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Renaissance Yeast Inc. introduced Ossia Organic, the latest addition to the company’s line of classically bred hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-preventing wine yeast strains. The yeast can be used for red, white and fruit wines. Ossia takes its name from the Italian phrase o sia meaning “let it be.” The natural, non-GMO yeast is designed as an organic method to prevent the formation of hydrogen sulfide. “Ossia allows the organic winemaker to enhance their wine’s complexity and aroma while also preventing hydrogen sulfide contamination of the vintage,” said Dr. John Husnik, CEO of Renaissance Yeast. 
Scott Labs announced its now offering O-MEGA ML bacteria, which is adapted to high alcohol levels and lower cellar temperatures. The bacteria is produced by Lallemand which reports it has an alcohol tolerance of up to 17%, pH tolerance of 3.1, and a temperature tolerance of 57F. O-MEGA also produces little Diacetyl. 
SGP Packaging now offers clients the opportunity to design their own punt on an existing stock bottle. The company says it's an easy way to differentiate packaging as it can change a punt mold rather than changing the entire mold. The supplier is also now offering bottles in the Tradiver color, an intense, dark green that was created by Verallia France for the Grand Crus Classes of Bordeaux. 
Smurfit Kappa unveiled a double-head, automatic Bag-in-Box filling machine called the “BiB 700 Double Head.” According to the manufacturer, the machine is designed for large, industrial production facilities and features a filling valve that offers excellent Total Package Oxygen, TPO, pickup values thanks to the separate nitrogen and vacuum circuits. The BiB 700 can fill up to 30 3-liter Bag-in-Box products per minute. “When designing and building this machine, we wanted to make the industrial filling process as efficient and clean as possible,” said Florent Neveu, Smurfit Kappa Bag-in-Box filing machines manager. “Therefore we focused on basic things: accurate filling to avoid wastage, easy maintenance and maximum hygiene.”
During Craft Beer Week, Flowcrete Americas reflects on its first hand experience of the growing industry and the breweries that it has helped to create high performance yet distinctly personal production facilities.
Gusmer Enterprises is pleased to offer Ossia, an organic yeast that is the newest addition to Renaissance Yeast’s portfolio of classically bred wine yeast strains. Ossia (from the Italian phrase o sia or 'let it be') is a natural, non-GMO, wine yeast strain that has been selected for its inability to produce H2S during fermentation; simultaneously eliminating this potential source of H2S contamination and enabling the full aroma and complex character of the vintage to develop unhindered.
Vancouver, BC — May 5, 2015 — Dr. Matthew Dahabieh, head of research at Renaissance Yeast Inc., will be one of four technical experts presenting at Gusmer Enterprises’ technical seminars to be held in four California cities in May. Locations and dates include San Luis Obispo (May 11), Lodi (May 12), Napa (May 13) and Sonoma (May 14). All seminars are free and will take place between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm, with a complimentary lunch provided.
May 1, 2015. St. Helena/Napa Valley: Buchalter Nemer announced today that the firm has opened its fifth office in St. Helena/Napa Valley with the addition of two new attorneys - James R. Rose has joined the firm as a Shareholder and Katharine (Trina) Falace has joined as Senior Counsel. Both join Buchalter from the Law Offices of James R. Rose, highly regarded for its broad practice representing wineries, wine brokers and vineyard managers in the Napa Valley.
SPARFLEX now holds 100% stake in RIVERCAP since Q1 2015 and confirms its commitment to accelerate its growth and international expansion in the market for Champagne, Wine and Spirits capsules.
Norfolk, Nebraska, USA, May 1, 2015 – To help wineries and wine fulfillment houses ease the concern of customers about the integrity of their order during warm summer months, Thermal Packaging Products introduces Chilled Wine Shipper, a temperature control shipping carton made with eco preferable insulated padding and materials that will keep chilled wine cool.
The new broad spectrum fungicide Fracture by FMC has been registered for use in California and Florida to combat powdery mildew, botrytis and brown rot blossom blight. According to the manufacturer, Fracture’s patented active ingredient coats the fungal cell wall, deforms the chitin structure and ruptures the cell wall to ensure its destruction and within eight hours the fungal cell is dead. The active ingredient is Banda de Lupinus albus doce (BLAD) a naturally occurring seed storage protein derived the sweet lupine plant. The product has a one-day pre harvest interval and a four-hour re-entry interval. 
Humboldt Earth Technologies released a new mobile app for those looking to “brew the best possible compost tea.” The app, available for Apple and Android devices, features recipes to boost plant yields and improve resistance to pests and diseases. "Organic solutions to fertilization are in strong demand, and coupled with the growing interest in sustainable, ecologically friendly farming practices, the time is ripe for fresh answers to old challenges," explained Humboldt Earth Technologies CEO Russell Pace. 
The resin flooring experts at Flowcrete Mexicana, part of the global Flowcrete Group, will be demonstrating the ultra-hygienic cementitious urethane solution Flowfresh to the sector at booth 5606.
ETS Laboratories announced the launch of new, simpler testing panels for its proprietary Scorpions testing service. The company condensed all of the Scorpion testing options into three panels for clients to choose from: the Yeast Panel, the Bacteria Panel and the Combined Panel. The Yeast Panel detects fermentation and spoilage yeast (Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, and Zygosaccharomyces). The Bacteria Panel detects malolactic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria, and acetic acid bacteria (Oenococcus, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, and acetic acid bacteria) and can be used to assess stuck and sluggish fermentations. The Combined Panel includes the yeast panel and bacteria panel organisms.
The new GTWIST line of screwcap closures by G3 features three patent-pending GSEAL liners that provide varying rates of oxygen transmission rates (OTR) as well as the traditional Saranex and Tin-Saran liners. The GTWIST line features a liner with a very high OTR of 0.0045 cm3 O2/24hrs, medium 0.004 and low 0.002. The liners can be decorated with G3’s range of printing options.
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