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Synergy Glass & Packaging, Inc., sponsored their first charitable drive this December by donating a portion of the proceeds from new orders to two local food banks; the Napa Valley Food Bank in Napa, and the Redwood Empire Food Bank in Santa Rosa. Synergy Glass & Packaging is a local distributor of fine quality wine bottles and decided to combine their products with the generosity of their customers to ultimately provide cash donations to local Food Banks. Due to a openhanded response of many existing customers as well as new friends, each Food Bank received a check above the projected goals. Look for future campaigns from Synergy Glass & Packaging. announced their new special event management application VinoVisit - Easy Invite. In a few minutes wineries can set up and send invitations using their existing email application. A link within the email opens a winery-branded reservation web page enabling the email recipient to RSVP. Winery staff can manage the event from an online dashboard where they can also book guests manually. This easy but powerful application offers automatic guest confirmation email, settings for total event and party size, minimum time to book and cancel reservations, and much more. Links to open the reservation page can also be added to the winery websites Events page.
Erlanger, Ky.-–The new Jaz clamp spectrometer from Aquionics enables customers to conduct on-location testing of their UV disinfection system’s quartz sleeves. The Jaz accurately validates the life of quartz sleeves, potentially extending their usable life, and ensures UV disinfection systems are operating effectively.
Sisters, OR--The makers of Bird Gard are introducing the Deer Shield PRO. It's the only deer repeller that uses recordings of deer snort and fawn bleating to repel deer. These sounds are to deer what distress calls are to birds. They have a primal fear reaction. The sounds were developed and researched by wildlife specialists at the University of Nebraska.
Jacksonville, Ore.--The new Devitt Wine Systems single or dual frequency Auto-Topper filler system allows the filling or topping of wine barrels to be done without the chance of overflow, spilling or the extra time spent by constant staff attention. The basic system consists of a single frequency, non-contaminating optical liquid level sensor that is easily inserted into the barrel bung opening while filling or topping. Once full, the sensor automatically shuts off remote pumps and valves using a secure wireless RF remote control system. The dual frequency system does exactly the same thing except that two barrels may be dilled or topped at the same time by a single operator.
New Holland, Penn.--Earth & Turf Products, LLC, announces its Grading Plane for small compact tractors.
Italy--The orthodromic Estasi destalker from Milani has been designed and built for destalking in which the grapes remain whole.
WICHITA, Kan.––Three-piece, stainless steel ball valves are now available for use with Viega ProPress® stainless steel systems. The three-piece stainless steel ball valve, the latest innovation in the Viega ProPress stainless steel product offering, features new three-piece construction from high-quality, 316-grade stainless steel.
Tonnellerie Quintessence is proud to present Hydro-Dynamique, an elegant water-immersed barrel for aging the world’s finest wines.
Lallemand is pleased to announce the launch of a new application for iPhones – Lallemand Wine. This app is an easy-to-use tool to select the yeast, bacteria, nutrients, specialty inactivated yeast and enzymes for winemaking, and features a comprehensive catalogue of Lallemand winemaking products available in North America. Yeast, malolactic bacteria, nutrients and protectors, as well as SIY, are all described in detail to help winemakers select the best product choices for their winemaking conditions and desired wine style.
Monvera Glass Décor, a provider of screen printed labels to the wine, spirits, beverage and food industry, has launched a color awareness campaign called ‘Beautiful Colors’ to bring new color ideas and combinations to its customers. Over the years, Monvera has developed a rich and unique library of colors that can be used for bottle printing. ‘Beautiful Colors’ shows how these colors can be used in combination with each other. This first selection includes: Mulberry, Starburst, Mimosa and Tree Leaf. Samples are available on request so that customers can see exactly what the color looks like as a screen printed wine bottle.
SME North Bay was recently granted full senior chapter status by SME, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. SME North Bay was formed in June 2010, and was fast tracked to full chapter status due to its vitality and the impact the chapter has had in the North Bay manufacturing community.
Wine Clubs Online announces the launch of their website at the Wineries Unlimited Trade Show March 28th in Richmond Virginia. In a fresh approach to capturing new wine club members, Wine Clubs Online provides a search engine approach to drive new wine club members to wineries and optimizes a winery’s ability to broaden their consumer-direct channel. “The development of Wine Clubs Online illustrates the power of using search engine optimization and social media to bring increased visibility and visitors to a winery’s wine club page on their website, regardless of the size of their winery. “We are thrilled to provide an engaging and unique website that supports wineries in acquiring new wine club members,” states Founder, Sue Whitaker.
Active Club Management supports the Carbon Neutral Challenge by offering the options of UPS Carbon Neutral shipments. Wineries depend on clean air, water and earth to produce a quality harvest. Much of the focus to reduce CO2 emissions focuses on vineyard and nursery operations, however, positive reductions can be made in other parts of a winery's operation. With a small change, and a single click of a button, wineries can increase their green footprint by shipping their Direct to Consumer shipments via UPS Carbon Neutral and can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.
TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.-- Americans purchase an average of five gallons of wine annually on a $23 billion investment. How come so many of them let the wines go bad?
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