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Dosatron International Inc. released a maintenance kit for its line of fertilizer and chemical injectors. The kit includes wear parts, Dosa-Klean, and a new product – Dosa-Lube. The kits are for the 11, 14, 20, 40, and 100 GPM injectors. Soaking injector parts in Dosa-Klean for 24 to 48 hours cleans rust, mineral deposits, and calcifications without scrubbing, according to a statement released by Dositron. Dosa-Lube is a silicone lubricant designed to lubricate the static seals and o-rings while changing the wear parts. Details: dosatronusa.com
INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA is an innovation trade fair with global appeal. The next trade fair, slated for April 24-27, 2013 will focus on innovation in cultivation and harvesting technology, and a separate hall has been dedicated to this area.
Infaco, maker of the Eletrocoup pruning system, released a redesigned safety glove to wear while using the pruner. The glove is made of cotton interwoven with metal fibers. If the glove touches any part of the Electrocoup F3010 system — such as the blades — the device is grounded and the pruner stops instantly. The Electrocoup pruner is powered by a battery pack worn by the operator. Infaco says the battery provides enough power for a full day of pruning and the trigger-operated pruner can cut through a 2” diameter vine or branch. Details: infaco-usa.com
Mavrik North America is now offering its clients single pass processing as well as a single tank option. Bob Kreisher, Mavrik president and head of research and development, said the single pass option can reduce more than 30% of VA, involves no heat pickup and requires less wine being moved. The single tank procedure enables a client to chose a final VA level by number or sensory analysis and pay for a precise final VA. Details: mavrikna.com
TandD Corporation released its new wireless data logger RTR-576 for use with any of the company’s RTR-500 series wireless data collectors. TandD reports the instrument offers a CO2 range of 0 to 9.999 ppm, a temperature range of 0 to 55°C and a humidity range of 10 to 95% RH. Details: tandd.com
Safecoat’s new VitiSeal product is a “natural, waterborn co-polymer emulsion with other NOP-approved ingredients” designed to help growers prevent canker diseases that can be caused Eutypa lata and other fungal pathogens. The company states its product is “not a toxic fungicide, but rather a unique crop management tool that creates a protective, resistant barrier against the typical point of entry for wood canker diseases” and typically only needs to be applied for once a season. The product is available in a one gallon concentrate that yields 10 gallons of useful product or a ready-to-use formulation. Details: vitiseal.com
Mavrik North America introduced a new dimension to their very low-pressure VA service; the choice of single pass processing in addition to a single-tank option. Mavrik’s VA reduction service includes: • <400psi--a promise no other process can make • negligible effect on pH and TA • treatment w/o negative effects (multiple passes enabled) • most cost-effective • TTB compliant • experienced technicians supported by in-house winemaking team
The tractor-pulled Thermal Plant Treatment machine by AgroThermal Systems helps growers reduce pesticide use and field trials indicate it could help fruit set. Built by American Grape Harvesters, the machine applies air heated to more than 215 degrees at a wind velocity of 135 to 160 mph on to crops. The system was designed for pest control, but AgroThermal CEO Marty Fischer reports it has proved successful in producing better fruit set, developing thicker grape skins and is effective at drying clusters after rain storms. Details: agrothermalsystems.com
BSG Wine is offering a ML strain by Enologica Vason called AmarO4 and produced by Christian Hansen. The strain is a direct addition culture and can tolerate up to 16% alcohol and 40 ppm total S02. Details: bsgwine.com
Wine bottles can travel in safety with the inflatable Vinnibag. Travelers place a bottle in a bag, inflate with a few breaths of air, seal the bag and place the bottle in their luggage. Details: vinnibag.com
Lightweight Containers released its new cylindrical KeyKeg20. The PET kegs come with a new double wall system that surrounds the bag containing wine, beer or other beverages. The space around the bag is pressurized ensuring the beverage does not come into contact with the propellant gas. Lightweight Containers claims its KeyKeg20 is “extremely resistant to external influences” and can withstand high temperatures during transport. KeyKegs can hold 20 or 30 liters and 80 cylindrical KeyKeg20s can fit on one pallet for shipping. Details: keykeg.com
Scott Laboratories now offers the new Armbruster KVB vibrating, tipping hopper. The unit is designed to receive grapes from half-ton bins and than feed them to a destemmer or manual sorting table with a hydraulic tipping and shaking device. Scott Laboratories reports subsequent bins can be added without interrupting the flow providing a continuous operation at up to nine tons per hour. Details: scottlab.com
The 939S Versatron soft case servo case packer by Standard-Knapp features a new lowering head module designed to handle thinner, lightweight and more fragile glass containers. The module picks up bottles and carries them to the packing area where the machine can place the containers all the way to the bottom of a case without dropping them at 30 cycles per minute, according to a statement by the manufacturer. Details: standard-knapp.com
The global wealth boom, though generally good for the wine industry, has created a relatively new phenomenon; the increasing incentive to manufacture fraudulent blue-chip wines. Wine industry insider publications have recently postulated that between 70 to 90 percent of all the highly collectible Chateau Lafite bottles now sold in China are counterfeit. With many sought-after bottles now fetching thousands of dollars, wine counterfeiting has become big business as well as a serious problem for wine producers, auction houses, and novice and serious collectors alike.
Amcor Ltd., a global leader in responsible packaging solutions, has been awarded a 2012 Supplier Sustainability Award from Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a leading multi-national manufacturer of pharmaceutical, diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical, and biotechnology products. Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic containers, and Amcor Flexibles, the world’s largest suppliers of flexible packaging, were jointly recognized for their overall sustainability efforts and targeted activities as a leading supplier to J&J.


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