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Consumers can consolidate their wine club allotments and direct to consumer wine purchases to one location through a new service offered by Oeno Vaults. Once a wine purchase is made, Oeno Vaults staff will pick up the wine from wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties, or consumers can arrange to ship wine to the Oeno Vaults location in Santa Rosa, Calif. When a client wants some of his or her wine, Oeno Vaults will ship the client’s wine anywhere in the country. Details:
The Mini Mi-70 series of industrial spray nozzles by Strahman Valves Inc., is now available in stainless steel. The mini series is smaller and lighter but achieves a flow rate of 2.5 to 8 gpm at 50-80 psi water pressure. Details:
French cooper Tonnellerie Sylvain is now offering tapered oak vats for fermentation as well as round and oval casks for aging. The French oak tanks are available in 15 to 150 hectoliters capacity and are built to customer specifications. Stainless steel fittings options include cooling coils, doors, valves and lids. Details:
The TC500 is an extremely fast galvo CO2 Laser capable of marking on plastics, anodized aluminum, painted metals, ceramics and most organic materials including leather, wood and rubber. The TC500 is the ideal solution for permanent marking of automotive components, electronics, medical devices and a wide range of parts with logos, linear and radial text, DataMatrix™ including UID, serial numbers, counters, dates and shift codes. The TC500 is simple to integrate and is designed for industrial environments that demand a robust and reliable marking solution. The Laser controller has a large display with intuitive embedded traceability software eliminating the need for a separate PC. The TC500 has very efficient power output with marking speeds up to 10,000 mm/sec and a continuous wave laser source resulting in the fastest and most reliable solution for your direct part marking applications. Technifor is a Trademark of Gravotech, the global leader in direct part marking solutions with over 29 subsidiaries.
The Vintner Group of Richmond, Virginia, an importer of fine wines and distributor of fine wines and craft spirits, has signed a definitive agreement to purchase Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc. of Atlanta, Georgia. The combination of Quality and the recently purchased Prestige Wine Wholesale of Marietta will catapult The Vintner Group to a leadership position in the Georgia fine wine and craft spirits market. The transaction closes on April 30, and the fused organizations will trade as Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc. statewide.
eWinery Solutions and Napa Valley POS are launching a new program to consult with local wineries to help them improve their tourism business this summer. The program includes strategies to increase both visitor traffic and direct-to-consumer sales.
Nomacorc, the leading producer of alternative wine closures, today introduced the world’s first zero carbon footprint wine closure, Select® Bio. Made with plant-based polymers derived from sugar cane, Select Bio will be first presented to the industry during the Intervitis Interfructa trade show April 24 – 27, 2013 in the Stuttgart Messe in Germany.
eWinery Solutions, architect of VinSuite, the wine industry's first comprehensive and fully integrated cloud-based business solution, announces the acquisition of Blue Dog Solutions, a company offering digital marketing services to help wineries develop more effective inbound marketing strategies that include SEO, social media marketing, conversion optimization, and email marketing, among other services.
Monteverro is truly an exclusive wine: only 17,000 bottles are produced of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot blend, a wine that is complex, elegant, and exhibits stunning aromatic intensity. And like all great wines, it is much sought-after in certain foreign markets, Germany in particular, but also in the UK, the United States and the Far East, so much so that some will go to imprudent lengths for a Bordeaux blend from Tuscany.
MODESTO, Calif. (April 17, 2013) -- Anticipating a growing demand from its customers to provide food safety certification to meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act, G3 Enterprises Closure Division announced today that it has achieved Food Safety System Certification 22000 by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.
THOMASVILLE, NC – Wright Global Graphics Solutions, a leader in packaging and marketing solutions, announced it would begin manufacturing from chemical-free printing plates later this month. This move will allow Wright to produce significantly less chemical waste during the printing process, reducing the need dispose of harmful chemicals into the environment and decreasing the negative environmental impact often associated with traditional offset printing.
4Parts Design’s PakTrak system is designed to help winemakers and operations managers keep tabs on materials for bottling and shipping wine orders. The system coordinates and tracks bottling materials such as glass, labels, closures and shippers as well as other items like wooden cases, inserts, tissue paper and printed marketing information. 4Parts says the system should help save time fulfilling wine release and club shipments and save money by avoiding rush orders and keeping bottling on schedule. Details:
AgroThermal Systems announced their partnership with North Coast Vineyard Services to provide a new thermal technology to vineyards. Thermal Plant Treatment is a new technology that has shown promising results with scheduled applications of TPT on vineyards resulting in increased yields and high quality fruit.
Repair vineyard trellis wires with the new Big Heel Fasteners that employ a screw and sturdy aluminum fastener to hold wires in place. “This fastener makes repairing old vineyard trellis very easy, quick, and long lasting,” manufacturer Lowell Vonada said in a statement. A typical 18v power drill can screw in 150 fasteners in one charge. Details:
Agricultural seed company Cover Crop Solutions LLC., has launched its new Tillage Sunn brand of Sunn Hemp seed. Sunn Hemp (Crotalaria juncea), a species unrelated to the marijuana plant, is a warm season nitrogen-producing legume that reduces nematode populations and adds organic biomass to improve soil quality when used as a cover crop. Cover Crop Solutions reports Tillage Sunn grows rapidly and within 60 days can add significant nitrogen plus approximately two and a half tons of biomass. Details:
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