement allows Vinventions™, owner of Nomacorc® and Ohlinger®, to leverage its extensive global network providing innovative closure solutions to the wine industry.
SGP Packaging by Verallia, the North American division of the world leader in glass container manufacturing, and all the other Verallia divisions worldwide are very proud to announce the completion of Verallia’s change of ownership. Saint-Gobain today announced the closing of the sale of Verallia to Apollo Global Management LLC and Bpifrance, who now hold respectively 90% and 10% of Verallia’s equity. “We are extremely excited to be acquiring Verallia, which is an outstanding franchise and one of the world’s leading packaging companies,” Robert Seminara, a senior partner at Apollo, and Jean-Luc Allavena, an operating executive at the company, said. With its new shareholders, Verallia is now a fully stand-alone manufacturing group, totally dedicated to glass packaging. This is a new chapter in the long history of the company, which has developed its glass expertise since 1827 and that, over the years reinforced its sales and operations network through new locations in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and North Africa. In the words of Jean-Pierre Floris, Verallia’s Chairman and CEO: “I am pleased to be able to count on the backing of our new shareholders for the implementation of our strategic goals and Verallia’s growth. Our priority remains the search for operational excellence, to offer our customers an exemplary level of quality and service. We will continue our investment policy to develop our plants alongside our markets and continue increasing our team’s glassmaking expertise. We are lucky to work from glass, an exceptional material which is the benchmark for food safety and sustainability and we will remain in the forefront in terms of innovation.” “Verallia global business plan has been vetted by Apollo and there is no expected changes in Verallia and SGP Packaging product and service offering. We are very glad to be acquired by a US-based company as we continue to expand our presence in North America market. Apollo brings along a strong perspective of continued growth and further innovation which will be to the benefit of our customers” explains JP Giovanni, VP and General Manager of SGP Packaging by Verallia.” ABOUT VERALLIA – Verallia is one of the world’s top three manufacturers of glass packaging for food and beverages, and proposes innovative, customized and environmentally-friendly solutions. Verallia produced around 15 billion glass bottles and jars in 2014. Verallia’s business model is based on combining the strength of its global network (manufacturing operations in 13 countries, sales locations in 45 countries with 6 development and innovation technical centers) and local customer relationships in all regions. In 2014, Verallia achieved net sales of €2.4bn. SGP Packaging is the North American division of Verallia with a local sales team, customer service and logistic centers to serve the North American market. For more information:  
 “Primero moleremos las uvas para vino blanco.” Effective communications with your Spanish-speaking workers in the vineyard and winery is the goal of a new series of Spanish For The Wine Industry classes that begin online and on-site in Northern California in January 2016. Taught by Josefina K Adriance in Napa, the classes are also now available online via VESTA, the Viniculture Enology Science and Technology Alliance program created by Missouri State University for the grape and wine industry in the USA. Detailed information on both online and on-site classes is available at
(Bel Air, Calif.)—Moraga Estate in Bel Air, California has retained Napa Valley’s Wark Communications as its public relations firm of record. In that role, Wark Communications will help showcase one of the most unique vineyard and wine estates in California through public and media relations, marketing projects and client outreach. The 14-acre Moraga Estate is located in the Moraga Canyon in Bel Air, California and was the first bonded winery in Los Angels since Prohibition. Founded in 1989 with a winery built in 2003 and caves added to the property in 2005, Moraga Estate now produces a Cabernet Sauvignon-based Moraga Estate Red and its Moraga Estate White produced from Sauvignon Blanc. The winery was purchased in 2013 by Rupert Murdoch. Scott Rich is the Moraga Estate winemaker. “This is an opportunity to help tell the story of one of California’s most unique wine properties,” noted Tom Wark. “The brilliant wines being produced by Scott Rich and Rupert Murdoch are perfect representations of one the most unusually placed (and steepest) vineyards in California. Telling the story of the estate that has become such a source of pride to many Angelenos is an honor.” For more information about Moraga Estate see About Wark Communications
The new Black Jack fan by Big Ass Fans is designed to deliver powerful airflow yet still be easy to move and fit through standard, interior doors. The fan can provide airflow up to 120 feet, yet according to the manufacturer, its motor only draws 7.5 amps and is quiet enough so people working near it can still have a conversation. The fan is equipped with rubber wheels to maneuver indoor or outdoors and plugs in to a standard 110V power source.
 The Viniflora NoVA Lactobacillus plantarum by Chr. Hansen is designed to help winemakers reduce their use of sulfur dioxide while still producing clean wines. Viniflora NoVA is what the supplier calls a “bioprotectant” that was developed to grow faster and beat out unwanted yeasts or bacteria. The supplier reports the product should enable winemakers to use little or no sulfur dioxide with less risk of high levels of off-flavors, acetic acid and biogenic amines.
Guala Closures’ Fairfield, Calif., based Guala Closures Design Studio offers wineries “in-house artwork creation and on-site production” to provide small runs of custom aluminum closures. The facility combines fast output printing with digital printing, embossing and plasma technologies for any size order of Guala’s screwcaps. The company recently won an award from the European Aluminum Foil Association for its design center.
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