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Miele unveiled the latest version of its PG 8056 and PG 8061 commercial dishwashers that now feature faster cycle times and a new spray arm design to deliver better cleaning results with less water consumption. The under-counter washers feature built-in water softeners, a wash cycle as short as 6 minutes, run quiet, feature special programs for China and crystal and are exclusively recommended by glassware manufacturer Reidel.
The new Green Line of labels and capsules by Rivercap are designed to “preserve resources and respect the terroirs,” according to the supplier. The polylaminate capsules are made with “bio-based” polyethylene and can be customized with hot stamping, inside coloring and painted or blind embossing. The labels are produced with natural fiber papers and provide high print quality on a white base. 
Trust Cooperage is offering a special package of its 36-month aged Hungarian, American and new French oak Ingénieux barrels. Designed for new clients or wineries looking to experiment with oak from different origins, the Triple Crown packages are sold as a set of 12 barrels, four of each type of wood, with options on barrel type, stave thickness and toast. 
Vancouver, BC — October 22, 2015 — Renaissance Yeast Inc. is pleased to announce that it will attend the 26th International Enological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition (SIMEI) being held November 3–6 in Milan, Italy. SIMEI 2015 ( is the largest enological tradeshow in the world, featuring 700 exhibitors from 27 countries, and 48,000 attendees from 90 countries, together in 80,000 square feet of exhibit space.
Napa, OCTOBER 25, 2015 -- Great progress has been made on Tapp Label’s brand new 8,000+ square foot Paso Robles printing facility. Construction is on schedule and the new building is set to open later this year. The building is part of a larger development project by the RS Paul Company, and will feature state-of-the-art equipment including one of Tapp’s two new HP Indigo WS 6800 Digital presses. It will also provide a full staff focused on the needs of Central Coast wineries, food producers, and other companies looking for top-tier label printing.
October 21, 2015—Benicia, CA---Cork Supply USA, Inc., announced today the launch of an unprecedented Bottle Buy Back Guarantee as an extra advantage of the company’s innovative DS100 program. Originally introduced in 2013, the DS100 process is currently used to evaluate more than 2 million corks per year. Every cork for a DS100 order is isolated in a sterile jar with several drops of distilled water, then sealed and left to hydrate for 48 hours. When our trained lab staff opens and sniffs each jar, TCA—if present—can be accurately detected. This has proven effective in virtually eliminating the risk of finished wines contaminated by TCA and other taint. Cork Supply’s new Bottle Buy Back Guarantee offers participants in the DS100 program another layer of confidence in the company’s DS100 natural cork closures.
Tonelería Nacional is proud to announce Mistral Barrels has been renamed Tonelería Nacional USA. Tonelería Nacional USA is expanding and growing to better serve customers in the USA, Canada and Mexico. As part of the worldwide expansion Tonelería Nacional USA has moved to 21841 8th Street East Sonoma, California with a larger facility and beautiful new offices.
The new Alfa Laval BurstClean+ tank cleaning process uses the “burst-cleaning” concept to soften stubborn residues and a rotary jet head to remove them. Alfa Laval claims the patent-pending nozzle maximizes chemical usage while reducing the amount of time and water required for cleaning by eliminating the need to pre-rinse a tank. The device features a rotary jet head with a secondary spray fan nozzle outlet. The flow diverted through this outlet provides full coverage of the tank wall without requiring the jet head to attain a full cleaning pattern. The hard-to-clean residues are then soaked in chemicals before the jet head breaks through its surface. The spray fan effect and distribution of chemicals does not interfere with the primary impact of the rotary jet head. 
BlueMorph UV and Tom Beard Company partnered to produce a new ultraviolet light system sanitation system for winery tanks. The system employs large ultraviolet lights to reduce sanitation cycle times, eliminate the use of sanitizing chemicals and reduce winery water consumption. BlueMorph founder Alex Farren developed the concept and Tom Beard helped engineer a piece of equipment designed to be easy to use yet durable for regular winery work. After conducting trials at various wineries for the past six months, the BlueMorph team claims its machine can provide better sanitation than with chemicals. 
Winner of a gold medal Innovation Award at the 2015 SITEVI exposition in Montpellier, France, the QC620 by Diemme Enologia is a continuous pressing system that includes a vibrating sorting device, high-pressure peristaltic pump and horizontal hydraulic press. According to the manufacturer, the new press system offers the advantages of a continuous feed press without the drawback of the grapes getting macerated by moving mechanical parts. Press pressure is maintained by the combined action of the peristaltic feed pump and hydraulic system, and flow rate and pressure parameters can be managed by adjusting the pump, hydraulic piston or discharge door. Flow rates can range from 15 to 45 tons per hour. 
