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Monmouth, Oregon ~ Olsen Agricultural Enterprises announces that it will be discontinuing its Viridian wine. Olsen’s General Manager, Ben Hanna, announced this week that the decision to discontinue the wine was made for positive reasons: to focus resources into grape production. “We want to maintain our commitment to viticulture and our rich quality fruit,” said Hanna. Viridian’s Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris are distributed in more than 20 states and have been well received but the market has been a challenge for Olsen as it works to balance its large scale farming operations with the marketing of the Viridian Brand.
CellarPass, a wine tasting, tour and special event reservation service, is now offering “CellarPass Lite” a free version of its system for small wineries that may not be staffed seven days a week or only open seasonally. The service allows guests to make tasting appointments 24/7 on the winery’s website, track event availability and updates a winery’s guest database with every reservation. The web-based system does not require added software and provides secure and PCI-compliant access to reservation-related information from any web browser, iPhone or iPad. Details:
Exporting wine to China via the direct-to-consumer channel is the subject of an upcoming seminar sponsored by eWinery Solutions. As wine consumption among Chinese consumers rises, so does their demand for imports of fine wine. "The China Opportunity" seminar brings panelists together to offer new ideas, insights, and solutions in how to market wines to and also educate a rapidly growing market of Chinese consumers.
Gamajet Cleaning Systems has been acquired by Alfa Laval, effective August 24, 2012, and a new company, Alfa Laval Tank Equipment, Inc. has been created. The new company will operate as Gamajet Cleaning Systems and will remain in Exton, Pennsylvania. Gamajet's longtime President, Robert Delaney, has been appointed President of the new company.
New Holland’s IntelliSteer auto-guidance system has been upgraded to allow a four-wheel drive vehicle to engage a guidance swath in reverse. According to a company statement, the firm’s T9 series tractors will be among the first four-wheel drive tractors in the industry with this capability.
JMB Web Consulting released its Wine and the Web package for small wineries looking to sell their products online. The package includes a WordPress website hosted on WordPress servers merged with the Vin65 “commerce engine” branded for the client winery. Details:
Turrentine Brokerage, the Novato based brokers of grapes and wines in bulk, has released the twelfth issue of its exclusive publication, The Turrentine Outlook: Forecasts and Strategies for a Competitive Advantage. This issue uses extensive proprietary data to provide a comprehensive review of the supply and demand picture for Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio, both globally and in key regions of California. Most importantly, it does two things. First, it documents the dramatic transition from about twelve years of worldwide excess to a new state of relative shortage. Second, it suggests strategies for growers, producers and marketers to deal with this fundamental change.
The new Model 70 is equipped with a dual servo powered partition handling device that blends the opening and insertion of case partitions into “one harmonious action that ensures gentle handling for smooth opening, precise placement and efficient case packing,” according to a statement released by A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp.
Consort Display Group claims its new Dori Pole nylon pennant system will help winery owners attract new customers. The Dori Pole system consists of a telescoping fiberglass pole and a 15- or 8-foot long nylon pennant. The system offers “the industry’s only non-tangling, swiveling ‘yoke’ bracket, which mounts eye catching pennants that gracefully ‘dance’ in the wind.” The manufacturer also says the pennants are useful in scaring birds or deer away from vineyards. Details:
The vinOice chill rod and non-drip pour spout will keep a bottle of Chardonnay cool and crisp. Made by Cork Pops, the vinOice is a slender, stainless steel chill rod with a pour spout on one end. When inserted through the opening of a bottle, the chill rod keeps the wine cool and the spout makes pouring easier. The rod contains a food-safe gel that freezes in 30 minutes and can keep a wine chilled for up to an hour. Details:
UPM Raflatac partnered with EFI to enable the use of more than 30 labelstocks on EFI’s digital Jetrion industrial inkjet systems including the 4000, 4830 and 4900 series. The partnership provides customers with Raflatac’s range of labelstocks and EFI’s “innovative presses” that allow for short and medium print runs that can be used for new products, targeted marketing campaigns and boutique labels, according to a statement released by the companies. Details:,
SONOMA, CA - James Marshall Berry, owner of JMB Web Consulting, has announced the release of the much anticipated Wine and the Web website product, which will give even the smallest of wineries the chance to sell wine online with many of the tools the larger wineries enjoy, and at a cost that fits their budgets. “Over the course of the years of consulting with small wineries, set up, management and cost have been the largest barriers to selling wine online for the little guys” said Berry. “These tools and our system remove those roadblocks.” The system consists of a WordPress website, hosted on WordPress optimized web servers, merged with the Vin65 ecommerce engine, branded for the winery and delivered for $4900, and monthly fee of $149, which includes all eCommerce and hosting charges.
Ben Franklin Press & Label Co. of Napa received Best of Show honors among a number of gold medal award winners selected by Package Printing for their Excellence Awards held July 13th, 2012. The winning honor was bestowed for the new Rosso & Bianco label produced for Francis Ford Coppola Winery of Geyserville, California. This prestigious award, from one of the leading national periodicals devoted to innovative packaging, is the subject of a cover article in the magazine’s August issue.
Winery owner-managers are welcoming customers and beautifying their grounds with the Dori Pole Nylon Pennant System, offered by Consort Display Group.
Alfresco Heating now distributes, sells and services evenGLO heaters made by IR Energy in Ontario, Can. The heaters, which are suited for outdoor tasting areas, are equipped with new heating technology that the producer claims can emit more heat further. The reflector on the unit is also “so strong that it can support a foot of snow.” Details:
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