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The latest series of wine cellar chillers by WhisperKOOL offer an advanced digital controller as well as a bottle probe to measure actual bottle fluid temperature and avoid any unnecessary fluctuations in the cellar. Larger, thicker coils in the unit provide for better heat dissipation on the condenser side making the chillers more efficient and reliable, according to a statement by the company. Details:
Monvera Glass Décor, a leading provider of etched wine bottles and screen printed bottle labels has reorganized and revamped their design service offerings provided by the Monvera Art and Design Department. Wineries and other clients now have several service levels that they can choose from depending on their design needs and budget. This in-house service makes it easy for customers to combine label design and label printing together.
Wineries looking for a waterproof, “chill-proof” label finally have a 100% reliable option with Arctic Classic Crest, a new label material created by Labeltronix.
Moss Adams LLP, an accounting and business consulting firm with deep expertise in the wine industry, today announced it is combining with Rabanal & Smith LLP, an accounting firm with a long history in the Napa Valley. The combination will strengthen the ties Moss Adams has to one of the most significant wine and agricultural communities in the world, and provide Rabanal & Smith’s clients with a broader set of resources and relationships important to their business success. The combination goes into effect August 1, 20
Gamajet's tank cleaning machines utilize rotary impingement technology to create tank cleaning miracles, providing full coverage cleaning, reducing water and chemical usage, drastically reducing cleaning time, and eliminating confined space entry. The food and beverage industry is comprised of vastly different tanks and vessels, ranging from totes to 80 foot process vessels with complex mixing systems. The tanks may be different, but they all require effective, efficient cleaning.
CellarPass, the leading reservation service that actively encourages wine consumers to explore, book and share wine country experiences has announced the release of their CellarPass Lite, a free version of their popular reservations service. CellarPass Lite provides many of the proven features of CellarPass’ popular reservations service to wineries to promote and manage their tasting and tours through their own website. “Not all wineries are created equal and that’s especially true when it comes to promoting and managing guest visitation”, says Sarah Elliman, CEO at CellarPass. “Our new Lite version is especially designed for tasting rooms that are not staffed 7 days a week or only operate seasonally”, continues Elliman. “By offering the new free CellarPass Lite version, small wineries will be able to actively promote and automate guest visitation to their tasting rooms, while providing guests the opportunity to plan their trip to wine country 365/24/7 which is a win-win for all.” CellarPass Free Version Benefits for Wineries • Allow guests to reserve wine tastings and tours 24/7 on winery’s website. • Automatically updates event’s availability in real time. • Grow your guest database with every reservation. • No software to install or purchase with CellarPass’ user-friendly web-based system. • Secure and PCI-compliant backoffice access to reservation-related information from any web browser, iPhone and iPad.
Elutriate Systems, owned and operated by Glenn Wensloff (BSME Cal Poly ’86), worked with Kurt Kelder of Kelder Engineering, Cloverdale (707) 894-0862., in the efforts to expand the production of Prevail winery from 60,000 cases to 120,000 cases. By changing the aeration dynamics of the ponds similar to previous projects, including Hahns estate (2004) and recently Korbel, (2011), ES was able to reduce the area required for winery waste water digestion but also reduce the cost of the electricity involved.
Vaccum Barrier Corp. unveiled the G2 systems, its next generation of Nitrodose liquid nitrogen injection equipment. The new line features “greater durability in an improved clean hygienic design, the latest in Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC technology, increased accuracy” and other features, according to a company statement. All G2 systems now come standard with electric dosing vales for higher dosing speeds, up to 2,000 CPM, and can be equipped with “directional dose dispersion” blocks. Details:
The new Tri-Line Quick Start valve by Fogg Filler is designed to increase fill speeds for smaller bottles in the range of 30 ml to 1 liter. Fogg reports its new valve eliminates the “hesitation problem” that often slows gravity fed systems. The new valve offers “immediate filling action” to increase production speeds. Fogg claims in a statement that “the speed of the equipment is only limited by the capability of the drive train and the capping technology.” Details:
Midnight Vellum is a new option for wineries seeking a black background for their labels. The new label material is made with 30% post-consumer fiber and has a high level of wet strength. Details:
Mavrik North America describes its new line of rotary lobe must pumps “as the gentlest” pumps, which are also ideal for a range of cellar operations. The pumps offer up to 135 GPM capacity, stainless steel cart, foam-filled wheels, variable frequency drive, 50’ remote control and fits 3” Triclamps for inlet and outlet. A free upgrape to butterfly rotors is available upon request. Details:
Scott Laboratories is releasing FT Colormax, a new fermentation tannin, for this harvest. According to company information, the product is a natural catechin “developed for its superior ability to stabilize color” with a special formulation making it easier to add to solution. The tannin is intended for use in conjunction with FT Rouge, and Scott Laboratories claims using both yields wines with a softer palate. Details:
The Swivel Pro adapter allows for circular, horizontal and vertical movements of a hose nozzle without requiring moving or repositioning the hose. The swivel adapter is part of Strahman’s “Ergonomic” hose assembly that also includes a Hydro-Pro 150 spray nozzle designed to make rinsing and wash jobs easier on staff. Details:
A new line of global navigation satellite receivers by TeeJet reportedly offers growers a high-level of accuracy for applications like strip-tillage and using precision auto-steer equipment. The RX510 is compatible with OmniStar XP, HP and G2 services and the RX610 works with CORS/Network RTK. Both units are compatible with GPS and GLONASS as well as ClearPath technology. An optional quick-release mounting bracket allows for use on multiple vehicles. Details:
Winerywise™, a grant-funded interactive online guide, is ready to transform Washington wineries into efficient meccas of sustainable enology and business practices.
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