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The Vintner Group of Ashland, Virginia, an importer of fine wines and distributor of fine wines and craft spirits, has acquired Prestige Wine Wholesale, of Atlanta, Georgia. The acquisition adds Georgia to TVG’s wholesale footprint of Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina (trading as The Country Vintner) and Florida (as Stacole Fine Wines.)
The Jabsco VeraFLEX Pump Cart from leading global water technology provider Xylem Inc. is an easy and effective solution to several tasks carried out at craft brewers and microbreweries. Portable and easy to use, the VeraFLEX Pump Cart can be used to automate the transfer of beer and other liquids, recirculate beer during the fermentation cycle and carry out high-pressure line and tank cleaning.
 Cascade Corp.'s wine barrel handler is designed to work in a cave or narrow aisle areas. The unit enables a lift truck driver to grab a barrel from a stack, lower it to the ground or move it to a different location. A 180-degree swinging fork assembly mounted on a full-width traversing frame allows the driver to pick up a barrel from either the left- or the right-hand side of a narrow aisle. The unit can handle most types and sizes of wine barrels. Also included in the fork cradle are rollers so cellar workers can rotate barrels during barrel fermentation. Details:
 Eaton Corp., announced it would present its expanded range of filtration systems for winemaking as well as single-source filtration products at the upcoming Unified Wine & Grape Symposium. In a statement, the company highlighted its Becopad depth filter sheets and Becodisc cartridges for wine filtration. The pads are designed for plate and frame filters and can be washed and sterilized repeatedly. The discs “combine the benefits of depth filter sheets with a sterile filtration environment” and provide “optimal protection of the membrane cartridge during the wine filling process.” Details:
 Sensorex’s new CX-3000 transmitter monitors changes in fluids and displays conductivity, resistivity or salinity, along with temperature, for process control in water, food production, wastewater and other applications. According to a statement by Sensorex, a simple push button interface enables user-programming on-site for desired monitoring with simultaneous temperature monitoring. Conductivity is measured over an extended range of 0.000uS/cm – 200mS/cm for extreme applications. The resistivity measurement range extends from 0.00 – 20.00 M-Ohm/cm; salinity measurements cover from 0.0 – 70.0ppt. Details:
 Sonoma Cast Stone has unveiled new additions to its line of concrete wine tanks. The “tea cup” is a 200-gallon, open top tank. Optional features include a round base for greater stability as well as hoist rings on the top rim and a tilt/hoist ring on the side for dumping. Another new tank option is the small, 200-gallon “wine stacks” that are rectangular tanks designed for either fermentation or storage. The stacks have removable lids and can be equipped with optional concrete baffles to provide more concrete to wine contact as well as truly baffle wine movement in the event of an earthquake, according to Sonoma Cast Stone. The tanks can be stacked five high to store 1,000 gallons. Details:
 The 598 Tritium shrink wrapper is a continuous motion shrink wrapper equipped with single, double and three lane configurations. Manufacturer Standard Knapp states the unit arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film, thereby eliminating the need for trays and pads. Details:
Parsippany, N.J. – December 17, 2012 – Vistaar Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of price management solutions, today announced that the company is closing out a strong 2012, highlighted by the recent addition of four new customers in the wine industry and multiple successful deployments for existing beverage alcohol customers throughout North America and Europe.
Bio S.I. Technology’s Bio S.I. Agriculture Formula and Agriculture Select “help reduce crusting, improve root mass, and help to release tied up nutrients in the soil.” The firm also claims its products “build humus in shallow soil which helps hold nutrients and water in the rhizosphere and can improve root vigor leading to better production.” Details:
Dosatron International Inc. released a maintenance kit for its line of fertilizer and chemical injectors. The kit includes wear parts, Dosa-Klean, and a new product – Dosa-Lube. The kits are for the 11, 14, 20, 40, and 100 GPM injectors. Soaking injector parts in Dosa-Klean for 24 to 48 hours cleans rust, mineral deposits, and calcifications without scrubbing, according to a statement released by Dositron. Dosa-Lube is a silicone lubricant designed to lubricate the static seals and o-rings while changing the wear parts. Details:
INTERVITIS INTERFRUCTA is an innovation trade fair with global appeal. The next trade fair, slated for April 24-27, 2013 will focus on innovation in cultivation and harvesting technology, and a separate hall has been dedicated to this area.
Infaco, maker of the Eletrocoup pruning system, released a redesigned safety glove to wear while using the pruner. The glove is made of cotton interwoven with metal fibers. If the glove touches any part of the Electrocoup F3010 system — such as the blades — the device is grounded and the pruner stops instantly. The Electrocoup pruner is powered by a battery pack worn by the operator. Infaco says the battery provides enough power for a full day of pruning and the trigger-operated pruner can cut through a 2” diameter vine or branch. Details:
Mavrik North America is now offering its clients single pass processing as well as a single tank option. Bob Kreisher, Mavrik president and head of research and development, said the single pass option can reduce more than 30% of VA, involves no heat pickup and requires less wine being moved. The single tank procedure enables a client to chose a final VA level by number or sensory analysis and pay for a precise final VA. Details:
TandD Corporation released its new wireless data logger RTR-576 for use with any of the company’s RTR-500 series wireless data collectors. TandD reports the instrument offers a CO2 range of 0 to 9.999 ppm, a temperature range of 0 to 55°C and a humidity range of 10 to 95% RH. Details:
Safecoat’s new VitiSeal product is a “natural, waterborn co-polymer emulsion with other NOP-approved ingredients” designed to help growers prevent canker diseases that can be caused Eutypa lata and other fungal pathogens. The company states its product is “not a toxic fungicide, but rather a unique crop management tool that creates a protective, resistant barrier against the typical point of entry for wood canker diseases” and typically only needs to be applied for once a season. The product is available in a one gallon concentrate that yields 10 gallons of useful product or a ready-to-use formulation. Details:
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