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ANTVibes Inc., a Waterloo, Ontario ICT company, announced the release of their mobile marketing innovation, the Audible Product Tag (APTTM). Audible Product Tags are an extension of ANTVibes’ patent-pending technology designed to capture and deliver voice messages in an Audible Tag and shared through dedicated landing pages.
As of April 1, 2013, Scott Laboratories Inc. is pleased to offer a range of Oenobrands products in North America, including Claristar, the recognized tartrate stability product. Introduced in Europe by Oenobrands in 2007, Claristar is a mannoprotein application for still wine tartrate (KHT) stabilization. Originally marketed for white and rosé wines, Claristar recently expanded its mannoprotein application to red wines as well.
Duarte Nursery announces its recent test results for Grapevine red blotch-associated virus (GRBaV). Growers who are interested in purchasing vines in 2013 and 2014 will receive tested clean vines from Duarte Nursery, Inc. DNI is committed to clean plant material and reaffirms its efforts to testing for red blotch disease.
Sebastopol, CA--March 26, 2013--American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North America’s leading wine filtration company, has been awarded the Veteran Employer of the Year by the California Employer Advisory Council (CEAC) in the Small Private Business category. The CEAC Veterans Employer of the Year award recognizes employers who consistently demonstrate positive policies toward U.S. veterans in hiring and promotion, as well as through retention efforts, ongoing training, and benefits.
 ACI Cork USA is now offering Relvas Tin closures for wineries in North America. Produced by the Portuguese company America Coelho Relvas Sucrs SA, the capsules are 100% recyclable, non-toxic and resistant to corrosion. The capsules are available in the stock colors of gold, silver, black and burgundy but can be produced in custom colors and decorations. Details: acicorkusa.com
 Canton Cooperage is now offering 36-month air seasoned, “Vintage Premium” American oak barrels. The fine grain oak barrels are available in 200, 225 or 228 and 265 liters. Details: cantoncooperage.com
 G3 unveiled its new GFresh 30X60 mm screw caps for carbonated wine and GFresh pressure sensitive labels for cold, wet applications. The closure can be applied with standard capping equipment on high-speed lines and is available in a wide range of stock colors or with a custom design, according to a statement released by the company. The labels are designed for surfaces with condensation and provide “impeccable ice bucket performance.” Details: g3enterprises.com
 Templeton, Calif., based equipment distributor IPak Wine is now offering clay amphora for fermentation. The amphora are manufactured in Italy by the firm Artenova and are available in 300, 500 and 800 liter capacities. The amphoras come with stainless steel top hatches and can be coated with beeswax on the interior for a slower rate of wine oxygenation. Details: ipakwine.com
 The Lallemand Wine App has been updated with new features to assist winemakers. Initially designed for North America, the updated app now covers Australia and New Zealand, South America and South Africa. A new feature called “Wine Bacteria Sensory Profiling” is designed to help winemakers select the best wine bacteria for malolactic fermentation, based on their winemaking conditions and the desired wine style, to achieve a particular sensory definition, according to Lallemand. Details: lallemandwine.us
 Lanxess announced it has developed an improved line of dosing units for the microbial control agent Velcorin. The new Velcorin DT Touch line comprises seven doser sizes that can handle bottling lines of 600 to 79,200 liters per hour. The units are controlled by a touch-screen display and are designed for quick integration into an existing system. Details: velcorin.com
NetSuite Inc., the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that NetSuite and eWinery Solutions, the #1 provider of DTC (direct-to-consumer) software and systems for the wine industry, have formed a partnership to develop and offer an industry-specific cloud software solution, VinSuite targeting wineries throughout the world. The planned solution will give wineries the tools they need to truly compete at both the local and international levels. For more information about NetSuite for the wine industry, please visit: www.netsuite.com/wineries.
The AireWine bottle is designed with dimples on the interior of the bottleneck to aerate wine as it is poured from the bottle. The recyclable bottle is made from BPA-free PET plastic. Details: airewine.com
Italian automation equipment manufacturer Emmeti S.p.A introduces “The Octopus” bulk and case depalletizer. The machine is capable of handling a variety of bottle styles from pallets and then changing to depalletizing cased bottles “without even so much as a tool,” according to a statement by Emmeti. A single head is employed to capture a layer of cases, sweep off bulk bottles or pick and place odd-shaped bottles. The machine can also be programmed to run specific depalletizing protocols. Details: emmetiusa.com
Winemaking supply company Laffort released an app for iPhone and Android to help winemakers use its Nobile line of oak alternatives. The app will calculate how much and what type of Nobile stave a winemaker should use based on the percentage of new oak desired (based on the surface contact of a Bordeaux barrel) and the volume of the tank that needs to be treated. Details: laffort.com
The new Sanosil Halo room fogger fills a room and covers all exposed surfaces killing 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and mold and fungi spores, according to a statement by the unit’s distributor Med Effect, Inc. The company says the fogger employs a combination of 5% hydrogen peroxide and a trace amount of silver to produce the powerful kill rate. One unit can reportedly decontaminate a 2,000 cubic foot room in 20 minutes. Details: medeffect360.com


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