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Napa Valley wine packager Vinpak announced an exclusive agreement with Michigan-based manufacturer KTM Industries to supply its proprietary Green Cell Foam, the first available 100% biodegradable, backyard compostable material for wooden box and wine bottle shippers for the wine industry. As compared with traditional petroleum-based polystyrene and polyethylene, Green Cell Foam decreases CO² emissions by 80% and energy consumption by 70 percent. Green Cell Foam meets ASTM D6400 test protocols as a biodegradable material and recently received BPI certification – the new gold standard in environmental excellence for materials. Vinpak’s direct relationship with KTM, for the first time, secures cost-effective sourcing of this revolutionary packaging for the wine industry.
SANTA ROSA, CA – September 4, 2013 -- DH Wine Compliance continues growth by expanding their offices to over 4,300 sq. ft. of office space in northern Santa Rosa. The move comes on the heels of the addition of new team members. “The space expansion was necessary to continue the growth of the company. In order to continue providing our customers with top-notch compliance services and fulfill the needs of our future clients we have to continue to build our team of experienced compliance specialists,” said company president, Drea Helfer.
San Andreas, CA—Winegrower Stephen Collum of Calaveras County’s Vineyard Concepts LLC announces the production of a groundbreaking new product that will help dramatically increase the quality of fruit delivered from the vineyard to the winery known as the Concept Cover. It is a reflective shield that when placed over a freshly-picked bin of grapes can maintain the temperature the fruit was harvested at for hours.
Brotemarkle Davis & Co., LLP (BDCo), an accounting and advisory firm specializing in the wine and hospitality industries, will be offering a new class for winery financial people on October 17. Aimed at helping these professionals more effectively share financial information with non-financial people, the course is offered free to members of the Napa Valley Vintners Association (a $300 value).
HOUSTON, Texas – In just six months, Texas-area residents collected and returned used wine corks that generated a $10,000 donation to the CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation, a world-class cancer research firm based in Houston.
Agrothermal Systems 2013 early season fruit set results continues to support the effectiveness of Thermal Plant Treatment to advance fruit set of wine grapes during bloom. The data shows that TPT increased the number of berries set per bunch by an average of 24% when compared with matched control blocks that did not receive TPT applications. In addition average TPT treated bunch weights showed a 26% advantage over non-treated blocks.
As harvest approaches wineries keen to add capacity to analysis and quality control systems have a brand new option, with Randox Food Diagnostics RX Monaco analyser now validated for use on wine.
The new 108HL high-level, bulk depalletizer “transfers containers from the pallet stack and sweeps them gently onto a high-level discharge conveyor at speeds of up to 4 layers per minute,” according to manufacturer A-B-C Packaging. The unit is designed to provide container handling and quiet operation at discharge levels of up to 144’. To ensure “positive container handling,” the 108HL offers four containment devices, tier sheet stabilizer and a precision chain and sprocket sweep mechanism to maintain stability even with lightweight containers. Details: abcpackaging.com
MapShots, Inc. and AgSense announced a joint effort to offer real-time irrigation data for growers. The new relationship pairs MapShots' AgStudio suite of agronomy software with AgSense's WagNet cloud based wireless network. "The ability to monitor irrigation pivots as well as the many types of field sensors supported by WagNet provides growers with real-time access to irrigation status and machine health, as well as the ability to collect watering records for agronomic analysis,” said Ted Macy, vice-president of operations at MapShots in a press release. Details: mapshots.com, agsense.net
Filtration equipment manufacturer Eaton unveiled the latest generation of its enzymes including Panzym YieldMASH as well as special bentonite activated charcoal for ultrafiltration and Cleargraf filter bags at the recent Drinktec trade show in Munich. Details: eaton.com
Software maker Orderoso unveiled a real-time sales intelligence portal that aggregates wholesale data from the company’s existing order management system to enable wineries to monitor live customer feedback, sales and inventory data. Orderoso’s new system is an extension of its mobile sales and order management program. Details: orderoso.com
Orion Wine Software updated its integrated point of sale, POS, system to include a new function designed to help wineries provide table service and enable their staff to accept gratuities. “By adding our new table service feature, we offer a fresh avenue for wineries to connect with customers,” Jay Hall, Orion’s general manager said in a statement. Details: orionwinesoftware.com
Scott Laboratories introduced UltiMA Fresh and UltiMA Soft for the 2013 vintage. The two products are mannoprotein/gum arabic blends created through a three year research and development program at the Institut de Oenologique de Champagne. The company reports UltiMA Fresh helps ensure stability and improves perceived volume while reducing perceptions of bitterness and acidity. UltiMA Soft can soften, enhance body, and lower astringency in white wines. In red wines, UltiMA Soft maintains fruity aromas, while helping to round out the mid-palate. Bench trials are recommended prior to use. Details: scottlaboratories.com


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