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MODESTO, Calif. (July 15, 2014) – Responding to research indicating a consumer is more likely to purchase a bottle once they pick it up from a shelf, G3 Enterprises is now offering G Ink which is revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience and capturing international awards.
Pickering Winery Supply announced that it now represents Erbsloeh Geisenheim AG of Germany in the U.S. market. For more than 50 years Erbsloeh has produced world-class products specifically for the wine industry and they are currently sold in over 60 countries. Pickering is proud to carry these distinctive products which are developed in-house by Erbsloeh’s own researchers. Products range from yeasts and nutrients to specialty enzymes and unique fining agents. Pickering will have much of the company’s product line in stock for crush and will work in concert with Erbsloeh to offer support to clients throughout the harvest season.
The Hawk-Eye system by Itricorp employs remote optical sensors and thermography to identify crop stress and relay thermo-images of a vineyard to clients via the web. The images are concurrently analyzed with proprietary algorithms to determine plant health and this information is uploaded to the same website, according to Itricorp. The company also reports it has recently developed an irrigation index application specific for wine grapes. Details:  
The new Evrostroj bottle filler available through Mio Vigneto can fill four to six bottles at a time with a pneumatic cylinder that lowers spring-loaded nozzles into bottles at the push of a button. The semi-automatic filler is also available as a tabletop model and features a Plexiglass window to shield the bottle filling area. Details:
Scott Laboratories is offering the new yeast strain Lalvin ICV Okay for the 2014 harvest. Researchers at Lallemand, Montpellier SupAgro and the Institut Cooperatif du Vin used traditional breeding practices to develop the yeast, which Scott Labs reports offers robust fermentation capabilities even in a nutrient deficient environment as well as minimal production of sulfur dioxide, acetaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide. Details:
The Tom Beard Company announced it has developed machines for washing 1-ton half-ton picking bins. The machines receive dirty bins from a forklift, invert them, wash them and return them back upright, ready to be stacked. Optional features include wash water recycling as well as a function to accumulate and stack cleaned bins. Details: has released a new iPhone version of its suite of winemaking addition and conversion calculators. The app features calculators to determine the addition or removal of acidity and sulfur dioxide as well as copper additions, fermentation conversions and other additions. Details:
Xylem launched its new carbon block filtration system designed to remove chlorine and chloramine odor and taste from a water supply. In addition to a filter cartridge, the system includes a high-flow head built to handle up to five gallons per minute. The filtration system is available in single, double or triple application size. Details:
Walnut Creek, CA – For the second year running, Oregon winery, Adelsheim Vineyard, conducted a blind tasting with Pinot Noir wines made from grapes treated with Agrothermal Systems patented heat technology (TPT). Adelsheim viticulturist, Chad Vargas has worked closely with Agrothermal Systems to trial this innovative technology since 2012. In the first trial year, wine made from heat treated blocks, when compared to control block wine, resulted in a subtle but distinctly different tasting wine with fruitier aroma and a more complex, longer on the palate, youthful taste. Encouraged by the 2012 experience, Adelsheim expanded its trials to two blocks in 2013. On June 12th barrel tastings of these Pinot Noir treated vs. control blocks have supported the prior year conclusions, showing youthful, bright complexity.
Anaheim, CA – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Labeltronix, Southern California’s leading producer of high quality wine, food and consumer product labels, announced the release of Arctic Shield Estate #4, the newest member in its Arctic Shield “chill-proof” family.
CLEVELAND, July 7, 2014 -- The Kennedy Group, a leading provider of labeling, packaging, and identification solutions, was recognized by the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (APR) at its June Membership Meeting for exceeding voluntary guidelines under APR's Critical Guidance Recognition Program.
(ST. HELENA, CA, July 1 , 2014) -- CellarPass, the leading guest management platform designed to help consumers around the world to discover, book and share tasting experiences has announced the official release of their seamless integration of exchanging customer data with Salesforce cloud-based CRM platform, offering the ultimate solution for identifying club members and VIP guests to expedite securing a reservation online.
Emmeti USA, a division of Emmeti S.p.A. announces a proven automated process for bulk depalletizing and case depalletizing on one single machine. Our unique combination depalletizer can handle bulk or cased product offering greater flexibility of handling different product loads in a smaller footprint than traditional separate solutions. With this innovative process customers can ease into the transition of receiving bulk glass, opt to receive high end bottles in reshippers, or simply have flexibility and a choice of what they buy, and when they buy it.
WG Security Products announced the release of its new Bottle Tag security device. The device provides multiple levels of protection as it alarms at four different triggers. According to the manufacturer, the Bottle Tag is easy to apply and can fit a wide variety of bottle sizes without damaging the foil. “The WG Bottle Tag offers the retailer an aesthetically conscious and secure product that is sure to decrease their shortage,” said Graham Handyside, executive vice president of WG Security products in a press release. Details:
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. unveiled its new 108RT depalletizer, which is designed for the high-speed transfer of reverse-taper bottles. The unit features devices that square and secure the top and secondary layers of a pallet prior to transfer and maintain the slip sheet in place as the pallet top layer is taken to the loading table. A-B-C also reports that each product load is kept under control on all four sides to contain the bottles in a tight pack and enhance stability. Bottles are single filed with a conveyor designed to “pull” them from the back and guide them to the line conveyor. Details: 
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