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Wilden, part of Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group, introduced its new Advanced FIT line of air-operated double diaphragm pumps that feature improved flow rates and are easier to install. The new pumps feature a 54% larger fluid path and are designed to precisely “fit” existing pump systems with no re-piping necessary. “Advanced FIT pumps represent a major breakthrough in reducing installation costs when upgrading your AODD pump since they have been designed to ‘drop into’ the existing plumbing footprint with no plumbing rebuilds required,” said Chris Distaso, director of engineering for Wilden. Details: wildenpump.com
Oregon Wine Services, the premier wine shipping, storage and transportation company in Oregon, announces that it has joined with Wineshipping, the Napa-based leading provider of wine shipping services, in a move that strengthens and streamlines fulfillment of e-commerce and winery-direct shipments across the country.
Grapevine leafroll associated virus 3 (GLaV-3) is, arguably, the No. 1 most economically important virus in grapevine production and is designated as an exclusion pest in most certification programs. However, growers are often frustrated to find this virus in their vineyards and in certified nursery stocks. Since GLRaV-3 is known to be genetically highly variable, we suspect that certain strains may have escaped detection during certification.
Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life-sciences company that develops rapid diagnostics for the food and beverage industries, announced today that its first-in-class Veriflow® BRETT assay will be distributed under a non-exclusive agreement by Enartis, a global provider of specialty winemaking products and services.
Enartis Vinquiry is pleased to announce that after 25 years of significant success in liquid form, WS yeast is now available as an Active Dry Yeast.
Granbury Solutions has completed the asset acquisition of WineWeb.com, a leading provider of technology for the wine industry.
Niles, IL – A family of highly reliable, easy-to-operate chillers that keep the wine fermentation process stable and optimize tartrate precipitation during cold stabilization is available from PolyScience. With sufficient cooling capacity for both small and large volumes of wine, 6000 Series Chillers easily maintain the fermentation process at the optimal temperature (65°F/18°C to 77°F/25°C, depending on the wine) while also providing the ability to quickly achieve and hold a cold stabilization temperature of 27°F/-2.7°C.
Granbury Solutions has completed the acquisition of eWinery Solutions, a leading provider of technology for the wine industry. eWinery Solutions, based in Napa, CA, is an innovative provider of e-commerce, wine club, wine production and point-of-sale solutions and is known for providing feature rich, flexible technology and excellent service to many leading wineries nationwide.
German manufacturer Allplastik has developed a multiple use cable tie for securing vines. The new Blitzbinder releasable cable tie is made with high-quality premium material for strength and durability. The Blitzbinder features a dual-closure design that allows the user to create a hanging loop making it ideal for use in the vineyard. Details: allplastik.com
Caster Concepts' CasterShoX is a new line of shock-absorbing casters that the company claims reduce workplace noise by as much as 15 dbA or 90%, reduce shock by up to 80% and cost less than conventional spring-loaded casters. “Our manufacturing customers and end users, industrial workers, have told us they are concerned about workplace noise and are looking for ways to reduce the noise workers are exposed to,” said Bill Dobbins, president of Caster Concepts. Details: casterconcepts.com
The new Seven2GO portable pH meters by Mettler Toledo are designed to provide quick and accurate analysis in the field. The meters can be used with sensors for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and ions and feature a bright mono TFT display that can be viewed at any angle down to 5° and in direct sunlight. Details: us.mt.com
MP Global Thermal Packaging Products released new styrene-free thermal and protective box liners for wine shipments. The insulated box liners provide temperature control as well as protective cushioning. The cotton padding is produced using a blend of recycled cotton fibers that are biodegradable. MP Global’s patented “super” insulated envelopes and box liners are available in variable thickness to fit inside shipping containers. Details: thermomailer.com
National Oilwell Varco, NOV, announced that universal replacement parts for progressing cavity pumps are now available through the company’s process and flow technologies division that includes pump manufacturer Moyno. The universal parts range contains a wide variety of parts that fit other PC pumps and are designed to provide a competitive alternative for spare parts. Details: moyno.com
Orion Wine Software announced the launch of its new WiMS Cloud system to leverage the data wineries use daily. Built on the Salesforce1 cloud platform and integrated with the existing WiMS system, the new WiMS Cloud is more accessible via mobile apps for Android and iPhone devices. The cloud also provides a “deep and dynamic reporting system” and customizable dashboards to track key business metrics and share them in real time. Details: orionwinesoftware.com


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