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The 939S Versatron soft case servo case packer by Standard-Knapp features a new lowering head module designed to handle thinner, lightweight and more fragile glass containers. The module picks up bottles and carries them to the packing area where the machine can place the containers all the way to the bottom of a case without dropping them at 30 cycles per minute, according to a statement by the manufacturer. Details: standard-knapp.com
The global wealth boom, though generally good for the wine industry, has created a relatively new phenomenon; the increasing incentive to manufacture fraudulent blue-chip wines. Wine industry insider publications have recently postulated that between 70 to 90 percent of all the highly collectible Chateau Lafite bottles now sold in China are counterfeit. With many sought-after bottles now fetching thousands of dollars, wine counterfeiting has become big business as well as a serious problem for wine producers, auction houses, and novice and serious collectors alike.
Amcor Ltd., a global leader in responsible packaging solutions, has been awarded a 2012 Supplier Sustainability Award from Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a leading multi-national manufacturer of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and biotechnology products. Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic containers, and Amcor Flexibles, the world’s largest suppliers of flexible packaging, were jointly recognized for their overall sustainability efforts and targeted activities as a leading supplier to J&J.
Global Package LLC, a leading glass and packaging resource for North American wine and spirits companies, is currently rolling out its new brand identity, with an official launch date of Jan. 29-31, 2013 at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. Founded in 2006, Global Package has grown to become a highly reputable and successful source for high quality custom and stock glass bottles as well as a variety of packaging options. The new identity was conceived and designed by Australia-based Tucker Creative Pty Ltd, a Global Package design partner.
Onset, a leading supplier of data loggers and weather stations, announced the HOBO® Green Roof Monitoring System, a research-grade system for measuring the performance of green roofs.
Developed by NASA to purify closed areas of unwanted microbes and organic compounds, Airocide air filters can help wineries control mold and protect against bacterial contamination. Airocide employs 254 nanometer light to convert unwanted contaminants to water vapor. The company claims its device is effective at preventing airborne contamination from TCA, TBA, Brett and other microbes. Details: airocide.com
Designed for sanitary operations, the full bore magflowmeter Type 8056 by Burkert comes standard with PTFE lining, 2X316L SS electrodes, 304 stainless steel body and both analog and digital pulse output. The meter consists of a magnetic sensor designed for high-precision dosing or flow measurement. Details: burkert-usa.com
The Franco-American firm eProvenance, announced it updated its equipment designed to track conditions during shipping. The new, wireless eProvenance Global Tracker transmits temperature and humidity data, as well as location in real time using GSM text messages. The tracker also uploads data to an online monitoring system and a four-month battery life accommodates multiple trips. Details: eprovenance.com
Intelligrated improved its Alvey 950 series of hybrid palletizers. New features include an on-board stretch bander that adds stability to unstable loads and an integrated control system that enables both the conventional palletizer and its robotic arms, used for gentler handling, to operate from a single PLC. Details: intelligrated.com
The SKIL iXO cordless screwdriver is now available in the iXO Vivo model that comes with a corkscrew attachment to pull a cork in less than 10 seconds, according to the manufacturer. The Vivo comes with a foil cutter, wine stopper, five piece drill bit set, charger and storage box. Details: skilixo.com
The new Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are designed for pumping wine, must, lees and pomace in a variety of applications. The pump is designed to be gentler than other pump designs and comes in a range of sizes to fit small or large wineries. Available as fixed units or mounted on a cart, the HiFlo Lobe design can self prime to 25’, run dry, discharge to more than 15 bar, pump forward or reverse and pass solids up to 2.5” Details: vogelsangusa.com/winepump.htm
Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas released its LUXPREM capsule for sparkling wines. The LUXPREM is made of composite material and can accommodate a wide range of printing and finishing techniques. Details: amcor.com
The Raptor Plus turntable stretch wrapping machine now features an improved control panel that provides users the option to create “customized wrap patterns for unique applications.” ITW Muller says the Raptor Plus can wrap up to 35 loads per hour and its control panel can store up to 15 custom wrap programs. Details: itwmuller.com
Key Technology enhanced its line of “Iso-Flo” vibratory conveyors. The conveyors now come with a new drive arrangement, frame design and screen clamps. The new motor mount enables a pair of vibratory motors to impart, “synchronized reciprocal vibratory motion” to the conveyor bed, and the new frame is up to 1.5 times stronger, according to a statement released by the company. The new clamps provide a more secure fit for sorting screens and allow screens to be swapped out without tools. Details: key.net
The new PowerPack portable power system from Newcastle Systems can be mounted on a cart to serve as a power source for a mobile workstation. Ideal for powering computers, printers, POS systems, scales or other electric hardware, the PowerPack can usually last 8 to 10 hours before needing to be recharged, according to the manufacturer. Details: newcastlesys.com


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