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The new Cobra Plus Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine by ITW Muller is designed to wrap large and oddly shaped loads that are unstable or heavy.
LOGIC Inc. has unveiled its new AmBrew cleanser, which it describes as “a more aggressive cleaner designed specifically for larger scale microbreweries and wine producers.” The alkaline cleanser is designed to effectively break down soils and fermentation byproducts. The product can also be used in chelating water hardness, neutralizing tartaric, malic and lactic acids and is effective in “removing waxy soils left by some fruits and other substances.” Detail:
The new DoorCom wireless intercom system is easy to install and offers a long-range signal. The two-part system features an all metal speaker intercom box that is mounted on the outside of the building and an R-series transceiver mounted on the inside to keep it protected from the elements. The transceiver has a range of 350,000 square feet, and once alerted to the signal, an employee can answer back with a portable two-way radio or desktop base station. Details:
The new Sensorex PH-1 turns an iPhone, iPod or iPad into a portable pH meter. Sensorex’s patent-pending accessory plugs into the standard Apple dock connector and employs a Sensorex pH electrode to measure pH with accuracy to .01 pH and a range of 0-14 pH, according to a statement by the company.
TeeJet has unveiled its new 540 series manifold for sprayer boom shutoff. According to a statement released by the company, the new “gear driven, plunger style design provides long-term reliability in a more compact size.” The new shutoff manifold features a “modular, flange inlet design” and has a shutoff time of 0.7 seconds from open to closed. The valves provide a flow rate of 27 GPM at 5 psi pressure drop and 38 GPM at a 10 psi drop with a maximum pressure rating of 175 psi. The 540 also features quick connect outlet fittings. Details:
M.A. Silva USA is listed as a North Bay Business Journal's Best Places to Work winner. North Bay Business Journal established the list of 2012 Best Place to Work after reviewing nominations, company applications and employee feedback from survey results.
Los Gatos Research (LGR), the world leader in high precision analyzers for trace gas and isotope-ratio measurements, today announced that it has formally validated the capability of the company's Liquid Water Isotope Analyzers to simultaneously measure multiple isotopic ratios in wine without pretreatment or purification. This analytical capability will allow authentication and identification of counterfeit or diluted wines and may be extended to other beverages and products.
Tractor Supply Company, the largest retail farm and ranch supply store chain in the United States, has announced that it has entered into an agreement to purchase an undeveloped parcel of land in the Maryland Farms area of Brentwood, Tenn. The Company will build a new corporate headquarters, referred to as its Store Support Center, and expects to move to the new location in mid-2014.
In today’s still slowed economy it is reassuring to hear about corporate endeavors bringing jobs back into the United States. On February 28, 2011 Bennu Glass LLC announced plans to reopen an idle wine bottle manufacturing facility in Kalama, Washington, pending financing, required maintenance, and replacement of faulty equipment. Bennu’s newly forged alliance with distributor AAC Wine is making this dream a reality.
ACH Foam Technologies launched a new Wineloc™ recycled content Summer Wine shipper in May 2012. The 6-pack wine shipper has been received into the market with enthusiasm. During May and June ACH delivered the first 5500 packs into service.
WiSA, the world leader in precision irrigation management systems, is proud to announce that WiSA Systems now manage over 300,000 acres worldwide. (256,000 acres of vineyards) WiSA Systems are utilized in a wide range of growing environments including vineyards, row crops, orchards, hydroponics, etc.
BlackSquare Inc., maker of Blackboxx, the market leading recurring wine ecommerce application, released details of its entry into the Australian wine market today. BlackSquare now powers wine ecommerce for such Australian companies as Gemtree Vineyards (McLaren Vale), Vinterloper (Adelaide) and The Tasting Bench (Adelaide) with many others currently in development. “Blackboxx is a natural choice for recurring Australian wine ecommerce”, said BlackSquare’s President & CTO, David Gluzman, “Australia has favourable regulations, mature direct-to-consumer practices, a tradition of wine clubs and the world’s most dynamic wine market after the U.S.” Gemtree Vineyards chose Blackboxx to power their domestic Australian ecommerce and Asian expansion without adding cost or staff. Jenny West, Cellar Door Manager at Gemtree Vineyards said, “Blackboxx wine club is a powerful way to build our brand, to connect with our customers, and to duplicate the experience they enjoy in person at our cellar door.” BlackSquare is riding a wave of improvement in Australia’s $5 billion wine industry. For five years, the world’s fourth largest wine exporter suffered major price drops due to a strong Australian dollar and global wine oversupply. Now, national marketing agency Wine Australia reports a rebound, with solid domestic sales, steady North American growth, and strong demand from Asia’s swelling middle class. Sustained increases are forecast due to smaller harvests overseas, aggressive marketing, and a trend of quality over quantity. “Australian wineries recognize that direct-to-consumer is the best way to retail.” Gluzman explained. “But profitable, recurring ecommerce isn’t simply a website or an ecommerce cart; it’s a whole new line of business. Blackboxx’s innovation lies in delivering no-stress, ‘in the box’ ecommerce, from marketing to fulfilment, from shipping to logistics, with back-end analytics on every sale and customer interaction.”
Aimed at providing a one-stop online wholesale platform for California wineries and importers, Wine Direct to Trade has opened its portal providing access to more than 1,000 of the top California retailers, restaurateurs and online retailers.
Cryopak’s new Pallet Transporter CRT is designed to maintain temperatures of between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius for up to 120 hours. The units are designed to be used once or several times and can be assembled by one person. Details:
Elite Label is now offering standard label “dies,” or the equipment needed to cut the shape of wine labels, to help wineries cut costs on labels. The ten dies can be used for both wrap-around and front-and-back labels as wells as Bordeaux or Burgundy bottles. The tooling is kept and maintained by Elite Label. Details:
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