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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Vivando™ fungicide from BASF Crop Protection has received full registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the California Board of Pesticide Regulation. The new fungicide is highly effective for control of powdery mildew in wine, table and raisin grapes.
Confluence Media, Inc. announced today the launch of its’ Social Email program targeted at enhancing sales for direct-to-consumer initiatives within wine businesses.
WineISIT has announced that they have been designated as the Official US management office for the DropStop® wine pourer by the Denmark manufacturer. WineISIT is a national direct to consumer marketing company that specializes in the development of direct mail and e-mail advertising and also coordinates the facilitation of tasting demonstrations, mystery shops and brand in store assessments throughout the US.
Lion Nathan Wine Group, owner and importer of fine wines from around the world, announces the expansion of its Cellar Key brand. Launched in September 2010 on six wines, this new proprietary marketing platform is now featured on five wine brands and more than 20 wines. Cellar Key is currently found on wines from Argyle in Willamette Valley, Oregon; St Hallett in Barossa, Australia; Wither Hills in Marlborough, New Zealand; Argento in Mendoza, Argentina and most recently, Petaluma in Adelaide Hills, Australia. Utilizing existing 2D barcode technology, Cellar Key creates a whole new level of engagement in the wine industry through Smartphones.
Innovative Australian company, Barokes Wines, and global packaging company, Ball Packaging Europe (“BPE”), have recently signed an agreement appointing BPE to manufacture and supply cans for wine to be used in the Vinsafe process.
PC pumps provide numerous benefits for the wine industry namely, low-shear, non-pulsating flow and minimal maintenance requirements with a long service life to provide low total cost of ownership. PC Pumps, such as the Moyno 2000 Pump, offer distinct performance advantages for the wine industry and provide gentle pumping action with low internal velocities to prevent shearing for improved product quality, as well as one rotating pumping element with no metal-to-metal contact.
Key Technology introduces its family of Crush Pad Equipment Solutions for wineries. Modules, which can be utilized separately or configured as an integrated system, include a Receiving Hopper, Cluster Sorting Table, Post-Destemmer Sorting Table with MOG (material other than grape) separating system, and color sorters. These stainless steel systems help wineries improve their product quality while redirecting labor to other tasks.
Caliber WinePak, North America's largest distributor of wine bottles, has changed its name to TricorBraun WinePak, reflecting its ownership by TricorBraun, North America's largest distributor of glass and plastic packaging.
Pursuing its strategy of offering natural, high value specialty yeasts and malolactic cultures to the wine industry, Chr. Hansen once again launches a breakthrough innovation within enology: A frozen, direct inoculation Pichia kluyveri yeast product for winemakers producing aromatic and fresh white or rose wines.
ELKHART, Ind. – Dometic introduces its new Special Edition line of MaCave series wine cellars featuring compressor-driven technology. Its unique design with curved lines makes it an aesthetically pleasing fit for any décor, while Dometic’s smart technology and features make it effective and easy to use.
Haak Systems, LLC, announces the introduction of their “Smart-Rack”Pat.Pend. barrel filling control system that automates the racking of wines & spirits into barrels. This new system eliminates the need to use a flashlight to monitor the rising level of wine & spirits in a barrel as it approaches the bung opening. A programmable micro-processor, using a pressure sensitive sensor, monitors the increasing level in each barrel and automatically shuts off the wine pump at the precise pre-calibrated level setting. The Smart-Rack Pat.Pend. affords the cellar workers a rapid, non-spill barrel filling operation that equates to quality and cost savings. The new system consists of a handheld start/stop controller that contains the sensing probe, the start/stop push button with indicator lamp and micro-processor for pre-calibration of the shut-off point. This new finite control virtually eliminates over-filling and the spilling of wines and spirits thus eliminating the opportunity for potential spoilage problems.
ZEBULON, N.C. – Nomacorc, the world’s leading producer of alternative wine closures, announced today the launch of its new Select Series, an innovative, high-performance line of co-extruded synthetic closures. Tailored to meet the unique needs of artisan winemakers and their premium wines, the first Select Series closures will be available for delivery beginning in January 2011.
DAVIS, Calif.—UC Davis Extension’s popular three-day, intensive short course in varietal winegrape production returns this March. Receive expert instruction from county-based farm advisers and campus-based faculty members of the University of California, Davis, as they present reviews and updates for new and experienced vineyard managers, owners and others seeking an overview of winegrape production practices.
Barrel Scan with the Smart Bung
All American Containers Pacific Coast is the latest addition to the All American Containers, Inc. family and has begun to carve out its niche in Santa Rosa in the business of wine bottles, boxes, labels and closures. All American Containers Pacific Coast will focus on serving these needs for those located in the Northern and Central Coast of California, Oregon, Washington and Western States.


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