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GLEN ROCK, NJ, November 11, 2014 – Crack the Prosecco, and raise a glass! Opici Wines has been named Importer of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine in their annual Wine Star Awards 2014.
As part of its new “Grower First” philosophy, Vintage Nurseries, part of the Roll Global organization, has already committed to over $4 million in renovations…with even more to come! Quality is at the heart of important upgrades such as new drainage in the grafting room, along with polished and sealed concrete to enhance washing and overall sanitation. They’ve also installed new air handling, humidity & temperature control systems and high-speed roll-up doors to seal the building for better temperature control and pest and pathogen prevention.
Fresno, Calif. - (November 3, 2014) – Betts Truck Parts & Service announced the availability of advanced drivetrain product support through its drivetrain product manager, Shawn Mahoney.
NEW YORK, NY—October 30, 2014- Michael Zuppa, national sales director of Europvin USA has formally announced the addition of Spanish winery Bodegas Sierra Salinas to the Europvin portfolio, effective immediately. Europvin USA will import, distribute and market the winery’s wines throughout the United States on an exclusive basis.
Santa Rosa, CA, October 30, 2014 – M.A. Silva, the leading manufacturer of cork, glass and packaging, broke ground for a new manufacturing facility across from the existing building located in the Westwind Business Park adjacent to the Sonoma County Regional Airport in Santa Rosa. The new construction is custom designed by DES Architects + Engineers and built for M.A. Silva by Alston Construction. Once completed, the new 70,000-square-foot structure will accommodate storage room for wine bottles, sensory and working laboratories along with a multimedia training room, office space and a gym for employees. The expansion will bring M.A. Silva to over 100,000-square-foot of operational space in Santa Rosa.
SEATTLE, WA, October 23, 2014 – Dionysus Technology Concepts Inc. today announced the launch of its Sonic Decanter, a small electronics device that uses safe, proven, and effective ultrasonic energy to improve the taste, aroma, mouth feel, and finish of any wine in minutes. The Sonic Decanter changes the way wine is enjoyed, regardless of the price or the age of the wine. Wine drinkers can improve their red or white wine one bottle at a time with the Sonic Decanter’s groundbreaking, patented technology.
Seattle, Washington (Tuesday, October 28th, 2014) – Corkz Wine Info has released a major update of their leading wine application for mobile devices. The popular mobile app has been localized for many established and flourishing wine-drinking regions worldwide, including China and Russia, where there is a growing love affair with the grape. Version 5.05 of Corkz extends the largest and most comprehensive wine database to many non-English speaking users. It promises to help them drink better wine and make more knowledgeable choices when purchasing their next bottle or while choosing a wine at a restaurant.
McCrometer launched its new Connect TrendView mobile app for monitoring key irrigation data such as soil moisture, flow, pressure and more. The app is designed for Android and Apple iOS smart phones and tablets. Data can be viewed in two formats, either as instruments that display sensor data or as graphs depicting data trend in information.  Details: mccrometer.com
Two suppliers of traceability and security systems announced their collaborative effort to produce a new kind of tag that offers near field communication, NFC, for identification and the security of a Bubble Tag for authentication. Prooftag and Smartrac worked together to integrate NFC chips into the Bubble Seal range of security tags. The new combination of technologies in relation with the Prooftag Cerv service platform offers new services for brands and a new “user experience” for consumers. Details: prooftag.net and smartrac-group.com 
The new electro-pneumatic fillers manufactured by the Italian supplier GAI and distributed by Prospero Equipment feature four electro-pneumatic valves to separately control a vacuum, tank gas, auto leveling and de-gassing. The filler can handle sparkling and still wines, fill heights can be adjusted with the machine is operating and the electro-pneumatic valves ensure an effective sterilization cycle. Details: prosperocorp.biz 
Rivercap USA launched its new Creative Line of labels and capsules to provide wine packaging that the company claims offer a tactile experience that is as enticing as how the materials appear on retail shelves. The capsule is produced with a textured polylaminate that retains its texture after spinning while the label material is produced through micro-engraving. The adhesive label can be partially or totally textured as well as customized to any kind of paper support. Details: rivercap.com
French cooper Tonnellerie Garonnaise unveiled its new Exquis barrel. The barrel is formed with staves that have undergone 36 months of seasoning and are bent with a combination of water and steam “to provide finesse and elegance with the use of fire for power and depth.” Details: garonnaise.com 
Westec unveiled new locking spin handles for wine tanks. The locking handles are designed to prevent a tank being opened by accident or “unauthorized tank entry.” The new handles can be added to new tanks or existing tanks as a retrofit. Details: westectank.com
Fresno, Calif. - (October 27, 2014) – Betts Truck Parts & Service, one of three divisions of the Betts Company, has announced the completion of a strategic branding initiative that began last year. Betts Company has executed its plan to develop marketing collateral for all divisions tailored to the company's updated brand profile along with the introduction of new websites.


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