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Nomacorc, the leading producer of alternative wine bottle closures, is the first to create a plant-based closure, Select® Bio, using Braskem’s I’m greenTM Polyethylene. Green PE is made from sugarcane ethanol, a 100 percent renewable material. Its major advantage is the fact that it is made from raw materials derived from renewable resources, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I’m greenTM Polyethylene not only removes CO2 from the atmosphere due to its renewable feedstock but also contributes to reducing the use of fossil fuel. For each ton produced, “green” polyethylene sequestrates more than 2.0 tons of CO2, a significant gain compared to traditional polyethylene*.
After 17 years of working together - with no warning or reason given - M. Paquito Barbier, President of Tonnellerie Cadus, has chosen to end the contractual association with Vincent Bouchard in North America, indicating that this change in direction would take effect as of February 1, 2014. Interestingly, the change comes on the heels of a 42% increase in North America for Cadus comparing 2011 to 2013 revenues.
JMB Web Consulting announced the release of CellarCart, a WordPress-based system designed to provide a low-cost, e-commerce solution for small wineries through the Wine and the Web product line. The system is designed to offer simple services for companies “just getting their feet wet with online ecommerce.” CellarCart is hosted at a WordPress specific company Winehosters, which provides database services, nightly back-ups and automatic updates for security and stability. Details:
Tonnellerie Leroi will represent the Vinification Intégral system in North America, which has proven itself over the past decade in France.
Seguin Moreau Napa Cooperage today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Fine Northern Oak, a specialized American oak alternatives company with more than a decade of experience in sourcing top-quality fine grain white oak and designing products for targeted extraction rates.
Atlas Copco Compressors released three new ranges of oxygen and nitrogen generators. The company added a new membrane nitrogen generator that incorporates a bundle of polymer fibers that acts as a membrane to separate compressed air to produce enriched nitrogen as well as a pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator, which produces 99.999% pure nitrogen at flows of up to 1,200 standard cubic feet per minute. A new line of pressure swing adsorption oxygen generators use zeolite pellets that act as the adsorbent agent producing 90-95% pure oxygen at flows of up to 7,000 standard cubic feet per hour. Details:
Calling it the “world’s most advanced cork closure to last more than 30 years,” Diam unveiled its Diam 30 closure for the North American market at the recent Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento, Calif. The closure is designed for wines made for extended bottle aging and features one of the lowest oxygen permeability rates on the market. “The Diam 30 is perfect for the luxury wine market to safeguard wine throughout the aging process and to assure a consistent aging process,” said Mihailo Panovich, vice president of sales for G3 Enterprises, which imports Diam products to the United States. Details:
Rehrig Pacific Co., a manufacturer of reusable transport packaging containers for beer, wine, spirits and other products, announced the launch of its new keg recycling program for wine and beer. The Pubkeg program enables wineries and breweries to ship full kegs and Rehrig handles tracking the kegs for return and recycling. The 1/6 barrel PET kegs are designed to fit the U.S. Sankey valve systems and weigh 49 pounds when full. Details:
Renaissance BioScience Corp., in Vancouver, B.C., announced it has exclusively licensed the technology to commercially develop yeast that have little propensity to produce hydrogen sulfide gas. University of California, Davis microbiologist Dr. Linda Bisson used selective breeding techniques to produce the yeast strains, and Renaissance commercialized the production and will handle technical support and further development. The company has released three yeasts Andante, Vivace and Maestoso. Details:
Winemaking tool designer Vinnovation released its new Lotus pump over irrigator device. According to a statement by the company, the firm’s designers used molds made with 3D printers to produce shapes that previously could not be fabricated with standard tools. The Lotus is light-weight, allows an unobstructed flow of fee-run wine and is easily adjustable to fit any tank or cap size. The unit is being manufactured and sold through York Machine Works in St. Helena, Calif. Details:
James Marshall Berry, owner of JMB Web Consulting, has announced the release of an addition to the Wine and the Web product offerings, with the release of CellarCart. CellarCart is a WordPress based eCommerce solution installed within the website that has been customized for wine sales. “Over the course of the last year, it became clear that a really basic, entry-level eCommerce solution was needed to help many small wineries get their products directly to the consumer,” said Berry, who is also Chief Strategy Officer for Wine and the Web. “Although our “lite”* version of Vin65 is still our primary product offering for winery eCommerce, many found the copious amounts of features available in Vin65 to actually be too much for those who are just getting their feet wet with online eCommerce.”
Vancouver, BC — January 21, 2014 — Renaissance Yeast Inc. introduced Maestoso, the latest addition to its family of hydrogen sulfide-preventing wine yeasts. Maestoso joins three other Renaissance wine yeasts – Vivace, Allegro and Andante – now available for sale and use by winemakers worldwide. All were developed using traditional classical wine yeast breeding techniques.
Napa, CA (January 21, 2014) – WineDirect and subsidiary company Vin65, leaders in winery Direct-to-Consumer sales, are launching an exclusive new membership program, 46Brix. For an annual fee of only $79, members can get their ground shipping covered for as many orders of two or more bottles of wine as they would like from all participating wineries. Usually cost prohibitive, wine lovers can receive shipments from their favorite winemakers without worrying about the shipping expenses.
govino founder Joseph Perrulli today announced that an investor group led by Napa vintner Pat Stotesbery has acquired a majority interest in Napa Valley-based govino, the award-winning, innovative glassware company, for an undisclosed sum. The Stotesbery investor group, comprised of family members, has purchased all assets including brand technology, product lines, distribution and customer database. govino founder Joseph Perrulli, who maintains an ownership interest, will remain as creative director responsible for design, growth and development.
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