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Randox Food Diagnostics is now offering the RX Monza, a compact semi-automated analyzer for use in testing wine, tea, coffee, cider, grapes and fruit juices. Current tests offered include ammonia, ethanol, lactic acid, potassium, acetic acid, glucose / fructose, malic acid and copper. The RX Monza is a stand-alone unit and according to the maker can serve as an independent unit or as a back up system for larger laboratories. The starter package offered by Randox Food Diagnostics includes the RX Monza analyzer and service kit along with the RX Monza incubator, free test kit of choice, training and installation, pipettes, pipette tips, cuvettes and open channeled system. Details:
The UniPilot assisted steering system from TeeJet Technologies is designed to work with the firm’s Matrix Pro guidance system for a variety of farm vehicles. Leaving steering to the UniPilot, frees drivers’ hands for other operations. Utilizing a rugged electric steering motor and universal mounting bracket, the system can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. The guidance system comes with a touch-screen interface, field mapping, job planning and video monitoring. GPS signal options for UniPilot include WAAS, which is standard on the Matrix Pro, along with OminSTAR® or RTK solutions, which are provided via the optional TeeJet RX510 or RX610 GNSS receivers. UniPilot is compatible with more than 350 vehicle platforms including tractors, sprayers, combines and swathers. Details:
Functional Technologies Corp is pleased to announce today recent developments and initiatives to support growing customer enthusiasm and demand for the Company's proprietary hydrogen sulphide (H2S)-preventing wine yeasts. This includes the availability of new proprietary wine yeast strains that offer low levels of both H2S and sulphur dioxide (SO2), as well as technical and marketing programs with several leading non-profit institutions and/or alliances associated with the wine industry to further expand the Company's product offerings as well as enhance the support and adoption of its wine yeasts.
2012 is a year to celebrate at MALA Closure Systems. It marks its 20th year of producing first quality, beautifully designed re-closeable wine closures.
ThermoPod introduces super insulated temperature control and protective ThermoKeeperT Chilled Wine Shipper. ThermoKeeper Chilled Wine Shippers maintain an ideal temperature range for shipping and permit year round global shipments or transportation. The Wine Shipper is made with components that are completely biodegradable, making it a smart "green" alternative to foam coolers and other non bio-degradable shipping containers.
OVS (originally known as Oregon Vineyard Supply Co.) has opened a warehouse to improve customer service to Southern Oregon area growers. The new location at 640A Mason Way in Medford will primarily be used for product storage and as a pick-up depot for distribution to growers. The facility will operate by appointment only.
Custom crush services provider Carneros Vintners will be offering customers use of a new flash detante system during the 2012 harvest. The system is being built in Italy by Della Toffola Group and is expected to arrive in July. It’ll be the first flash unit in the North Coast. Carneros Vintners opened in 2009 and is part of the Vintners Group, which operates Lodi Vintners near Woodbridge, CA. They’ve been running a slightly larger flash unit in Lodi since 2010. The new system is rated at 20 tons an hour and will have three holding tanks, allowing for processing three separate lots at a time. Normally these machines come with one tank. “We can potentially receive fruit from three clients, or assist one client with three different lots,” general manager Tyson Rippey said. Some north coast customers hauled fruit to Lodi in 2010 and 2011 while many were too small for the unit in Lodi, which has a truckload minimum. The new unit will require a minimum of 10-15 tons of fruit. “We turned away a lot of business because the lots were too small to really work in Lodi during the last couple of years,” Rippey said. Flash has long been used in Europe, South America and Australia. The U.S. is sometimes slow to adopt new winemaking technology. There are now three flash units in North America – One is at Monterey Wine Company and was made by the French company Pera. A small demonstration unit made its way over to  Carneros Vintners during the 2010 harvest.
 Harbortouch released a new version of its free point of sale system designed for retail wine, beer and liquor sales. A key function of the new system is an age verification process that prompts cashiers to ask for consumer identification. The system can also differentiate between single drinks and multi-packs at check-out. Details:
Fairfield, Calif.-based glass company Demptos announced it is offering a new line of glass wine bottles made in China. The new line of bottles will feature 14 molds available in three colors: antique, dead-leaf and flint. Demptos is an affiliate of Saxco International LLC a global packaging company in the wine and spirits industry. Details:
DR Power Equipment released the DR Versa-Trailer ½-Ton, a smaller, version of the company’s commercial utility dump trailer designed for light duty hauling. The trailer is designed to work with an ATV, UTV or compact tractor and has a carrying capacity of 1,000 pounds. Details:, a maker of sustainable LED lighting, has teamed up with Vista Wine Cellars to provide lighting systems for custom wine cellar installations. Details:
The “Claire” is the new Burgundy style glass bottle by Global Package LLC. The company also announced the release of new spirits bottles. The Claire has a 1.5” punt and 31.5 mm capsule top and is available in antique green. Details:
At almost twice the size of Sonoma Cast Stone’s egg-shaped concrete fermentation tanks, the new 925-gallon conical concrete tanks offers the same advantages but with more space. Sonoma Cast Stone reports the tank’s conical design “compacts the cap and forces it into the wine.” A pomace door allows the tank to be used for white and red wines. Details:
Monvera Glass Décor, a provider of bottle decoration services to the wine, spirits, beverage and food industry, is the recipient of an award from the Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorated Products (SGCDpro). The award was won in the Container’s category and presented at DECO 2012, the society’s annual meeting. The screen printed wine bottle that won the award was Love this Life, which is manufactured and distributed by ESC Wine Group.
To fortify their position as the industry’s innovation leaders, Cooperages 1912 and Oak Solutions Group are pleased to introduce their new Product Innovation Division. This division will focus exclusively on the development and refinement of oak barrels, oak alternatives and enological tannins.
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