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Italian packaging supplier Brentapack Srl., launched its new IDCORK anti-counterfeit system at the SIMEI exhibition in Milan, Italy in November. The system uses the unique structure of each cork as a bar code to ensure the authenticity of bottles. After pulling a cork, the user scans it with a smartphone with the IDCORK app to verify it’s identity. Once the cork is identified, the IDCORK system can also provide information on the wine as well as link to the winery website. Details: idcork.com
DeltaTRAK released a new temperature recorder designed to monitor and record temperatures during transit. The new recorder features a case with improved air circulation for more accurate temperature measurement. Serial numbers on every unit provide traceability, and the unit is designed to stop measuring temperature at the end of each trip. Recorders can monitor five to 90 day periods. Details: deltatrak.com
Key Technology unveiled its new VitiSort sorter table for wine grapes. The compact system employs a patent-pending MOG removal system that uses a shaker table and optical sorting with an integral juice recovery system. VitiSort is intended for wineries producing 5,000 to 50,000 cases per year and can sort up to 5 tons of grapes per hour. After passing along a vibratory sorter table, grapes fall through an optical scanner that activates airjets shooting out jacks and other unwanted material. Details: key.net
Labeltronix added Arctic Bright White Felt to its line of Artic Shield label material, which is designed to withstand the moisture and cold temperatures of an ice bucket. The new label material has “a delicate felt texture” that offers the consumer a tactile experience and works with flexographic and digital offset printing. The material can also be embellished with hot foil stamping, embossing, varnishing or lamination. Details: labeltronix.com
Sonoma Cast Stone added a rectangular shaped tank to its line of concrete wine tanks. The new tank can hold 1,300 gallons and can be used as a closed-top or open top tank. The tanks weigh 15,100 pounds dry and approximately 26,150 pounds full and can be mounted on an optional steel base. Details: concretewinetanks.com
Wilden’s new line of EZ-Install TPE diaphragms are designed to offer a “convenient and simplified replacement for of traditional diaphragms.” The company reports the new diaphragms don’t need to be inverted during the installation process making the job quicker and easier. Details: wildenpumps.org
Milan, 13th November 2013 – Supercap Nature (http://tappinature.com), the brand new closure by Supercap Srl developed with the assistance of one of the highest respectable taster in the World, Luca Gardini, has been presented today in Milan at the SIMEI – International exhibition of machinery for enology and bottling.
Key Technology introduces VitiSort™, a new sorter designed for red wine grapes. This compact system, which combines a patent-pending mechanical MOG (material other than grape) removal shaker and optical sorting with an integral juice recovery system, offers world-class sorting performance at a unique level of affordability. As the lowest cost optical sorting system on the market, VitiSort helps wineries improve their product quality while redirecting labor to other tasks.
Amcor Flexibles has won the prize for “New Technology” at the coveted 2013 SIMEI-ENOVITIS Innovation Challenge. On Nov. 12, the technical and scientific committee presented the award for excellence in innovation to Amcor during the official opening of the 25th exhibition in Milan.
Wineries looking for a waterproof, “chill-proof” label with a delicate felt texture can now choose Arctic Bright White Felt, a distinctive new label material created by Labeltronix.
SANTA ROSA, Calif., November 11, 2013 – Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc. (BPM), one of the largest California-based accounting and consulting firms, opened an office in St. Helena today. The new office enhances the firm’s ability to serve its growing client base in Napa Valley by providing convenient access to trusted assurance, tax and business consulting expertise. BPM is in a unique position to offer Napa Valley clients the best of both worlds, combining the resources and sophistication of a big firm, with the agility, personal service and community engagement of a small firm. Based in San Francisco, BPM now has offices in six Greater Bay Area locations, including Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, Palo Alto and San Jose.
The new Carbo 520 Optical by Anton Paar is an inline carbon dioxide monitor designed to be installed directly inline and in constant contact with the sample. According to the manufacturer, the unit measures CO2 with the spectroscopic approach requiring only the passing of infrared light through a crystal. The unit provides measurements of the range of 0 g/L to 12 g/L. Turbidity, color, the presence of other gases and sugar composition has no effect on the sensor. Details: anton-paar.com
Release Date: 11-06-2013
Gamajet reports its new, ergonomic Aseptic 8 tank washer “is engineered to deliver a high impact clean for a wide variety of mid- to large-sized tank types in sanitary processing industries.” The flow-through rotary impingement tank cleaner is also designed to help wineries reduce the amount of water and chemicals used for cleaning. Details: gamajet.com
GEA Westfalia Separator Group unveiled its new GSI 75 separator for clarifying beer, wine and fruit juices. The unit features the company’s Direct Drive technology to reduce energy use and required maintenance. The machine does not require motor bearings or lubrication. The input and discharge ports are located within a closed system that is hydrohermetically sealed to help ensure gentle and foam-free product handling and prevent oxygen absorption. Details: westfalia-separator.com


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