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The McPropeller flow meters by McCrometer feature an improved bearing assembly that provides better protection against sand, grit and debris. According to a statement by the company, the propeller flow meters are available in several packages including a digital option that can be connected to McCrometer’s RemoteCONNECT telemetry system. Details: mccrometer.com
Oenobrands upgraded its application for the iPhone and Android devices to offer more features based on requests from users. The Oenotools 2.0 app now helps winemakers determine of the addition of liquid carbon dioxide or dry ice to cool harvested grapes, increases in sugar or alcohol concentration, acidification or deacidification adjustments and sulfur dioxide additions with a new concentration for 6% solutions. Details: oenobrands.com
WiVi Central Coast 2013, is a new two-day symposium and tradeshow held March 19-20 at the Paso Robles Event Center in Paso Robles, Calif. Presented by Wine Business Monthly and Precision Ag Consulting, the event features experts discussing issues and regulations facing the Central Coast and more than 100 wine industry suppliers at the tradeshow. Seminar topics will cover vineyard and winery operations. Attendees will receive a $25 discount on registration through Feb. 15. and members of Central Coast wine and winegrape industry trade associations receive a $50 discount through Feb. 25. Registration and more details are available at www.wivicentralcoast.com.
Building on the international success of the free, award-winning application OENOTOOLS, Oenobrands has developed a new 2.0 version that integrates suggestions from users.
By Steve Grove, Sr. Applications Manager, McCrometer CONNECT
Collotype Labels, the leading global wine and spirits label supplier, announces the installation of a new high-speed HP Indigo WS6600 Digital printing press. This addition to the Collotype portfolio makes Collotype the leading digital label printer from Los Angeles to Canada. The Indigo 6000/6600 platform delivers high quality in 1 – 7 colors and a significant increase in speed, increasing order quantities that are cost effective for digital printing.
Guala Closures Group’s chief operating officer Franco Bove has announced the launch of Turn 360°, a promotional campaign developed by leading manufacturers of aluminum closures to enhance public awareness of the advantages of this sustainable and state-of-the-art closure form for wine. The campaign, organized through the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), kicked off with the roll-out of the multilingual website, www.aluminium-closures.org, which provides user-friendly information about aluminum wine closures in areas such as taste and quality, sustainability and recycling, convenience, technology, cost efficiency and design. Guala Closure Group's COO, Franco Bove.
San Francisco, CA (January, 15 2013) - Informative new data shows growing acceptance of a variety wine closures amongst trade and consumers, according to a recent qualitative research conducted by Evan Goldstein, MS and Full Circle Wine Solutions. 
eWinery Solutions and Napa Valley POS have announced that the two companies have merged operations into a powerful new entity that can offer a full spectrum of direct-to-consumer services to the wine industry. As a part of the transaction, Napa Valley POS president Martin Olsen will become the Chief Technical Officer and Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer, while Ron Scharman will remain president of the company and oversee finance, HR, contracts and partner channels. Richard Kline will continue as CEO, providing strategic direction and overseeing new products to bring to market and the sales team. The combined company will maintain all thirty-eight employees, two offices in Napa, and Nevada City, California, as well as both brand names.
Napa Valley residents Chris Oggenfuss, director of marketing at CADE Estate, PlumpJack Estate, and Odette Estate wineries; Catherine Seda, account executive at Balzac Communications & Marketing; and Jürg Oggenfuss, wine coordinator and educator at Joseph Phelps Winery will officially launch the Napa Valley Wine Academy this week.
Mauri Yeast and Pacific Coast Chemicals released a new, dry wine yeast selected for its ability to enhance aromas in white wines. According to Mauri Yeast, the strain Maurivin UOA MaxiThiol is a new one developed at the University of Auckland. The yeast reportedly ferments well at cooler temperatures between 54-59 F, has moderate nitrogen needs and can tolerate 14-15% alcohol. Mauri claims the yeast “will bring significant fruit esters of ‘tropical fruit’ and passion fruit’ to the finished wine.” Details: maurivin.com, pcchem.com
iCropTrak version 3, scheduled for release at the end of January in the Apple App Store, expands available GIS data management features to allow vineyard block boundary and infrastructure maps to be managed entirely from the field. New capabilities allow users to digitize by drawing directly on the screen of an iPad or iPhone to create new block boundary information or add multiple data layers to the displayed map information, according to a statement released by iCrop. Details: icroptrak.com
Lascar Electronics introduced its new EL-Enviropad-TC thermometer for spot temperature reading. The new product offers built-in data logging and graphing functions to store and interpret readings taken with a K-type probe included with the unit. Lascar reports the unit can store more than 65,000 readers in CSV format that can be downloaded to a PC via a USB connection. The unit works with any J, K, N and T-type thermocouple. Details: lascarelectronics.com
The new Power Swap System from Newcastle Systems enables the company’s NB Series Mobile Powered Workstations to operate 24 hours a day with no break for recharging. Designed to run computers, printers, scales, testers, barcode scanners, and other electronic hardware, the workstations provide AC power without extension cords or ceiling drops. A depleted battery can be swapped with a fully charged one quickly, and the spent battery can be recharged at a standard wall outlet. Newcastle Systems says its patented, ergonomic workstations can power up to four devices simultaneously and are fitted with adjustable shelves that hold up to 75 pounds each. Details: newcastlesys.com


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