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U P M Raflatac has released a portfolio of digital labelstocks for the Americas market, all of which are certified for use on the market-leading WS4500, WS4600, WS6000 and WS6600 family of presses through the HP Indigo Media Certification program. Four of the six new labelstocks are designed for wine labeling. Details: upmraflatac.com
Yellow Jacket presents the only orbital wrapper designed to wrap the full length of the pallet without having to remove it from the forklift. The orbital wrapper is ideal for securing oversized, oddly shaped, palletized loads while the pallet remains on the forklift. The 87M is a horizontally positioned stretch wrap dispenser that moves around and under a load as the Yellow Jacket is manually advanced across the length of the load- significantly minimizing the time it takes to wrap a load by hand. Details: yellowjacket110.com
Gusmer Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of their new website. One of the key goals at Gusmer is to provide Service With Knowledge®, so they organized all of the updated product information and protocols they provide in an easy to navigate menu. Customer feedback also told Gusmer that difficult and time consuming online ordering and quotation requests are the main deterrents to winemakers who want to order through the web. The listened and made their online ordering and quotation requests as quick and painless as possible. New features include 'EXPRESS ORDERING' where you will be required to simply enter a product and a quantity to make additions to your cart. In addition, you will now be able to request quotations on larger pieces of equipment and extremely large order quantities.
Monvera Glass Décor, a provider of screen printed labels to the wine, spirits, beverage and food industry, has expanded to a new full service bottle etching facility at the company’s current location in Point Richmond. Existing and new customers can have their bottles etched and painted in addition to screen printing on bottles. Glass bottles can now be etched with a label, a logo or even a corporate name. Each bottle is individually hand etched and then hand painted with the chosen artwork. The process is suitable for small and large production runs and for all bottle types including large format bottles ranging from 1.5L to 27L in size.
Sonoma Wine Company, the North Coast’s largest, full-service crush-to-bottle contract winery services provider, has partnered with Winesecrets, a leading provider of wine production technologies, to offer cross-platform services to its third-party clients. This unique partnership will support clients throughout the winemaking process; from custom crushing and blending, bottling, labeling, barrel storage, bulk wine storage, and case goods storage services to a full spectrum of additional specialty vinification services.
Oak Solutions Group has launched the third edition to its Cuvée tank stave series: Cuvée No. 3 Espresso Toast. This new tank stave exhibits distinct espresso character thanks to an innovative stave contour that toasts differently than the traditional stave shape.
American Winesecrets, LLC. (Winesecrets), North America’s mobile wine filtration company, announced a strategic relationship with Australia’s Diverse Barrel Solution Pty. Ltd. (DBS) to offer barrel restoration services to wine producers. Available in July, Winesecrets will operate the Phoenix system at its Sebastopol facility. Wineries ship barrels to Winesecrets for restoration by the Phoenix system or purchase Phoenix-processed barrels through Napa’s Premier Wine Cask, Inc.
B & M Wood Products has released a new type of deer fence that is portable and easy to install. The fence system ranges from 6’ to 10’ tall and 12’ in length. Details: bmwoodproducts.com
The Cork Quality Council and ReCork, a cork recycling company, launched a database of nearly 2,000 wines organized by closures. Consumers can search the database on the web or through their smart phone to find out what a wine’s closure. Details: corkqc.com
The new Lebrun Labs brettanomyces/dekkera kit features a new agar medium to suppress bacteria and other yeast strains to encourage the rapid growth of brett. The petri dish test produces results in four to 14 days. Details: lebrunlabs.com
MANA’s New Paradigm insecticide is the first in its class to be labeled with the “caution” signal word enabling handlers to wear less restrictive safety clothing. The insecticide also features less odor and low volatile organic compounds but with the same formula for “fact-acting insect knockdown” for more than 50 types of crops. Details: manainc.com
Polyjet WFPP is a new pressure sensitive film labelstock for the Americas market developed by UPM Raflatac. The waterfast stock combines the visual aesthetics and performance of a prime film product with the printing versatility of a VIP labelstock. Details: upmraflatac.com
Wright Labels will launch a “Tag Your Bag” program in late March. Wright has partnered with wine bag maker AstraPouch North America to offer small wineries a low-cost, “do-it-yourself” kit, complete with a label and an unbranded white pouch – equivalent to two standard 750ml bottles – with just a 160 bag order minimum. Details: wrightlabels.com
Wright Labels, a leader in packaging and marketing solutions for the wine industry, announced that it will launch its “Tag Your Bag” program at the Wineries Unlimited Trade Show, March 28 – 29, 2012, offering a low-cost packaging solution for small to mid size wineries. Additionally, the company will offer on site concierge design services.
A leader in packaging and marketing solutions, Wright Labels, a division of Wright of Thomasville, won “Best of Category” in Digital Printing: Tags & Labels at the Printing Industry of the Carolinas (PICA) Awards. The announcement was made on March 3rd during the 2011 PICA Awards Banquet in Concord, North Carolina with more than 300 industry professionals in attendance. The PICA Awards is one of the largest printing competitions in the nation.


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