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LANXESS’ Velcorin® microbial control agent has been approved for use in water based non-alcoholic beverages and wine in Canada as of May 23, 2013. The Velcorin product is registered for use as a microbial control agent to control spoilage organisms in beverages in all major markets of the world including the United States, European Union, as well as China, and just recently in India. Velcorin microbial control agent offers unique benefits over alternatives such as hot filling, as it can significantly reduce PET consumption through cold filling, and is widely used to replace persistent preservatives such as benzoate and is beneficial in extending shelf life of chilled chain beverages.
Gusmer Enterprises, Inc., and EMD Millipore released an improved set of tools for in-house microbial plating. The EZ-Fit manifold, EZ-Stream vacuum pump and EZ-Pak Curve membrane dispenser are designed to make microbial monitoring easier and more efficient for winery lab staff. Details:
eWinery Solutions has created a new application for DTC winery sales called MoJoe POS. The new app is built into the native eWinery Solutions software and fully integrated with Napa Valley POS, so orders can be started on MoJoe and completed either on MoJoe or at the NVPOS station. Unlike other wine industry mobile apps currently available, which operate like ecommerce websites on a mobile device, MoJoe was designed specifically around tasting room workflows to optimize the customer experience in managing transactional and CRM requirements.
Italian cooper Garbellotto has released a new one-ton, or 264-gallon, French oak fermentor that can also be used as an aging vessel. The vat is available through The Vintner Vault in Paso Robles, Calif., and comes equipped with a stainless steel lid and forklift grooves on its base so that it can be emptied into a press. Other features include a 2” drain with ball valve and an optional “oak hat” cap immersion kit. Details:
Mettler Toledo released its EasyPlus titrator for use in the wine industry. The unit comes with a touch-screen display as well as the “iTitrate” system to set up analysis protocols with just a few parameters. The unit can be used for free and total sulfur dioxide, pH, acidity and fermentable sugar. Details:
HEALDSBURG, CA, June 2013 — Modern Cooperage unveiled a revolutionary new barrel technology at Dutcher Crossing Winery on May 30, 2013. The innovative barrel systems feature a stainless steel barrel with oak-stave interior. The launch featured a blind tasting of trial wines with 17 test partner winemakers.
Oenobrands released two new enzymes developed to facilitate wine clarity at high and low temperatures. Rapidase Thermoflash is designed to accelerate and optimize the clarification of red must being processed with high temperature winemaking methods. Rapidase Clear Extreme is designed to help clarify juice at very low temperatures, from grapes with poor maturity or with naturally high or complex pectic content. Details:
Sensorex expanded its S8000 series of electrodes to include the S8075CD in-line pH electrode and S8075CD-ORP for oxidation reduction potential. The unit is designed to fit a standard ¾” flow through “tee” fixture. Details:
The Smartchem wine analyzer is now available in the North American market through Unity Scientific in Brookfield, Conn. The unit can run analysis for acetic acid, glucose and fructose, malic acid, glycerol, citric acid, lactic acid, free and total sulfur dioxide, NOPA, ammonia and polyphenols. Other features include a cooled reaction tray and 60-position sample tray. The unit has a sample throughput of between 60-80 tests per hour. Details:
Walnut Creek, California, (June 6, 2013) - AgroThermal Systems has reason to be optimistic about its revolutionary Thermal Plant Treatment (TPT) process. Wine growers and universities are taking note of this technology used to increase fruit set and yields and to improve grape quality and chemistry. According to Marty Fischer, AgroThermal president and CEO, “2013 will be a huge step up in proving the numerous benefits of thermal plant treatment thanks to some very large development partners who are testing thermal technology and considering broad adoption of the technology in the years ahead.”
Charles Meyn, Director of Engineering at Constellation Brands, will represent the U.S. based wine company at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013 (September 23-25; Las Vegas Convention Center). Constellation recently purchased two FPA-4500 ultrasonic pouch sealing systems from Rinco Ultrasonics and three PSG LE Full-Seal Machines from PPI Technologies GROUP. This combination of machinery led Constellation to deliver an attractive and secure package for the launch of Arbor Mist Frozen Wine Cocktails in the spring of 2012.
This video shows how the Laffort Oenosteryl SO2 tablets dissolve in a barrel without disturbing the lees.
Nextteq LLC, a leader in the industrial hygiene and safety industries, offers the Gastec 5DH Sulfur Dioxide direct-read length-of-stain dosimeter tube as an inexpensive way to monitor airborne levels of sulfur dioxide. The wine industry utilizes sulfur dioxide as an antioxidant and preservative. The Gastec 5DH passive dosimeter tube is placed in the crates when sulfur dioxide is applied to the grapes. Measurements may be taken as soon as 1-hour after placement. With a measuring range of 10 to 600 ppm and sampling time between 1 to 5 hours, Gastec 5DH dosimeter tubes allow anyone to accurately take a TWA (time weighted average) measurement without prior expertise or extensive training.
Tractor Supply Company and the National FFA Foundation recently announced the results of their new Growing Scholars program. Tractor Supply customers across the country donated $362,324, resulting in 284 scholarships awarded to FFA members in their pursuit of a college degree.
Criveller Group introduced a new automatic sorting table with two vibrating sections at different levels to sort out shot berries, seeds, stems, debris and jacks. In the first sorting area, shot berries fall through slotted screens into collection drawers that can be cleaned while the table is in operation. Grapes then pass through the “core of the table” that is based on a patented design that consists of an adjustable slotted screen set at an incline. Berries fall through the screen, while stems and other debris are directed to side discharge channels. The final stage of the table is for manual sorting. The stainless steel table is equipped with a frequency drive and set on wheels but also comes with adjustable legs. Details:
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