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Granbury Solutions has completed the acquisition of WineWare Software, a leading provider of point-of-sale and wine club solutions to wineries, tasting rooms and wine bars. This marks a significant new market for Granbury Solutions, expanding its reach beyond traditional restaurants into wineries, as  well as breweries, distilleries and related markets.
Petaluma, CA, September 17, 2013–Well known for its annual Fermentation Handbook, Scott Laboratories announced the release of its first ever Cider Handbook. The 60-page Handbook contains products, articles, and protocols specific to the cider industry. With cider sales in the U.S. tripling since  2007, Scott recognized that this growing market needed attention.
Oztera, a leading provider of business solutions for the wine industry, today announced the release of TeraVina, an integrated production, accounting and retail solution. Built on a foundation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail, TeraVina offers winery owners “dirt to dinner table” control of their business and operational results while giving winemakers the flexibility they need to craft great wine.
NAPA, Calif. (September 23, 2013) – Sister companies Cooperages 1912 and Oak Solutions Group are pleased to confirm their support of the Wine Science Center under development at Washington State University Tri-Cities. The companies are making a joint donation of $250,000 through the Boswell Family Foundation.
ThermoPod® Packaging now offers mail order purveyors of temperature-sensitive fine foods and confectionary custom-sized styrene-free packaging liners for holiday shipment of mail order pies & cakes large or small, gourmet chocolates, smoked fish, caviar, glazed turkeys and hams, and other delicious payloads to customers across the country.
Lightweight Containers announced it had developed a new 30-liter KeyKeg package that employs the company's “Double Wall” and “Bag-in-Ball” technology to serve and preserve beverages. The new KeyKeg 30 can “withstand even higher internal pressures that its predecessor and is even more resistant to damage,” reports the manufacturer. The PET keg can be used for wine, sparkling wine and beer. Details:
Parker Hannifin Corp., announced it had redesigned its pressure swing adsorption, PSA, nitrogen generators to provide flow rates 50% to 180% higher than previous models. The company’s dual bed nitrogen generators produce 99.999% pure, compressed nitrogen at dew points to -58F from a supply of compressed air. The unit is designed to produce nitrogen continuously without requiring someone to operate it. Details:
Spirited Shipper announced it added a new shipper package for 375 ml bottles as well as beer bottles. The company already offers cardboard shippers for 1-12 750 ml bottles as well as 1-6 magnum sized bottles. Details:
Steelhead Vineyards in Sonoma, Calif., announced it had teamed with W1NE for One to bottle wine in a new container that combines a 187 ml bottle and glass into one package. The plastic glass is attached to a screwcap bottle closure. Consumers open the bottle and then pour the wine into the glass. Steelhead Vineyards is a partnership between former professional baseball player Joe Morgan and vintner Dan Leese, who, according to a press release, want to use the new package to serve fine wine in casual settings such as a ballpark. Details:
Vin65’s mobile POS system for iPhones and iPods can now work with cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners, the company reported. The improved POS system is designed to enable staff to take payments anywhere in a tasting room or at an event, run transactions faster and at one central location and offers customers the option of printed or email receipts. Details:
Vinpak announced it reached an exclusive agreement with KTM Industries to supply it with Green Cell Foam, a 100% biodegradable and compostable packing material for wooden boxes and wine bottle shippers. According to Vinpak, the material meets ASTM D6400 test protocols and is also BPI certified. The material is made from cornstarch and can withstand multiple impacts from shipping as well as thermal insulation. Once used, the material can be composted or dissolved in water and used as a food source for plants. Details:
Analox Sensor Technology unveiled its new Ax60 carbon dioxide monitoring system at the Drinktec trade show in Munich, Germany. The new unit features a high decibel alarm, visual alarm and a digital display that shows current C02 levels. “The new Ax60 is a versatile system,” said Analox Sensor Technology Simon Hunt in a statement. “It can be tailored to meet the client’s specific needs and safety requirements and can be expanded if there is a need for more areas to be monitored.” Details:
ETS Laboratories now offers glutathione analysis for berries, juice or wine. The company says the new test is in response to growing demand for white and rosé wines that exhibit “fresh, fruity or floral” characteristics. Such qualities can be lost through oxidation and glutathione is a naturally-occuring tri-peptide that’s a powerful antioxident. A low level of glutathione in grapes leads to lower levels in the juice and the finished wine will have poor aging potential. Glutathione levels can fluctuate during fermentation and can be affected by sulfur dioxide, phenolic compounds, ascorbic acid and copper. Details:
Rejex-it Bird Control released its new Fog Force product to deter birds from eating ripening grapes. The non-lethal repellant is designed to immediately stop birds from foraging in a vineyard by irritating their eyes, sinuses and mouths. According to the manufacturer, a typical treatment requires 4-8 ounces of the chemical per acre of vines and leaves no residue on grapes. The product does require the use of a thermal fog generator. Multiple applications may be required to ensure birds are deterred from all parts of the vineyard. Details:
Randox Food Diagnostics announced it had validated its fully automated RX Monaco analyzer for use in the wine industry. The unit provides results for a range of analysis including malic acid, glucose and fructose and ethanol from a single sample. Results are generated every few seconds. Randox says the unit should reduce costs and labor hours in the lab as well as help winemakers make any necessary adjustments quicker. Details:
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