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Tractor Supply Company and the National FFA Foundation recently announced the results of their new Growing Scholars program. Tractor Supply customers across the country donated $362,324, resulting in 284 scholarships awarded to FFA members in their pursuit of a college degree.
Criveller Group introduced a new automatic sorting table with two vibrating sections at different levels to sort out shot berries, seeds, stems, debris and jacks. In the first sorting area, shot berries fall through slotted screens into collection drawers that can be cleaned while the table is in operation. Grapes then pass through the “core of the table” that is based on a patented design that consists of an adjustable slotted screen set at an incline. Berries fall through the screen, while stems and other debris are directed to side discharge channels. The final stage of the table is for manual sorting. The stainless steel table is equipped with a frequency drive and set on wheels but also comes with adjustable legs. Details: criveller.com
ACH Foam Technologies, maker of WineLoc summer wine shippers, announced it had reconfigured the design of the shippers to offer “added packaging options and increased protection of bottles during transit.” According to a press release, the shippers are available in 2, 6, and 12 packs and reportedly can keep bottles at a constant, stable temperature for 72 hours. The shippers are contained within corrugated cardboard cartons and feature pockets for frozen gel refrigerants to keep temperatures at or below 80 degrees. Details: achfoam.com
Orlando, Fla., based AGERpoint, Inc., unveiled its system for data acquisition and analysis to help growers better manage their vines. A four-stage data management system allows growers to capture data on trunk diameter, canopy density, leaf color, plant height and volume via 3D laser scanning (LiDAR), survey GPS, and optical sensors. This data is analyzed and synthesized into a report, which can be accessed by the grower through a web-based interface. Details: agerpoint.com
The GW-4100 robotic pallet wrapper by ITW Muller can wrap at speeds of 37 pallets per hour and comes equipped with a telescoping mast that can handle loads up to 6’11” high. A built-in film trimmer cuts wrapping material after each job. The unit is programmed with 99 wrap cycles but can also run custom patterns. Details: itwmuller.com
The new M7 and M7+7 Rocket filters available through Mio Vigneto Products in San Ramon, Calif., are based on a patented filtering system that employs rotating membranes. Dwight J. Busalacchi, president of Mio Vigneto, said the new filtration system operates at low pressure and does not heat the wine through friction. The filter employs ceramic discs that rotate and collect particulates from the wine. As the disks rotate through the wine substances are removed from the filter disks providing a “self-cleaning” effect. The M7 model can filter 4,200 liters in a 15-hour cycle. Details: miovigneto.com
ACH Foam Technologies, maker of WineLoc thermal summer wine shippers, has reconfigured their design to offer added packaging options and increased protection of bottles during transit.
(ST. HELENA, CA, MAY 22, 2013) -- CellarPass, the leading service to explore, book and share wine country experiences has announced a marketing partnership with Visit Napa Valley (formerly known as Napa Valley Destination Council), allowing visitors to the www.visitnapavalley.com website to search for thousands of upcoming tours, tastings and specials events that can be reserved exclusively through the CellarPass guest reservations and marketing platform.
For the fifth consecutive year, Labeltronix is a gold award winner for Excellence in Flexography from The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA).
Scott Laboratories recently completed a six-week renovation of the main warehouse facilities at its headquarters in Petaluma, California. The construction was prompted by a burgeoning product line and desire to provide customers with increased product inventory levels and availability. The 20,000 square foot space was redesigned to increase capacity by 30 percent, allowing for a more stream-lined inventory management system and greater stock volume, especially during the busy months of harvest.
TricorBraun Design and Engineering has changed its name to TricorBraun Design and Innovation.
VinoVisit.com announced that it has secured financing from private investors.
MaverickLabel.Com announced the launch of their completely redesigned next generation website, the result of years of research and development, which is aimed at enhancing customer experience and ensuring continued company growth.
Western Square Industries of Stockton, California announced on May 14, 2013 that it has just  completed converting its largest powder coating system. The operation included a new state of the art cure oven with two separate high efficiency burners and new alignment of automated conveyors leading to great improvements.
CCK Outfitters now offers customized tags for vineyard rows. The tags can be marked with row numbers, grape variety names or other information. The tags are available blank, with up to four lines of information or with a variety of custom touches like company logos. Details: cckoutfitters.com


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