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Oak Solutions Group has published new research outlining the advantages of using enological oak tannins to help fix and stabilize color in red wine. Working in conjunction with Rodney Strong Vineyards and Enotrex, the Oak Solutions Group research team conducted an experiment on Pinot noir to evaluate the most effective treatment to benefit color fixation and stabilization during a commercial size trial. “Our previous trials suggest oak tannin is able to help facilitate color fixation and stabilization by helping to promote bonding of anthocyanins with condensed tannins,” said David Llodrá, director of research and development. “Since we are specialized in oak, we wanted to understand the efficiency of our oak tannin and compare it to another commercial tannin product commonly sold for color fixation.” Results from the study confirmed that oak tannins applied during maceration had a significant impact on color. Analyses also demonstrated that tr?/tan f² tannins had the highest impact on color fixation and stabilization when compared to another commercial tannin brand, even at lower dose rates. “The percentage changes in free anthocyanins and bound anthocyanins© as well as the overall color analysis prove that the most significant results can be achieved using this product,” said Llodrá. “It is also important to note that adding condensed tannin did not have a positive effect on color stability. We can conclude that there is already a sufficient amount of condensed tannin present in the grapes, and when extracted properly, this provides enough condensed tannin in solution to fix color without additional input.” A white paper detailing the research is available.
Astrapouch North America has introduced a new size in flexible packaging for wineries and distributors - the 3.0 Liter AstropaQTM.
Bronco Wine Co., Ceres, Calif., a major supplier of varietal wines, is establishing a strong position in the single serve, 187ml wine category with the adoption of lightweight polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles from Amcor Rigid Plastics, the world’s leading producer of rigid plastic packaging. Bronco, the fourth largest winery in the U.S., recently made a major packaging switch from glass to further penetrate the retail and airline markets and capitalize on PET’s glass-like clarity, portability, sustainability advantages and reduced cost.
The European Union recently opened the door to additional applications for Velcorin in the wine industry. As a result, this LANXESS technology can now be deployed at all stages of wine production and for all wines.
ACH Foam Technologies designed its Wineloc recycled wine shipper to keep bottles cool from the heat of summer.
Dosatron International, Inc. unveiled its new 40 GPM fertilizer injector for irrigation systems. The new injector offers improved chemical resistant housing, enhanced UV resistance, allows injection of corrosive chemicals, and features adjustable injection rates and easy-to read graduated scales, according to product information. The D8R can inject fertilizers, pesticides, and caustic chemicals accurately with a flow rate of 2.2 to 40 GPM, an injection ratio of 1:500 – 1:50, and a pressure range of 2 to 110 PSI. Details:
The new LITE stretch wrap by GaleWrap is designed to provide greater strength with less material, according to a company statement. LITE wrap rolls are 50% stronger than pre-stretched films of equal weight, allowing for greater load integrity and less wasted film from breaks or tears. Rolls of LITE material are also half as heavy as material of equivalent strength. Available in 60-70 gauge performance equivalent, LITE Oriented Film comes in 15” or 18” width and 2,000’ length. Details:
First developed as a custom product, the tangential air nozzle by Lechler is now available to the general public. The primary purpose of the nozzle is to prevent the oxidation of welds. The nozzle comes in 90 and 100 degree angles to get as close as possible to the weld target area. Details:
Maverick Enterprises created a new product line called CapASleeve. The product is an alternative PVC capsule without a top disk. The CapASleeve comes in five colors, multiple diameters and with an optional tear strip. Maverick can also add custom artwork to the capsule bodies. Details:
Parkson Corporation introduced a larger version of its Aqua WashPress system for wastewater and industrial water treatment. The Aqua WashPress is a low-maintenance system that ties in directly with the screen, to operate only when the screen is active, and as needed. By minimizing the size and weight of dewatered solids, the design is a cost-effective and efficient way to save money on disposal costs, according to a statement by Parkson. Details:
Bottle decorator, Quest Industries LLC., introduced two new options it says are cheaper alternatives to adorning bottles with precious metal inks or multi-pass application processes.
Standard-Knapp introduced the Tritium Multipacker, a continuous motion multi-packer designed for the food, beverage and personal care industries. With single, double and three lane configurations, the Tritium arranges products into compact pack patterns and wraps the configurations in film. The Multipacker then sends the packs through an energy-efficient heat tunnel to tightly shrink the film around each multi-pack producing a consistent, wrinkle-free bull’s eye and bottom seal, according to a press release by Standard-Knapp. Details: reached a new milestone this week by introducing Oregon to their expanding list of searchable wine regions on their winery search website. This new state adds more than 200 wineries to their extensive winery database, allowing visitors the ability to navigate and find nearly any winery of their choice along the West Coast.
Labeltronix is proud to announce the launch of its revitalized website,
Maverick Enterprises has created a new product line called CapASleeve™. This product is an alternative PVC capsule without a top disk. It comes in 5 colors, multiple diameters are available with a tear strip feature and creates cost effective, tamper proof evidence. We even have the ability to create custom artwork which is available for the bodies. This innovative product is perfect for those bottles with t-stoppers.
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