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The new MCR-4TC data logger by TandD provides four channels of temperature monitoring and logging. Up to four units can be linked to provide 16 channels of monitoring. The unit supports K, J, T, S and R thermocouple types. Data can be viewed on a LCD display, accessed through a USB connection or saved onto a SD card and later transferred to a PC. Details: tandd.com
WineDirect announced the launch of WineDirect Compliance a new component of the company’s wine business technology suite. The new service connects compliance management directly to the Vin65 commerce platform to streamline order workflow. The web-based system is available on a trial basis for all of Vin65’s winery customers. By using the system, WineDirect reports wineries can automate and schedule direct-to-consumer shipments, accurately calculate sales and excise taxes and run compliance checks in the shopping cart or via the iPad POS. Details: winedirect.com
Winery Advisor, a sales and marketing consultant to small and medium sized wineries, has produced a tasting room sales training video just in time for the busy wine-touring season. The 50-minute video is based on the successful Winery Advisor on-site sales class, which for the past five years has trained tasting room teams to increase club, case and bottle sales. The class has been packaged into a comprehensive DVD training program along with a workbook and support documents. The training teaches tasting room associates methods to create desire, handle objections and spot buying signals, plus includes numerous techniques to close the sale for both wine purchases and club memberships. (See video preview at www.wineryadvisor.com)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA., (May 21, 2014) - By combining a simple technology platform, the wisdom of a highly curated graphic design community and global retail companies, Red Clay Design cuts development time in half and diminishes cost by an average of 75 percent of traditional design agencies. Typical graphic agency engagements require six months and tens of thousands of dollars at minimum to produce new labels and marketing collateral. Not only does the new software by Red Clay reduce time and cost, items being designed through the Red Clay process have seen a 4 times higher success rate in the market compared to traditionally designed pieces.
NAPA, Calif. – May 9, 2014 – VinoVisit, Inc., the only free tasting room management tool for wineries, today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with WineCountry.com to syndicate the VinoVisit.com “Book A Visit” reservation link on winery profiles found on www.WineCountry.com, www.NapaValley.com and www.Sonoma.com and on the WineCountry mobile app.
GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA – Known to hover in even the cleanest restaurant kitchens, bars, breweries and wineries, pesky fruit flies are highly disruptive to sanitation and ambiance. Finally, there’s a safe, effective solution: At this week’s National Restaurant Association show, Aunt Fannie is launching FlyPunch!, the first natural pesticide to quickly attract and kill fruit flies.
French-made Archimedys auger components are designed to flex in case of an overload preventing shut-downs from damaged parts and necessary repairs. The polymer auger components are easy to maintain, improve material flow, create less noise and only require the operator to replace worn parts, not the entire auger, according to the manufacturer. The auger components slide onto metal shafts. Details: archimedys.com
According to Assured Automation, its G2 series of industrial-grade flow meters provide “compact, high precision fluid measurement.” The meters can be installed either in line or at the end of a hose, feature an easy-to-read display and are available with tri-clamp ends. The included battery has an approximate life of 4,000 hours and the unit features two flow “totalizers” one of which can be zeroed after each batch. Details: assuredautomation.com 
Packaging supplier AstraPouch unveiled its new AstroPaq 750, which is a 750ml capacity version of its plastic wine pouch. The new package is available pre-printed or label-ready. “Our pouches weigh less than the other options and they stay fresher longer,” said AstroPouch’s president Dave Moynihan in a press release. “They’re also the only ones produced without the use of cardboard, meaning they don’t require separation before recycling.” Details: astrapouch.com
Brehm Vineyards, a West Coast based packer and distributer of wine grapes, announced it is now offering frozen grapes in drums and totes for commercial winery clients. The company has supplied five-gallon pails of frozen must and juice for home winemakers since 1974. Owner Peter Brehm says the frozen grapes, which are preserved without any flavor or aroma distortion, are useful for running trials, restarting stuck fermentations, blending low or high-acid wines or producing a special release with a unique variety of grape. Details: brehmvineyards.com
Hanna Instruments released two new titrators for use in the wine industry. The HI84500 is for free and total sulfur dioxide analysis and features a piston driven dosing system. The HI84502 can measure both pH and total acidity. Total acidity is determined with a pre-programmed analysis method based on an algorithm to determine when a titration has reached completion. The unit features up to three calibration points for accurate pH readings. Both units can save and export data via USB. Details: hannainst.com
Pellenc’s Multiviti, a multi-purpose tractor frame for vineyard operations, is now available in the North American market. The frame is designed for an inter-row tractor and can support implements for pre-pruning, pruning, trellising, leaf stripping and topping. Pellenc reports attachments can be connected by hand within three minutes and can support other equipment as well. Details: pellenc.com. 
To help wineries manage compliance as they grow their direct-to-consumer sales, WineDirect has announced the launch of WineDirect Compliance, the next component in its growing technology suite. By connecting compliance directly to its Vin65 commerce platform, WineDirect has streamlined the order workflow and simplified compliance management for its winery customers.
Petaluma, California, May 9, 2014 – Team Scott Labs completed their first annual Tour de Cure fundraising ride on Sunday, May 4. With 90 riders, the team raised an impressive $54,658.88 toward diabetes research and funding. The team plans on making this an annual community event.


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