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ePour Technologies is proud to announce the commercial launch of its innovative high volume/high value system for serving wine by the glass. The countertop system utilizes a patented pumping, temperature, and pour control system to maintain consistent quality and pour accuracy with every glass poured. The 9 liter oxygen inhibiting bag in tray system allows retailers to significantly increase the profitability of each glass served by eliminating wine quality and wine service losses. Costs such as trash removal, storage needs, server training are significantly reduced. The consumer receives an exact pour size quality wine at temperature every time.
With grape-picking nearly finished for the vast majority of the West Coast’s wineries, attention has turned to fermentation. Mavrik North America has been approached by a surprising number of its clientele for assistance with stuck fermentations. Encounters with smoke taint on the other hand are, as expected, quite limited so far.
ALEXANDRIA, MN. (September 28, 2015) – Douglas employee owners are excited to debut the robotic TriVex SL/SLi top load case packer. This top load packs bags, pouches and cartons in a standup configuration into retail-ready cases with one or two product facings. With speeds up to 150 products per minute, the dual Scara robots combine the functionality of a product infeed, pack pattern collation and case loading functions into one mechanism.
BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (Sept. 28, 2014) – After a record-breaking 4-H Paper Clover campaign in the spring, Tractor Supply Company, in partnership with National 4-H Council, is hosting another Paper Clover campaign in October.
ACH Foam Technologies updated the design of its universal wine shipper that can accommodate 12 bottles. The new packaging combines improved bottom cushioning with chamfered edges and increased wall thickness. ACH reports the shippers have passed the ISTA’s 3A drop test, which measures the product’s ability to sustain a variety of simulated drops consistent with typical package transport and handling. The shippers are made with recyclable expanded polystyrene. 
Archon Industries, Inc. now offers pigging station valves by Kieselmann. The use of “pigs” to ensure material, water and cleaning agents are completely removed from lines and hoses helps to reduce product loss and water consumption. Archon reports Kiselmann’s aseptic cleaning systems do not require a vapor lock and are easy to maintain.
KleenLine introduced a modular lane switch conveyor that it reports is “faster, quieter and smaller that previous solutions.” The new conveyor is rated up to 325 feet per second and is equipped with timing belts instead of a chain drive system to make it quieter. Both full- and partial-wash down options are available. Designed for applications where multiple downstream machines are fed by a single upstream line, the KleenLine lane switch module accepts products in a single lane and diverts them into multiple lanes, feeding cartoners, case packers, and other packaging operations. 
Neenah Packaging unveiled its new Estate Label line of high-touch custom, or stock, label papers for wine, beer and spirits. The new label papers feature new colors as well as the new Martele and Burlap finishes. “We’ve seen a strong demand in the market for a brighter white label, watched labels with solid black printing increase in popularity and seen the demand for texture in the craft beverage market,” said Ellen Bliske, a senior brand manager with Neenah Packaging. “We’re introducing new items in a direct answer to these market is needs.” All of the new materials can be found in the company’s new swatch books. 
The M60 barrel washer by Spraying Systems’ TankJet line is designed to quickly and easily clean barrels. According to the manufacturer, the unit provides effective and efficient cleaning power at flow rates that won’t damage or diminish the toast of oak barrels. The M60 features a wash head with a “narrow angle full cone spray” that rotates along multiple axes to provide complete coverage in a wash cycle lasting less than 5 minutes. The unit is compatible with a wide range of pumps and pressure washers and is designed to fit standard barrel bungholes as well as kegs, drums and chemical storage barrels.
The vineyard/orchard deflector kit for Stoltzfus Spreaders' 2- and 4-ton spreaders features several new design changes and improvements including bolt-on application for field conversion and an improved nine-position side limiting deflectors to a spread width as narrow as six feet. The spreaders also now feature an upgraded rear center defector and redesigned front and side shields to direct limbs away from the spreader to prevent plant damage. 
BOLT Staffing, headquartered in Sonoma, CA 95476, was honored with a 2015 American Staffing Association Staffing VOICE Award. The ASA Staffing VOICE Awards celebrate the best staffing industry marketing, advertising, multimedia, and public relations campaigns of the year—based on vision, originality, innovation, communications, and effectiveness (VOICE).
Today TTB published exceptional guidance relaxing a few reporting requirements, and opening the door for wholesalers and retailers that lost tax paid goods to claim credits for the taxes paid.
TINTON FALLS, New Jersey … Power management company Eaton today announced the launch of a new depth filter cartridge for the North American wine industry. BECO PROTECT® CS CellStream™ depth filter cartridges are designed to help wine producers save both time and money while delivering gentle, reliable filtration and preserving the full character of their wine. The filter cartridges are part of the full portfolio of wine filtration products from Eaton.
WILMINGTON, Mass. — Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS) is pleased to announce the centralization of its PURON® product manufacturing at the company’s headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts, where it develops and manufactures its world class membrane products. The consolidation will result in significant expansion of the Company’s existing production capacity in Wilmington.
SANTA ROSA, CA Sept. 21, 2015 – Jackson Family Wines, has taken delivery of the industry’s first UV Light Tank sanitation unit. Alex Farren, president and CEO of BlueMorph UV developed the concept and technology and partnered with the Tom Beard Company to create the new UV Light tank sanitizing machine. The BlueMorph UV Light sanitizing unit reduces the cycle time for sanitization of tanks over the traditional water wash method, saves labor and eliminates the need to use chemicals in the process. “We see this as a win-win for the environment and the industry,” says Alex Farren, BlueMorph UV president. Julien Gervreau, Senior Sustainability Manager at Jackson Family Wines shared, “Water conservation is a key initiative for us, and finding a technology like BlueMorph that achieves the highest level of tank sanitation without using a drop of water to do so is a major step forward for the industry.”
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