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CropTrak company Founder Rob Wood announced that the iCropTrak software for Apple iPad devices is a Top 10 New Product Award winner for 2012 at the World Ag Expo. “This award validates the many hours of effort and leading edge work our Tucson based engineering team are doing, in conjunction with the open door offered by key customers”, he said. “We are naturally very pleased to be honored and look forward to seeing our users increase the money they save through the technology we are offering” Mr. Wood added. iCropTrak is a multi user software solution that runs in the field with or without internet connectivity. It allows users to take advantage of geographic data, the GPS technology in the iPad, the larger screen size and touch interaction and enjoy an experience like no other farming field data management solution. iCropTrak gives users an opportunity to deploy data collection templates for functions as diverse as food safety inspections, field spray management, employee timesheets, equipment tracking and rigorous field scouting. Data entry forms are added effortlessly to the system. More information about the iCropTrak software can be found at www.croptrak.com or by sending a message to contact at croptrak dot com.
Tarpon Springs, FL – A-B-C’s exclusive Model 156 decaser / single filer is now equipped with an Intelligent Control package that automatically monitors container flow and adjusts the decasing speed to ensure a continuous fill rate. This feature is designed to optimize line productivity by ensuring harmonious operation regardless of line speed variations.
The 25 oz./750 mL S'well bottle from Can't Live Without It, Inc. is the perfect size to keep your favorite white wine chilled at picnics, outdoor concerts, tailgating parties and social functions and Friday night-decompressing events for moms or working girls. S'well wine bottles eliminate the need of toting a huge cooler and ice – in addition to ending the worry of breaking a glass bottle.
PLEASANTON, Calif. -- DeltaTRAK®, a leading innovator of cold chain management solutions and bacteria detection technologies today announced the FlashLink Mini Data Logger, its newest addition to the company's full line of data loggers. The FlashLink Mini Data Logger is a small size, single-use, in-transit data logger featuring DeltaTRAK's patented Shadow Log capability which guarantees retention of data even in the event that the unit is not activated. The low cost logger is ideal for documenting storage and transport conditions of temperature sensitive products.
FOSS is proud to receive a prestigious enological innovation prize from the premier wine event SIMEI-ENOVITIS.
CINCINNATI, Ohio--Intelligrated®, a leading North American-owned automated material handling solutions provider, will showcase its latest software technologies at Modex 2012, February 6-9 in Atlanta, Ga. Show attendees can view demonstrations of the company's InControlWare® warehouse control system, part of Intelligrated's complete set of software solutions. InControlWare is a suite of warehouse control software products, from material flow control, to order and wave execution, to machine control for automated material handling systems. Engineered from the ground up, InControlWare has the unique capability to efficiently manage both machine and operational resources, while increasing facility capacity and lowering distribution costs. Intelligrated’s software solutions are designed to expand and enhance the capabilities of enterprise and warehouse systems by optimizing workflows, equipment usage and order fulfillment; scaling to meet the needs of a wide range of solutions such as ecommerce, retail, wholesale and automated distribution. Providing flexible process management through scalable software, InControlWare can be integrated as a complete warehouse control system or as individual products, including: • Order Manager™: Fills the gaps between a client’s business systems and facility execution • Route Manager™: Intelligently directs material flow for efficient operations • Pick Manager: Drives operations for on-time order fulfillment of case and piece picking applications such as pick-to-light and cart picking • Carousel Manager™: Commands efficient storage and retrieval with manual and automated carousels • Crane Manager™: Optimizes automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS)
Wendell, NC – KIOTI Tractor is pleased to announce their new, high performance RX6010C, a durable KIOTI utility tractor in the 60 horsepower range.
Riverview, FL--Metrohm USA proudly offers the new Ti-Touch titrators that feature a built-in Ethernet port to fully network without a PC! Connect the 915 Karl Fischer Ti-Touch and 916 Ti-Touch directly to your local network and you can: export secure PDFs directly from the titrator; share methods between other titrators; print to network printer—features no other compact titrator can deliver.
MONTCLAIR, Calif. -- WineCruzer line of carriers are the preferred protection method when vintage wines fly, and are the topic of conversation at wineries and tasting events. Safeguarding and storing wine is the rallying cry for connoisseurs, collectors and enthusiasts who wish to avoid ultraviolet (UV) ray damage, heat spoilage, fungi, contamination and breakage. The new WineCruzer 8-Pack PRO is a bona fide mobile wine cellar that sets new standards with advanced cushioning, thermal insulation and a revolutionary bottle tray design.
Pallet Wine Company, Southern Oregon’s only dedicated custom crush facility, will process a record-breaking 425 tons of wine grapes this year, more than doubling 2010’s production. “We’ve handled everything from A to Z – Albariño to Zinfandel,” said Pallet winemaker and co-owner Linda Donovan. “It’s quite amazing how many different grape cultivars do well here, including some that probably aren’t grown anywhere else in the Pacific Northwest.”
Tudertechnica, a major Italian specialty industrial hose manufacturer, has introduced Glidetech® Vineyard HD, an advanced technology hose for the North American wine industry.
-Somm LLC of San Diego has marked the one-year anniversary of the release of its state-of-the-art i-Somm wine selection application for restaurants, hotels, private clubs and retail wine stores. Designed for use by establishments with a large selection of wines, 10 restaurants nationwide have already adopted the app, including Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe, California, the Hilton BayFront in San Diego, Oneida Indian Nation in Verona, New York, Café Largo in Key Largo, Florida and The Wine Mapp in Greenwich, Connecticut.
ETS Laboratories sample drop is located inside the Woodinville Commerce Center.
The HT-30 from Extech Instruments, Waltham, Mass., is a hand-held, affordable and accurate heat-index meter that measures and combines all contributing heat issues into a single value and instantly gives a reading. It is barely 10 inches long and fits easily in your back pocket. This wet-bulb-globe-temperature meter (WBGT) offers several modes to monitor each factor separately or combined in the WBGT. The temperature can be read in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and a built-in alarm emits a beeping noise when dangerous heat levels are detected. For more information, please visit www.extech.com.
Torrance, Calif.--The filtec SpectroVision Touch is a technologically advanced vision inspection system for quality control in industrial applications. Its precise vision capabilities make it indispensable when it comes to optical detection of defects. The touch screen and versatile user interface make it easy to tailor to user requirements. The versatility and precision of the SpectroVision Touch provide for high quality inspections across a multitude of applications including:


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