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Delectable, the leading social wine app amongst wine lovers and professionals, today announced a partnership with VinTank, a social monitoring and measuring platform for the wine industry. This partnership ensures Delectable’s integration within the VinTank platform, which will ultimately strengthen the customer-winery relationship and increase one-to-one engagement. “Delectable users want to learn more about the incredible people behind every amazing bottle of wine,” said Alex Fishman, founder and CEO of Delectable. “We’ve focused on connecting wine producers with the individuals who are enjoying their wine. Through these connections we’re helping producers build long-lasting relationships with their consumers. Partnering with VinTank allows us to create this incredibly deep connection on an unprecedented scale.”
BRUSSELS, Belgium, Oct. 10, 2013 /CNW/ - ASL Print FX was recently awarded "Best of The Best" worldwide for Technical Excellence in printing for the production of the Rennie Estates wine label. Chosen by the World Label Association, the award was handed out in Brussels during the recent Labelexpo show. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, ASL Print FX was recognized for achieving the best results in technical excellence within the flexography category globally.
The new Alion herbicide from Bayer CropScience delivers long-lasting, pre-emergent control of grass and broadleaf weeds in citrus, grape, tree nut and tree fruit crops. Alion features a cellulose-biosynthesis inhibitor as its active ingredient, which the manufacturer claims provides more than six months of weed control. With low use rates and flexible application, Alion can be applied up to 14 days before harvest. Details:
Dosatron International Inc. released its Ultra Lean Dilution system for fertilizer and chemical injectors. The system pre-dilutes acid and other corrosive chemicals with rates between 1:100 to 1:9 million. Other features of the water-powered unit include: multiple system configurations, no need for manual pre-dilution and an included premix holding tank equipped with a mechanical float valve. Details:
MeasureTek released its “Good Measure” system to provide a constant stream of real-time crop and environmental data to growers. The system consists of data loggers and communication devices that transmit data to the ResultX and ControlX systems. ResultX is a database control, alarm and monitoring system for automated measurement stations and networks. ControlX provides irrigation control based on any monitored variable and can control drip irrigation, fertigation, frost control, sunburn control and pest control. Details:
The Barrel Mill released its new Meritage Blend American oak spirals that combine four toasts to add increased depth, flavor and finish. The spirals replicate a new oak barrel-toasting gradient of light, medium, medium plus and heavy toasts to complement medium-bodied wines. The nine-inch long spirals are linked with food-grade nylon mesh and come in packs of six intended to be used in 59- to 70-gallon barrels. The Barrel Mill claims the spiral design results in oak flavor compounds getting extracted in less time than other oak alternative products. Details:
Oztera announced the release of its TeraVina software suite that it touts as a “dirt to dinner table” system to manage both wine production and sales. The software can be used to manage grower contracts, weigh tags, inventory, production costs, shipping and warehouse shipments. The system also incorporates LS Retail to track and organize retail sales as well as a wine club. Details:
Shur Farms unveiled its new Hot Spotter air drain to manage cold air and protect crops from frost damage. The smaller unit is designed to provide an economic solution for areas with persistent cold air drainage issues. The electric powered Hot Spotter “offers growers a precise, targeted method to protect small areas in a convenient, economical manner,” according to a Shur Farms news release. Details:
TeeJet Technologies released the Radion 8140 sprayer control unit. The device is equipped with a 4.3-inch color touch screen to help sprayer operators enter system settings and application rates. Once spraying begins, the system displays the volume sprayed, system pressure, ground speed and coverage area. The unit also features a droplet monitor and tank level monitoring. The Radion 8140 can be fitted with a regulating valve, cables and sensors for a total spray control system. Details:
THOMASVILLE, NC – As part of the growth of its food packaging division, Wright Global Graphics Solutions, a leader in packaging and marketing solutions, announced it has made a $1.5 million investment in an eight color Mark Andy P5 to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding food and beverage industry. The new press streamlines the label printing and finishing process and allows the company to quickly and efficiently provide customers with the printed product labels needed to stand out on retail floors.
Maverick Enterprises announced the award for the 2013 Golden Cylinder Award in the category of Technical Innovation for their 4 Color Process capsule that was presented Oct. 3 by the Gravure Associate of the Americas. The 4 Color Process Technology, originated with the assistance of WRE/ColorTech (Berkeley, CA), is a leading advancement in the wine and distilled spirits closure industry and was developed to benefit customers by reproducing photographic quality on a capsule with elaborate, brilliant colors.
LOUISVILLE, KY (October 2013) – Union Jack, a leading supplier of cleaning and handling tools for food manufacturers, breweries, wineries, distilleries and craft beverage makers, announces a full line of professional cleaning brushes and tools from UK-based Hill Brush Inc. These innovative brushes and tools are designed to improve and raise the visibility of your company’s internal hygiene control, support Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliance, and make it easier to maintain hygiene regulations. Choose from a variety of options: Color coded – made from FDA-compliant materials and available in eight colors (blue, green, red, white, yellow, orange, purple and black) to significantly reduce cross contamination Anti-microbial – Hill Brush’s line of anti-microbial brushes and tools use silver-ion technology, at a precise concentration, to help prevent bacterial contamination including MRSA and E-Coli Resin-set brushes – effective technology that helps prevent loss of bristles and helps keep dirt, moisture and bacteria out of the tuft holes Unique tools – a large selection of innovative and tank brushes, mixing paddles, scrapers , squeegees, shovels and scoops
THOMASVILLE, NC – Wright Global Graphics is expanding the product offerings of RetaiLive with a version that uses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. RetaiLive is a collection of interactive sales tools that blend point-of-purchase (POP) materials with virtual content such as videos and animation, engaging customers with real time marketing, sales and product information. The new mobile marketing trilogy consists of RetaiLive with NFC technology, RetaiLive Image Recognition, and RetaiLive QR Code technology – all of which engage consumers in an easy, fun, and informative way.
DAYTON, Ore. – October 1, 2013 – Today, Domaine Serene Vineyards & Winery, Inc. announced important new changes to its distribution network in the Northeast Region of the U.S. In a move to enhance its global distribution network, Domaine Serene has appointed Empire Merchants Metro/Empire Merchants North to represent the brand in the state of New York, R&R Marketing in New Jersey, Slocum & Sons in Connecticut and Rhode Island Distributing in Rhode Island.
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