Eaton launched a new line of depth filter cartridges for the North American wine industry. The Beco Protect CS CellStream cartridges feature Becopad depth filter sheet material that reduces fine colloids and microorganisms while retaining color, taste and aromas. According to the manufacturer, the unique wrapping of the CellStream filter cartridges maximizes the filter surface area and increases its mechanical and thermal stability. The design enables the filter cartridge to withstand more than 50 steam cycles and regenerations. The filter cartridges also come with adapters to fit all commercially available filter cartridge housings. 
EPour Technologies released a countertop device for serving wine by the glass that is designed to reduce wine waste, costs and provide uniform pours. The system utilizes a patented 9-liter oxygen-inhibiting bag in tray system to maintain consistent quality and pour accuracy with every glass. The manufacturer is currently testing the product in markets in Colorado and Maryland and plans to introduce a model for tasting rooms and a device that can hold four 9-liter bags in 2016. launched an updated version of its tasting room reservation management system that is now integrated with Google maps and boasts other upgrades. The company claims it offers the largest selection of participating wineries with more than 600 in North American and Europe and about 25 new wineries every month. The system now allows tour guides, hotel concierges and other hospitality staff to book, adjust and distribute wine tasting itineraries. VinoVisit also features virtual tours of tasting rooms and original editorial content about wineries and wine regions on its blog as well as other new features. 
The Alamo Beer Company roared to life with a celebratory cannon firing and keg tapping ceremony earlier this year, marking the moment that the iconic beer brand returned to Alamo City after a 95-year hiatus.
Napa, CA – October, 7, 2015 –, the wine industry leader in tasting room reservation management software, has created the ultimate user-friendly experience when booking wine tasting itineraries. The new VinoVisit re-defines customer expectations as it curates every step of the guest experience with show stopping features and functionality like: GOOGLE MAPS INTEGRATION – Interactive high resolution symbols and aerial imagery to assist the user in discovering new locations and reservation opportunities within their targeted region. THE LARGEST SELECTION OF WINE TASTINGS ONLINE– now has over 600 wineries in North America and Europe and gains 25 more every month. HAND PICKED WINERY SELECTIONS – Both featured and staff picked wineries will be displayed on the homepage to focus and simplify the consumer’s wine booking experience based off of trusted recommendations. IN-DEPTH ARTICLES FROM OUR NEW BLOG “THE FIRST SIP” – Immersive stories, quizzes, and wine related topics brought together to offer a well-rounded perspective of wine culture and tourism in the new blog named “The First Sip”. EDU-TAINMENT VIDEOS – Educational/entertainment videos made to help consumers prepare for wine country and find wine related inspiration. MULTI DAY ITINERARY BUILDING – Consumers can build a multiple day itinerary and share it with friends in minutes, never having to leave the site. INSTANT CONFIRMATION – All reservations booked on are instantly confirmed 24/7, reducing reservation difficulties caused by contacting wineries on an individual basis. STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY – VinoVisit utilizes the very best in web technology, meaning fast load times and full mobile accessibility. Make a reservation from the comfort of your home or on the go. BOOK ON BEHALF OF YOUR GUESTS - Tourism professionals can now book, adjust, and distribute wine tasting itineraries adding value to their guests’ seamless experience. VISITING MEDIA VIRTUAL TOURS- “There has never been another site like this with this much reach and features. Wine tasters are savvy and demand a thoughtful and seamless purchasing experience. Consumers should come to VinoVisit knowing their highest expectations will be surpassed. The New immediately improves every part of the consumer experience on the path towards discovering, planning, and booking wine tasting itineraries. You have to see it to believe it.” said Ron Scharman, COO of TOURISM PROFESSIONAL’S DREAM COME TRUE VinoVisit’s new site also offers concierge professionals, tour operators, and other travel experts the ability to book on behalf of their guests. For the FIRST TIME EVER, tourism professionals can book, adjust, and distribute wine tasting itineraries on a desktop or mobile device, adding value to their guest’s seamless experience. Colby smith, Director and Founder of CANVAS said, “This tool is exactly what concierges and tour guides have been waiting for. The ability to book wine tastings when wineries are closed assures that they can give their guests exactly what they want when they want it.” RECAP WHO – WHAT- New “” website and blog, “THE LAST DROP”, designed to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience for discovering, booking, and sharing wine tasting reservations. WHEN- The new version of the site is available now. WHERE- currently exhibits over 600 winery profiles in North America and Europe. HOW MUCH- is a free service for wineries and consumers. About, is the leading winery reservation and guest management software platform that offers free to consumers the flexibility to book real-time winery reservations and boasts an exclusive multi-day itinerary building tool. “THE LAST DROP”,’s new blog now offers consumers immersive stories, quizzes, and wine related topics to create a well-rounded perspective of wine culture and tourism.
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