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Italian automation equipment manufacturer Emmeti S.p.A introduces “The Octopus” bulk and case depalletizer. The machine is capable of handling a variety of bottle styles from pallets and then changing to depalletizing cased bottles “without even so much as a tool,” according to a statement by Emmeti. A single head is employed to capture a layer of cases, sweep off bulk bottles or pick and place odd-shaped bottles. The machine can also be programmed to run specific depalletizing protocols. Details: emmetiusa.com
Winemaking supply company Laffort released an app for iPhone and Android to help winemakers use its Nobile line of oak alternatives. The app will calculate how much and what type of Nobile stave a winemaker should use based on the percentage of new oak desired (based on the surface contact of a Bordeaux barrel) and the volume of the tank that needs to be treated. Details: laffort.com
The new Sanosil Halo room fogger fills a room and covers all exposed surfaces killing 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and mold and fungi spores, according to a statement by the unit’s distributor Med Effect, Inc. The company says the fogger employs a combination of 5% hydrogen peroxide and a trace amount of silver to produce the powerful kill rate. One unit can reportedly decontaminate a 2,000 cubic foot room in 20 minutes. Details: medeffect360.com
The Pouch-Up line of beverage pouches by Smurfit Kappa are now available with a single gusset at the base or a gusset at the top and bottom of the pouch. The company reports the double gusset reinforces the pouch without appearing much different than the single gusset pouches and is available in 1, 1.5 and 1.75-liter capacities. Details: smurfitkappa.com
Wright Global Graphic Solutions, a leader in packaging & marketing solutions, announced it will exhibit at the upcoming Wineries Unlimited Trade Show, March 13 – 14, where it will showcase its full portfolio of labeling and accessory products. Additionally, Wright will introduce striking new photography to illustrate the company’s design capabilities, range of offerings and reflect its continued growth within the industry.
Nomacorc, the world’s largest producer of alternative wine closures, in cooperation with Insumos Andinos, Nomacorc’s exclusive distributor in Argentina, has opened a manufacturing site located in the San Juan province of Argentina. This is the first phase in a multi-year expansion plan that aims to provide Argentina and regional export markets with locally-produced, co-extruded wine closures, the first of its kind in Latin America.
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: Rodeo Uncorked! Champion Wine Auction and Dinner held on March 2 raised over $1.5 million, with Lot 1 – Alexander Valley Vineyards CYRUS 2008 setting a new world record selling for $215,000. The Wetzel family and winemaker Kevin Hall attended the auction and presented the wine on stage during the auction. Family partner, Robert Wetzel commented: “CYRUS has received a number of 90+ point accolades and great reviews from critics across the country. For us, this one award stands above all others.”
Nobile® provides a tool that helps determine quickly what quantity and type of Nobile Stave should be used depending on:
The SupaTuff bins by Flextank come in a standard 1,000 capacity or a “heavy duty” 1,500 pound capacity. Bins are made with a FDA-approved material with a bottom that offers four-way forklift or pallet jack accessibility. The bins can be stacked three high when full and up to 10 to 12 units can fit in one pallet space for shipping or storage. The bins can hold half a ton of grapes for fermentation and come with lids. Details: flextankusa.com
Kubota Tractor Corp., introduced its new BX70 Series sub-compact tractors featuring an array of ergonomic enhancements and convenience adjustments including cruise control and a new deluxe, high-back reclining seat with armrests. According to Kubota the tractors can accommodate five different mid-mount mower attachments and all front loaders for the new tractors have been upgraded to accept an optional “Quick Attach” system. This two-pin system allows quick and easy switching from the standard bucket to two new front attachments a 60 inch straight blade or pallet forks. Details: kubota.com
The Barrel Mill released its new Eastern European Oak Spiral made with oak from the forests of Slovakia. For the Eastern European Oak Barrel Pack, a combination of three medium toast Oak Spirals and three medium plus toast spirals make up a single barrel application, according to a statement by The Barrel Mill. The company also claims the patented spiral design allows for complete extraction in six weeks leading to better integration of oak and wine. Details: infusionspiral.com
Oenobrands announced its mannoprotein tartrate stabilizer Claristar is now available for use on red wines. The product prevents the formation of potassium bitartrate crystal nuclei. After extensive lab tests on multiple batches of red wine, Oenobrands claims Claristar is effective for red wines and poses no risk of hazing. Details: oenobrands.com
PZS Stabilization LLC., released a new compound it dubbed NCA that is designed as a cleaning and sanitizing agent for the wine industry. The chemical is a semi-noncorrosive solution that is safe to handle and an “environmentally safe alternative to the use of strong acid solutions,” according to PZS. The company also claims NCA can be used to eliminate cork taint from TCA by submerging corks in the solution and then rinsing them with clean water. Details: pzsstabilization.com
Randox released the RX Monaco, the latest addition to its RX series of wine analyzer equipment. The unit is available as a bench top or stand alone and at “optimal configuration” can perform 170 tests per hour with results available within 13 minutes, according to Randox. The unit can run analysis for acetic acid, copper, ammonia, ethanol, glucose/fructose, iron, lactic acid, malic acid, potassium, total antioxidant status (TAS) and total sulfur dioxide. Citric acid and NOPA testing should be available later this year. Details: randoxfooddiagnostics.com
Tequila aficionados will be pleased to learn that the full collection (Blanco, Anejo and Reposado) of master distiller Carlos Camarena’s 75-year old brand, Tapatio, is now available in the United States for the first time.


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