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The Barrel Mill released two new blends of oak spiral alternatives to match specific winemaking styles. The Rhone blend features spirals to create “a muscular oak component” while the Burgundy blend offers a sampling of spirals with different toasts to provide a lighter “low impact oak component that respects delicate, oak-sensitive fruit.” Barrel Mill’s spirals are slipped into a barrel through the bung in a nylon mesh sleeve. The company claims the full oak flavor and aromas of its spirals, milled from 9-inch long cylinder shaped segments of oak, are extracted in six to eight weeks. Details:
Onset released its HOBO wireless temp and humidity monitoring kit. The system can monitor conditions, log data for trend analysis and issue text or email alerts based on certain conditions. Details:
Strahman says its new M-500TG low flow mixing unit “may look like a standard M-5000TG mixing unit, but it’s anything but standard.” The new system, which Strahman claims is 8% more efficient, produces hot water instantly by mixing steam and cold water. Manufactured out of bronze, the units are also equipped with a dial gauge thermometer for the water temperature. Details:
Developed by Protec and Defranceschi SPA, the X-Tri optical sorting machine employs three cameras and an air ejector to sort grapes. The machine is available in the United States through Valley Pipe & Supply. Details:
The VinoVisit Relationship Management winery reservation system now features a “reservation widget” for VinoVisit partner wineries. The widget works with any site designed to work with mobile units such as smartphones. “The mobile widget detects the type of digital device accessing its data and resizes and rotates accordingly,” Bob Iannetta, VinoVisit cofounder, said in a statement. Details:
Beverage industry international supply chain leader, Satellite Logistics Group, announced today that Free Flow Wines, a provider of turnkey keg services to the world’s leading wine brands, selected two of the company’s services to enhance their business operations: keg leasing and the reverse logistics Kegspediter System to manage consolidation efforts for Free Flow’s Wine on Tap offering.
The influence of oxygen on the sensory characteristics of red wine has been long known, since Louis Pasteur observed that, by exposing red wine to air, the astringent character of young red wine was softened and the bouquet improved. Nowadays, it is generally accepted that a moderate exposure to oxygen can be beneficial for the overall sensory quality of the wines.  Insufficient oxygen can prevent softening of mouthfeel characters and favors excessive accumulation of reductive aroma compounds such as hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, which can be highly detrimental to wine aroma quality.  At the same time, excessive exposure to oxygen can cause oxidative spoilage of the wine, with irreversible loss of fruity and floral varietal aromas.  Due to this complex response, proper management of oxygen exposure in the winery remains challenging for the modern wine industry, also in consideration to the intrinsic variability of wine characteristics in relation to origin of grapes, vintage, terroir and winemaking variables.
Thanks to a new and improved “reservation widget” for VinoVisit partner wineries, visitors to wine country are now better able to quickly book online reservations on mobile devices for tastings and tours at wineries in the U.S. and Canada.
The Washington, DC-based American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) announced  that ETS Laboratories would be receiving the nationwide 2012 ACIL Seal of Excellence (SOE) Award at the ACIL Annual Meeting in New York, NY.
Hanna Instruments announced the release of two new mini automatic titrators designed specifically for wine production.
The latest release of iCropTrak, available in the App Store for Apple iPad tablet devices, delivers an easy to use Farm Plan data management interface for documenting expected seasonal farming operations. Farm Plan content can be assembled in chronological sequence and viewed in a calendar format on a field by field basis for portions of a season or for an annual crop cycle. Plans can be duplicated and applied to subsequent seasons allowing users to easily propagate optimal practices. The user customizable interface gives farming company’s the opportunity to establish re-usable templates and also delivers the framework necessary to develop and refine detailed activity based costing budgets. The patent pending interface uses the concept of a virtual binder to let users add digital pages to the plan and easily arrange them.
The new technology 3-camera X-Tri optical sorting maching manufatured by Protec of Italy in a partnership with Defranceschi SPA as world wide distributor the machine is sold in the United States, Canada & Mexico through Valley Pipe & Supply INC. With many of the new technology 3-camera X-Tri optical sorting machines being used on olive, tomato's and grapes in Europe the first machine in the United States for grapes was purchased for this harvest and is running in Napa, CA. For more information call Valley Pipe & Supply INC at 559-233-0321 for more information.
Harvey Grant, CEO of Elypsis, a 25-year-old Napa-based winery software company, announced Monday its merger with Admiral IT, effective Oct. 1. “We are excited to take our winery solutions to the next level, which benefits our customers, and provides expanded opportunities for our employees,” said Grant, who created the company in 1987. Elypsis introduced software solutions for wineries beginning in 2000 and emerged as a wine industry solutions leader. The company has continued to lead through innovation by focusing on the consumer-direct, distribution, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs of wineries. “We introduced and pioneered Microsoft Dynamics NAV for wineries, where it has become the standard accounting/ERP solution,” said Grant. “This is the time to again set our solutions apart by speeding up the delivery cycle of the newest software innovation and thereby solving the rapidly changing needs of our customers. “Technology advancements are accelerating at a much faster rate than previously seen and wineries are finding creative new ways to build their customer relationships, increase sales revenue and control costs. We need to deliver technology advances in a way that will allow wineries to get their hands on the pulse of their business to enable fast and smart decision making.” For example, Grant said, Elypsis will continue to deliver software solutions that are installed at the winery but will also deliver Software as a Service (SAAS), featuring software solutions that are sold as a monthly service rather than being installed at the winery. “We will take advantage of recent shifts to SAAS demand, which can eliminate a winery’s need to invest in server infrastructure,” said Grant. “Microsoft has also recently committed to a yearly release cycle of NAV and it is important to keep pace with that delivery of innovation and provide a defined roadmap that customers can depend on. This move will enable us to provide all of this at an early-adopter pace.” “Our customers will continue to have contact with each of us as they have in the past,” said Grant. Admiral IT, established in Denmark in 1981, has eight offices serving 3,500 customer installations in four countries and has developed multiple vertical software solutions in Retail, Accounts, ERP and CRM for various industries throughout the world, including fashion, electronics, retail, banking, payroll, golf, automotive repair and manufacturing. “Admiral IT has a great reputation, along with vast resources to facilitate making our goals a reality,” said Grant. “Developing expertise and knowledge in the Microsoft suite of products takes a great deal of time and gaining access to a large existing team is the most efficient way to leverage the knowledge and resources. We are also excited to bring this well established, global organization to Napa Valley.” The Elypsis winery team will continue to be headquartered at 1957 Sierra Ave. in Napa. Grant will transition from managing day-to-day corporate responsibilities to focusing on vertical strategy and growing the winery vertical, both in the U.S. and abroad. Elypsis Vice Presidents Jeremy Grant, ERP Solutions, and Ryan Grant, Retail Solutions, will continue in their current roles in managing their respective teams in the new company.
Branson Tractor has unveiled its 4520C and 5220C compact tractors and the 8050 utility tractor. The compact 20C series tractors offer 47 to 55 horsepower and a category 1 three-point hitch. The 8050 tractor is designed for almost any task with a 76 horsepower engine, fully enclosed air conditioned cab and category 2 hitch. Details:
The new VineScout auto-steer system can be fitted for all types of tractors with hydraulic steering and used in vineyards with spacing of 60” to 138”. Developed by Clemens Vineyard Equipment, Inc., the system employs a 3D camera system to plot a course and a separate steering valve to control the tractor to within an accuracy of one inch. Details:
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