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Branson Tractor has unveiled its 4520C and 5220C compact tractors and the 8050 utility tractor. The compact 20C series tractors offer 47 to 55 horsepower and a category 1 three-point hitch. The 8050 tractor is designed for almost any task with a 76 horsepower engine, fully enclosed air conditioned cab and category 2 hitch. Details: bransontractor.com
The new VineScout auto-steer system can be fitted for all types of tractors with hydraulic steering and used in vineyards with spacing of 60” to 138”. Developed by Clemens Vineyard Equipment, Inc., the system employs a 3D camera system to plot a course and a separate steering valve to control the tractor to within an accuracy of one inch. Details: clemens-online.com
Italian cooper Gamba USA has released 500, 600 and 700 liter oak rotary fermentors. The puncheons are set on racks with wheels and equipped with sturdy 22 cm stainless steel lids to facilitate barrel fermentation for red wines. To wet and break up the cap, the puncheons can be spun 360 degrees on the rotary rack, which can be moved with a forklift. Details: bottigamba.com
Grape Memories LLC has unveiled miniature bottles it’s dubbed “Viniatures” that wineries can sell in their tasting rooms as souvenirs. The bottles do not contain wine, but the labels and bottles are reproduced to winery specifications. Details: grapememories.com
Onset, a leading supplier of data loggers and weather stations, today announced the HOBO Wireless Temp/RH Monitoring Kit, an easy-to-use, wireless system that includes everything needed to make environmental monitoring fast, cost-effective, and convenient.
The new Vinrac System is a modular rack made from recycled ABS plastic that can fit most bottle sizes including Champagne bottles, according to a press release by the manufacturer. The racks are assembled with a simple peg and hole system that can store three racks of four bottles. Sets of racks can be stacked on top of each other, but the company advises securing a rack to a wall when stacking sets higher than 3 feet. Details: vinrac.com
Wine Improvement, Inc. released its “Wine Smoothing Drops” for consumers who find their red wine a tad too bitter. The drops contain gum Arabic and gelatin and when a few drops are added to a glass of wine the result is less bitterness and “a smoother finish.” Details: wineimprovement.com
Nomacorc, the world’s largest producer of synthetic wine closures, has initiated new research projects with three world-renowned academic institutions. The programs will be performed at DLR Rheinpfalz in Germany, Centro Ricerca e Innovazione (CRI) in Italy, and the University of Zaragoza in Spain and will contribute to the ever-growing database that Nomacorc has built to evaluate oxygen’s role in wine development and winemaking processes. In conjunction with ongoing programs at the Geisenheim Institute in Germany and Pontifica Universidad Católica de Chile, these new research initiatives are expected to broaden Nomacorc’s knowledge on wine and oxygen interactions.
As the leading producer of wine bottles in the U.S., Verallia North America continues to innovate in its service flexibility. Verallia’s FlexRunSM Service, the first of its kind in the North American wine market, provides any winery, large or small, increased flexibility to run specialty bottles with limited investment. Whether adding a customized embossment to a stock bottle or creating an entirely new bottle design, it has never been easier to make shelf impact through custom glass design.
Astro-Cooler Products introduced its Astro-Quilt, a new insulation product for shipping. The new quilts are similar in design to the company’s insulating blankets but come with two layers of bubble insulation. The added material makes the quilt a good option for shipments headed into extreme conditions for extended periods of time. The quilt is effective for heat or cold. Details: astrocooler.com
The new Tunnel spraying technology by Clemens Vineyard Equipment, Inc., reuses spray drift to make vineyard spraying more efficient. Fluid that has not congealed is collected through a recycling system and filtered back into the tank. According to a statement by Clemens, the system results in 35-40% less chemical use, up to 99% less drift, is safer for the driver and better for the environment. Details: clemens-online.com
Critical Environment Technologies Canada Inc. released the YES IMS a new self-contained, indoor air quality monitoring system with ten sensor channels including relative humidity, temperature and up to seven additional gas sensors with a remote gas sensor. Options include a fixed wall mount or a portable desktop version with a wide range of sensors to chose from including particulates, electrochemical, semi-conductor and infrared. Details: critical-environment.com/yesims
The new ENV-Link-Mini wireless monitor by MicroStrain can support multiple sensor channels for environmental monitoring. According to a statement released by MicroStrain, the monitor supports four sensor channels in a weatherproof enclosure. Two channels for relative humidity and temperature can be complemented with a choice of other sensors including soil moisture, leaf wetness or others. Wireless communication extends up to 2km by line of sight and can run for up to five years on battery power. Details: sensorcloud.com
Scott Laboratories released a specialty yeast for the 2012 harvest. A product of the yeast hybridization program at the Institute for Wine Biotechnology at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Vitilevure Elixir has “moderate” nitrogen requirements and should ferment between 57-77 °F. Scott Laboratories touts the yeast as good for expressing terpenes, norisoprenoids and thiols to add complexity to aromatic varieties. Details: scottlab.com
Bottle maker Verallia North America is now offering its “Selective Line” for the premium wine market. The line includes Bordeaux and Burgundy bottles as well as other designs available in extra flint, extra black and other colors. The company also announced its new “FlexRun” service to provide wineries the option to run specialty bottles that could include custom embossment on a stock bottle or a new bottle design. Verallia claims it’s the first bottle maker in North America offering a “variable weight feeder” production line enabling it to manufacture two separate bottles simultaneously. The service is available in antique green, Champagne green, dead leaf green and flint. Details: us.verallia.com


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