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The E3 ROBOX palletizer by Schneider Packaging features a footprint of 8 by 7.5 feet that is about the same size of a manual palletizing station. The unit can handle multiple SKUs, often without mechanical changeover, and can be moved with a forklift. Available options include product labeling and bar code reading for product tracking as well as semi- and fully automatic pallet exchange. Details: schneiderequip.com
Smurfit Kappa’s new printed interlayer pads can draw more attention to products sold directly off pallets. Instead of “unattractive grey-brown paper” or cardboard pads between products, Smurfit Kappa says companies should take advantage of the space for a marketing message to communicate your brand. The company can also round the corners of the pads to prevent them from ripping the stretch foil covering products. Details: smurfitkappa.com
Reflecting its role as a leader in wine industry technology, Active Club Management has announced that it is changing its name to Active Club Solutions, Inc. The name change follows the company's launch of a new logo and a redesigned website, www.activeclubsolutions.com, and the expansion of its product line to three versions of its pace-setting wine club management software, along with an integrated winery shopping cart.
Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a provider of price management solutions, announced today that Beam Inc. has completed the third major phase of its Vistaar beverage alcohol pricing solution implementation. With Vistaar, Beam has been able to better manage its multiple-state pricing protocols while enabling visibility across the entire three-tier value chain to improve price management decision making. Beam’s pricing system includes 130 users across marketing, sales, and pricing, and helps manage prices for 3,500 unique SKUs across the company’s 75 U.S. distributors.
CellarPass announced the addition of real-time synchronization of CellarPass reservations and its web-based event calendar with Google’s popular Calendar system. Now wineries and tasting rooms utilizing the CellarPass platform have the flexibility to view upcoming appointments in the CellarPass back office or on their Google Calendar, providing a new, simplified method to manage guests’ appointments through smart phones, tablets and PCs.
Amcor Flexibles introduced LUXPREM, a prestigious capsule for Champagne and sparkling wines at the Viti Vini trade fair in France last week. LUXPREM is a capsule made of a composite material that provides a wide range of printing and finishing techniques enabling personalization of the capsule, and can be used for large runs or limited series for personalized vintages or wider product launches.
Schneider Packaging Equipment Co., Inc., specializing in end-of-line solutions for case packing and palletizing needs, will exhibit its newest robotic palletizer, the E3 ROBOX at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago, from Oct. 28 to Oct. 31, in booth 1228.
Orion Wine Software, a premier provider of ERP software for the wine industry, announced a new partnership with PayPros, an industry leader in integrated payments. The alliance will allow winery, wine store and wine club customers to process credit and debit card payments with ease and security. The Managed Payer Data feature uses tokenization to reference cardholder data–never using nor transmitting sensitive card information. The result is the most secure payment processing available in the wine field. PayPros will also offer automatic recurring transactions, a free online payment portal, gift card programs and electronic check acceptance.
Hanna Instruments released two new mini automatic titrators designed for wine analysis. The HI 84500 and HI 84502 are intended for sulfur dioxide and total acidity. The new units feature “improved accuracy with a high precision piston dosing system and compact, space saving footprint,” according to a statement released by Hanna. Other features include automatic stirrer speed control, a graphic mode with exportable data and a “Good Laboratory Practices” function that allows users to view calibration data. In addition to titrations, the HI 84500 can be used as an mV/ORP meter and the HI 84502 as a pH/mV meter. Details: hannainst.com
The Barrel Mill released two new blends of oak spiral alternatives to match specific winemaking styles. The Rhone blend features spirals to create “a muscular oak component” while the Burgundy blend offers a sampling of spirals with different toasts to provide a lighter “low impact oak component that respects delicate, oak-sensitive fruit.” Barrel Mill’s spirals are slipped into a barrel through the bung in a nylon mesh sleeve. The company claims the full oak flavor and aromas of its spirals, milled from 9-inch long cylinder shaped segments of oak, are extracted in six to eight weeks. Details: thebarrelmill.com
Onset released its HOBO wireless temp and humidity monitoring kit. The system can monitor conditions, log data for trend analysis and issue text or email alerts based on certain conditions. Details: onsetcomp.com
Strahman says its new M-500TG low flow mixing unit “may look like a standard M-5000TG mixing unit, but it’s anything but standard.” The new system, which Strahman claims is 8% more efficient, produces hot water instantly by mixing steam and cold water. Manufactured out of bronze, the units are also equipped with a dial gauge thermometer for the water temperature. Details: strahmanvalves.com
Developed by Protec and Defranceschi SPA, the X-Tri optical sorting machine employs three cameras and an air ejector to sort grapes. The machine is available in the United States through Valley Pipe & Supply. Details: valleypipe.com
The VinoVisit Relationship Management winery reservation system now features a “reservation widget” for VinoVisit partner wineries. The widget works with any site designed to work with mobile units such as smartphones. “The mobile widget detects the type of digital device accessing its data and resizes and rotates accordingly,” Bob Iannetta, VinoVisit cofounder, said in a statement. Details: vinovisit.com
Beverage industry international supply chain leader, Satellite Logistics Group, announced today that Free Flow Wines, a provider of turnkey keg services to the world’s leading wine brands, selected two of the company’s services to enhance their business operations: keg leasing and the reverse logistics Kegspediter System to manage consolidation efforts for Free Flow’s Wine on Tap offering.


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