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Wendell, NC – KIOTI Tractor is pleased to announce their new, high performance RX6010C, a durable KIOTI utility tractor in the 60 horsepower range.
Riverview, FL--Metrohm USA proudly offers the new Ti-Touch titrators that feature a built-in Ethernet port to fully network without a PC! Connect the 915 Karl Fischer Ti-Touch and 916 Ti-Touch directly to your local network and you can: export secure PDFs directly from the titrator; share methods between other titrators; print to network printer—features no other compact titrator can deliver.
MONTCLAIR, Calif. -- WineCruzer line of carriers are the preferred protection method when vintage wines fly, and are the topic of conversation at wineries and tasting events. Safeguarding and storing wine is the rallying cry for connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts who wish to avoid ultraviolet (UV) ray damage, heat spoilage, fungi, contamination and breakage. The new WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO is a bona fide mobile wine cellar that sets new standards with advanced cushioning, thermal insulation and a revolutionary bottle tray design.
Pallet Wine Company, Southern Oregon’s only dedicated custom crush facility, will process a record-breaking 425 tons of wine grapes this year, more than doubling 2010’s production. “We’ve handled everything from A to Z – Albariño to Zinfandel,” said Pallet winemaker and co-owner Linda Donovan. “It’s quite amazing how many different grape cultivars do well here, including some that probably aren’t grown anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.”
Tudertechnica, a major Italian specialty industrial hose manufacturer, has introduced Glidetech® Vineyard HD, an advanced technology hose for the North American wine industry.
-Somm LLC of San Diego has marked the one-year anniversary of the release of its state-of-the-art i-Somm wine selection application for restaurants, hotels, private clubs and retail wine stores. Designed for use by establishments with a large selection of wines, 10 restaurants nationwide have already adopted the app, including Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe, California, the Hilton BayFront in San Diego, Oneida Indian Nation in Verona, New York, Café Largo in Key Largo, Florida and The Wine Mapp in Greenwich, Connecticut.
ETS Laboratories sample drop is located inside the Woodinville Commerce Center.
The HT-30 from Extech Instruments, Waltham, Mass., is a hand-held, affordable and accurate heat-index meter that measures and combines all contributing heat issues into a single value and instantly gives a reading. It is barely 10 inches long and fits easily in your back pocket. This wet-bulb-globe-temperature meter (WBGT) offers several modes to monitor each factor separately or combined in the WBGT. The temperature can be read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a built-in alarm emits a beeping noise when dangerous heat levels are detected. For more information, please visit www.extech.com.
Torrance, Calif.--The filtec SpectroVision Touch is a technologically advanced vision inspection system for quality control in industrial applications. Its precise vision capabilities make it indispensable when it comes to optical detection of defects. The touch screen and versatile user interface make it easy to tailor to user requirements. The versatility and precision of the SpectroVision Touch provide for high quality inspections across a multitude of applications including:
GaleWrap, Douglasville, Ga., has developed a small, semi-automatic line of stretch wrappers, which includes the only portable system available on the market today. The GaleWrap GW-3500 is built upon a floor pallet jack that allows the case goods to be moved easily to storage. It has an overhead rotary design which travels in a 360-degree motion, as well as a film dispenser that rises vertically up and down on the support column. Should the arm come in contact with anything, it stops automatically. Additionally, the control panel is available in both English and Spanish. For more information, please visit www.galewrap.com.
Janson Capsules, Napa, Calif., is expanding in Europe and moving to a brand new plant by the end of 2011. This new 80,000 sq foot facility will gather both the Sofacap and Capsule Francaise businesses with the addition of a screwcap production line. The total investment represents close to 5 million euros, including new state of the art performing equipment. The Alabama, USA plant takes advantage of those major changes by installing new printing and performing lines to support its resilient growths.
Gusmer Enterprises and OenoBrands are excited to announce that the TTB has issued an administrative approval for the use of Claristar® Mannoproteins in wine. This approval now allows Claristar to be used for the purpose of stabilizing wine from the precipitation of potassium bitartrate crystals, without submitting approval requests to the TTB. The approval comes after a preliminary GRAS ruling by the FDA and nearly two years of trials by wineries in North America validating the effectiveness of Claristar as a tartrate inhibitor.
Charlotte, NC--Membrana-Charlotte, a leading membrane and degassing device manufacturer, is pleased to introduce the New 14 x 40 Liqui-Cel® Membrane Contactor to its product family. The introduction of this deaeration product extends the Liqui-Cel® product line’s capacity from 400 gpm to 550 gpm (125 m3) in a single device. This represents a >30% increase in capacity and makes the 14 x 40 the largest membrane contactor degassing device available in the world. Larger flow rates are handled by piping multiple contactors together in parallel.
Wine Couture, a new company officially launched today, will bring the art and wine communities together on a single web-based platform where users can submit designs for wine labels, vote on label designs, and purchase wine. Wine Couture is based on the ‘crowd-sourced’ design concept that blasted t-shirt companies Threadless and Design by Humans to success.
NapaMapa officials unveiled their new website to the public today which is dedicated to helping tourists, wine enthusiasts and travelers find wineries and tasting rooms according to their preferences in Napa and Sonoma counties.


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