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Ashland, Virginia (PRWEB) July 23, 2014-- Up to now, measuring the quality parameters of very different alcoholic beverages required a number of measuring instruments to cover each range. There was no single instrument which could measure beers, wines and spirits. To meet this need, Anton Paar provides the Alcolyzer ME measuring module, which makes it possible to measure the alcohol content of all alcoholic beverages with a single alcohol meter, just by selecting the appropriate method. This greatly simplifies work for contract bottlers and multi-product beverage manufacturers, governmental test labs, customs and tax laboratories and companies involved in the development of new beverages.
Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials announced the release of its new ClearCut S7450 adhesive designed for labels on wine, spirits and other beverages. The company reports S7450’s “wet-out performance” allows for bonding between the film and the bottle surface even with a high degree of surface imperfections. S7450 also can reduce adhesive ooze and increase productivity. Details:
G3 Enterprises is now offering G Ink, which includes both bichromic and thermochronic ink designed to entice consumers. According to G3, the thermochronic option allows a label or cap to change appearance at designated temperatures and the bichromic option provides a color shifting effect when the package is viewed at different angles. “We are constantly working to develop ways for our customer’s wine to stand out from the competition whether on the shelf or in the store’s cold box,” says John Cunningham, the company’s director of innovation and process improvement. Details:
July, 2014 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – iSys Label and iSys–The Imaging Systems Group Inc., the Canadian developers and manufacturers of short- to mid-run digital label printers, announced that the EDGE 850 digital label printer is officially Section 3 Certified to print GHS-compliant drum and chemical labels* according to BS5609 standards. In order to print fully-compliant drum and chemical labels; the facestock, adhesive and printed graphic all need to meet the requirements for sections 1, 2 and 3 of BS5609 standards and be independently tested and certified by PIRA (the Print Industry Research Association). The printed labels are exposed to artificial weathering, tape removal and abrasion resistance tests to ensure they are capable of withstanding the harshest environments and prove their durability. During this process, iSys Label partnered with MACtac to find two suitable solutions for substrates; a PET, and a BOPP – both of which passed certification and can be purchased in rolls from iSys-appointed converters in the United States. In addition to the certification, GHS also requires users to conform to labeling standards that use the black and red pictogram system in conjunction with precautionary text warning of the dangers and risks of the material. The EDGE 850 “GHS Solution” is a roll to roll digital label printer and comes complete with the printer, feeder, rewinder and EDGE2Print software. With easy-to-use drag and drop software and print speeds of 4.33 m/min and 9.13 m/min., iSys Label makes simple work of printing full-color chemical labels on demand. Users will eliminate the need for ordering pre-printed labels, reduce inventories and wait times by being able to customize their labels with variable information and full color - all in a single pass. Mark Hopkins, president of iSys, says “iSys is very excited to be fully certified and in compliance. The combination of the materials, toner and printing process have proven their durability and is sure to add value to supply chains, large and small, around the world.” iSys Label will be showing the EDGE 850 GHS label printer in booth #6413 at Labelexpo Americas, taking place September 9-11th in Chicago, IL. For more information on the EDGE 850 or to set up a demonstration time, please email About iSys Label
Label manufacturer Labeltronix released a new option in its Arctic Shield line of “chill-proof” labels. The Arctic Shield Estate #4 is an uncoated white paper that is waterproof and “classy-looking and sophisticated” according to the manufacturer. The new label material works with flexographic or digital-offset printing technology and can be embellished with hot foil stamping, embossing and spot varnishes. Details:
Oenobrands’ new system for inoculating grape juice and must with its “In-Line Ready” line of dry yeast won the Innovation prize at the recent Vincoeurs en Hérault event in Montpellier, France. The system includes the patented yeast and the FMY45 machine, described by Oenobrands as a “high-shear solid-liquid mixer that provides instant dispersal and activation of dry yeast.” Oenobrands reports its patented In-Line Ready yeast do not need to be rehydrated or acclimated to the temperature of juice or must and provide the same fermentation performance and sensory attributes of regular dried yeast. The company claims its new system, which will be available in North America this harvest, can effectively inoculate a 1000-hectoliter tank in 2 minutes. Details: 
Pickering Wine Supply in San Francisco, Calif., is now offering winemaking products by Erbsloeh Geisenheim AG of Germany. Erbsloeh Geisenheim’s products are available in 60 countries and range from yeasts and nutrients to enzymes and fining agents. Pickering expects to have most of the Erbsloeh’s product line available by harvest. Details:
Taransaud announced the release in the U.S. of its new Pure T barrel that is designed for high-end white wines. The company says it created the new barrel to “respect the freshness of the wine and enhance the fruit characteristics and aromas.” Taransaud recommends the Pure T for Burgundian style white wines with freshness and minerality. The new barrel is the result of in-house research with proprietary work on anti-oxidant capacity and was used in trials by more than 20 wineries in the United States and Europe. Details:
Thermal Packaging Products introduces Chilled Wine Shipper, a temperature control shipping carton made with eco preferable insulated padding and materials. The cushioning carton liner features ultra-insulating padding made from select, purified recycled biodegradable super absorbent cotton enhanced textile fibers sandwiched between an inner layer and an outer layer of poly film sealed on all sides. The inner surface of the poly film is perforated to allow condensation from the refrigerant to wick away and be absorbed into the cotton fibers, protecting your bottle labels. The poly film contains an additive that promotes biodegradation in greater than one year as tested by ASTM 5511.
Xüdle, a modern, winery focused sales platform committed to providing a single view of winery customer data has announced today the release of a mobile Point of Sale system. The mobile POS is the newest addition to their suite of sales tools including ecommerce, POS Integration, wine club software and a Tasting Room app.
Today drones take on a higher purpose as SNAP Vision Technologies introduces a personal aerial survey drone called the StitchCAM, a project that gives farmers an affordable, precise way to assess the health of their crops, increase crop yields and use water more efficiently. From the farmlands of the U.S. to the drought-stricken regions of Africa, the StitchCAM will help farmers and landowners increase profits and maximize their resources. The complete StitchCAM system is available to order for a Kickstarter pledge of $2,800 today through Aug. 8, 2014[1].
WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA, JULY 15, 2014 - Adams Label Company announced its acquisition of LabelOne Connect, Inc. located in Beaverton, Oregon on July 11, 2014. LabelOne Connect was founded in 1983 and employs 35 people. LabelOne Connect has a reputation for high-quality wine label printing and strong relationships with long-standing winery customers.
MODESTO, Calif. (July 15, 2014) – Responding to research indicating a consumer is more likely to purchase a bottle once they pick it up from a shelf, G3 Enterprises is now offering G Ink which is revolutionizing the consumer shopping experience and capturing international awards.
Pickering Winery Supply announced that it now represents Erbsloeh Geisenheim AG of Germany in the U.S. market. For more than 50 years Erbsloeh has produced world-class products specifically for the wine industry and they are currently sold in over 60 countries. Pickering is proud to carry these distinctive products which are developed in-house by Erbsloeh’s own researchers. Products range from yeasts and nutrients to specialty enzymes and unique fining agents. Pickering will have much of the company’s product line in stock for crush and will work in concert with Erbsloeh to offer support to clients throughout the harvest season.
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