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(ST. HELENA, CA, JULY 24, 2013) -- CellarPass, the leading wine country travel service that helps guests explore, book and share wine country experiences has announced the launch of their new ticketing platform which now offers wineries and event organizers the ability to easily create, manage and promote and sell tickets to their events through the industry’s leading guest management system.
On July 3, 2013, Bureau Veritas confirmed that Tonnellerie Rousseau had complied with international standards on food safety, and consequently obtained the ISO22000 certificate.
PROPEN is a Gravotech brand, a world leader in the design and manufacture of permanent marking solutions for the industry. PROPEN introduced the new portable marking solution, the electro-magnetic M7000, with Touch’n Mark technology.
After more than six years of study, research, prototypes and production, Seguin Moreau has unveiled a newly patented advancement in oak tanks designed especially for Château Mouton Rothschild: vats fitted with food-quality transparent Plexiglas staves.
Parsippany, N.J. – July 17, 2013 – Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a provider of price management solutions, announced the release of a Vistaar-sponsored white paper, “The Pricing Platform: A Nimble Path to Pricing Excellence.” The white paper, written by Michael Dunne, senior vice president at Creative Executions and former vice president of research at Gartner, outlines an approach to help executives deliver business value through pricing technology. To download the white paper, visit: info.vistaar.com/PricingExcellence_WhitePaper.html.
The Royal Wine Corporation was seeking ways to increase its bottle packaging line speed to keep up with booming demand for its wines, spirits and liqueurs. The family-owned company moved from Europe to the United States in 1948 and is recognized as the unequivocal leader in the kosher wine and beverage industry. Royal’s portfolio includes nearly 60 brands, which hail from Italy, Israel, France, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Canada and the United States.
To celebrate its 30 years of supplying the wine industry, Gamajet released a limited edition “XXX” large tank washer. The tank washer employs a rotary impingement system to combine pressure and flow to create high-impact cleaning jets. In addition to the high-power blasts, the washer rotates in a 360-degree pattern to ensure the entire tank surface is scoured clean. Details: gamajet.com
Graco Inc., unveiled its new SaniForce 2:1 piston pump, which is designed to transfer liquids from drums and bins. The pump can handle low to medium viscosity liquids and can be inserted through a standard bunghole. Flow capacity ranges from 1.5 gpm at 60 cpm up to 2.5 gpm at 100 cpm. Details: graco.com
Lascar Electronics released three improved wireless data logging sensors. The EL-WiFi-T+ is a temperature only device with ±0.1 C/±0.2 F temperature accuracy. The EL-WiFi-TH+ is a temperature and humidity data logger with a ±0.2 C/±0.4 F temperature accuracy and humidity accuracy of ±1.8%. The EL-WiFi-TP+ is a temperature only data logger with external thermistor probe and a ±0.1 C/±0.2 F temperature accuracy. The units have WiFi capability and integrated displays. Details: lascarelectronics.com
With the August grape harvest just weeks away, growers concerned about unpredictable seasons will be able to form a more complete picture of Nitrogen levels using a new test on the market.
Randox Food Diagnostics is offering a new NOPA test kit in time for the 2013 harvest. Randox claims its new assay offers the widest ranges in the market with a minimum detectable concentration of 5.1 mgN/L and is linear up to a concentration of 500 mgN/L. Test results are ready within seven minutes. “The quality of the NOPA test means growers can detect levels of primary amino nitrogen present throughout the entire fermentation process,” said Randox’s global business manager David Ferguson in a statement. Details: randoxfooddiagnostics.com
Vin65, a subsidiary of WineDirect, and VinTank, two of the wine industry's leading innovators, have formed an exclusive partnership which connects wine industry social media data directly to customer ecommerce records. Through this partnership, the two companies have created a bi-directional integration which merges social interactions (or social customers) with the records of commerce customers. This means that Social Media managers can now understand the lifetime value of the people they're interacting with, and ecommerce managers will have access to a 360 degree view of their customers including all social posts of your brand.
Update Software Inc., launched the latest version of its VinNOW software system to manage direct-to-consumer wine sales. The new version includes functions to help manage tasting room activity, wine shipping and wine clubs. Updates include a complete ShipCompliant integration to streamline the compliance and shipping processes. Details: vinnow.com
Screwcap and cap liner manufacturer VinPerfect released two new closure liners providing what it claims are distinct and reliable oxygen transfer rates. The company reports its “medium plus” liner is designed for red wines that require slightly more oxygen in the bottle and the “light” option is good for wines made “with the intention of being more approachable while still young.” Details: vinperfect.com
Parsippany, N.J. – July 10, 2013 – Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of price management solutions, today announced that Delicato Family Vineyards (DFV) has implemented the company’s Distributor Price Management (DPM) solution to optimize pricing and promotional activities across its value chain. Founded in 1924, three generations of the Indelicato family have guided DFV from a small grape-growing operation started during Prohibition to one of California’s leading wineries.


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