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Labeltronix announced the release of its new “AVA Series” that includes five new label materials “inspired by AVA growing regions in the Golden State.” Each of the new materials is also available within the company’s “Artic Shield” line of labels that are guaranteed to stay affixed while submerged in ice buckets. The new labels, as described by the manufacturer, include:
The new Matrix 430 by TeeJet is designed to be “an easy-to-use and low-cost GNSS guidance system” The unit features a high-contrast, full-color touch screen and contains an integral GNSS receiver that supports GPS and GLONASS signals. Other features include: return-to-point, coverage mapping, field area measurement, applied area alert, elapsed time counter, job reporting and a choice of four guidance modes. teejet.com 
Tule Technologies reports its new system for water use monitoring provides “Actual ET” data on the amount of water that is vaporized and transpired from a field or vineyard rather than Reference ET from a nearby location such as a California Irrigation Management Information System, CIMIS, data station. One Tule sensor measures evapotranspiration over a 1 to 10 acre area and reports data back to the Tule dashboard. Weekly reports include a forecast of the atmospheric demand for the upcoming week. “We can remotely tell grape growers whether their vineyard has the right amount of water stress for their production goals, and recommend how much water to apply,” said Tule co-founder and CEO Tom Shapland. tuletechnologies.com 
The new ECO3 barrel by Vicard Generation 7 is made with wood that would have been discarded from the traditional cooperage process. The staves for the ECO are produced with a patented tongue and groove process that joins narrow pieces of wood into a standard-width stave. The new barrel ensures optimum use of trees harvested for barrels, and “enhances the user’s environmental credentials.” The ECO barrel received a 2014 Innovation Award at Vinitech-Sifel in Bordeaux, France. vicardg7.com
VinoVisit.com and Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services released a new tablet-based “Tasting Room Abandonment” application to help drive sales by incentivizing customer feedback. Client wineries receive pre-configured, customized iPad tablets with built-in rating applications that guests use to rate their tasting experience. After completing a survey, the guests receive an automatic email with a special wine purchase offer from the winery. “The vast majority of visitors to wine tasting rooms across the country leave without any winery data capture that would allow for ongoing engagement and consumer marketing,” said Ron Scharman, COO of VinoVisit.com and Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services. “This solution can make an immediate and lasting impact on the crucial broken links of connection, engagement and customer data collection.” vinovisit.com 
Vintage Nurseries unveiled its new, patent-pending Vintage Root Sock system designed to make planting easier and quicker. The company claims its root sock can cut planting time by 15% and eliminates pots and trays from fields. The individually inspected vines are palletized for quick unloading and can be used with all programs that add fertilizer, Mycorrhizae or other amendments. vintagenurseries.com 
Fairfield, CA, USA -- Natural cork is good for the earth and great for your wine. This important reminder about the most sustainable and recyclable wine closure is emblazoned across the new website for ACI Cork USA. Features include product specifications and options, order forms for artwork, and Team Member information as well as a look at cork closure production techniques from start-to-finish.
Sussex, WI (Feb. 23, 2015) – Getting to market faster and with unique product marking options – that’s where the Lauterbach Group’s cutting edge production cell takes client needs to a new level. With its state-of-the-art workflow automation, art warehousing and client information, the production cell, coupled with Lauterbach’s OmniMark Management System, doesn’t just produce labels for clients. It produces marks that protect and enhance a client’s brand by eliminating its vulnerable touchpoints.
St. Helena, Calif. (February 19 , 2015) CellarPass, the online travel companion that makes it a cinch to book Wine Country tour and tasting reservations from any computer, tablet or smartphone, has announced a strategic partnership with Beau Wine Tours, the premier tour and luxury transportation service in Napa Valley and Sonoma County.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Anthony Petrucci 310-966-8459 apetrucci@roll.com
Napa, CA – Feb. 19, 2015 – VinoVisit.com, the leader in tasting room reservation management, and an affiliate of Chatterbox Wine Marketing Services, has announced a new tablet based “Tasting Room Abandonment” application to help winery DTC and digital marketing efforts. “Tasting Room Abandonment” will enable wineries to use a tablet based engagement application that immediately drives tasting room sales by incentivizing customer feedback.
Five leading wineries that participated in a holiday advertising campaign highlighting their use of natural cork closures experienced an increase in sales, while average sales for a comparator group fell, 100% Cork announced today.
ALEXANDRIA, MN. (February 17, 2015) – Douglas’ intermittent motion Invex IM wraparound case/tray packer and VS-25 shrink-wrapper are now fully integrated, creating a compact and economic solution for customers seeking the flexibility of a full case pack or tray pack with shrink wrap for their mid-range applications, while still offering flexibility and innovation to meet customer expectations.
Tonnellerie Ô, the Benicia based cooperage, has posted to their YouTube channel four instructional videos on barrel repair and maintenance. The videos are offered free of charge to help wineries maximize their investment in oak barrels for wine fermentation and aging. Hosted by Master Cooper Quinn Roberts, each video includes step-by-step directions for removing barrel heads, replacing barrel heads, and patching both cross-grain and end-grain leaks.
NAPA, JANUARY 17, 2015-/ Vicard Generation 7 continues to lead the industry with the release of their award winning barrel; the ECO³, focused on eco-responsibility and sustainable development. Made exclusively from oak discarded from the stave-cutting process, this revolutionary barrel takes wood previously considered too narrow for barrel construction and joins it together using a patented tongue and groove process to form a standard width stave. This innovation makes optimum use of each tree by minimizing losses of high-quality oak and enhances the user’s environmental credentials. It was presented with the Vinitech-Sifel Innovation Award in 2014.


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