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Haverhill, MA. - The Filtration and Separation Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has introduced a new line of Balston® Nitrogen Generators specifically for wineries.
Bin to Bottle Winery (“Bin to Bottle”) of Napa Valley announced it has expanded yet again, reopening the historic Buena Vista Winery on Ramal Road in Carneros as Ramal Estate Winery. This significant facility with over 600,000 gallons of closed top, stainless steel cooperage and 1,500 tons of open top fermentation capacity will allow Bin to Bottle to continue its expansion into larger capacity production.
BevJet is an innovative electric-powered bag-in-box beverage-dispensing pump that’s perfect for any establishment
G3 Enterprises has earned an Award of Excellence from the International Metal Decorators for the distinctive screw cap closures it created for Charles Creek Vineyard.
Tonnellerie Quintessence is proud to announce the 20-year anniversary of its French oak stave mill, Merrain International.
UKIAH, Calif.-– California-based G3 Enterprises has installed a new polylaminate closure line at its production facility in Ukiah. The company’s expansion enables it to now manufacture polylaminate closures in two of California’s major wine producing areas – the Central Valley and the North Coast – to better serve its customers. Both sites are ISO certified. “This is an exciting expansion for our company and customers. It enables us to offer a quality domestic-supply of polylaminate capsules to so many wineries in the immediate area,” said Chet Koehn, operations manager of the Ukiah facility. He added, “This expansion, coupled with our experienced team providing onsite technical support, enables us to consistently deliver quality closures for our customers in the North Coast.” Increasing market demand for polylaminate closures drove the expansion of the Ukiah facility. The plant now offers polylaminate closure choices in a variety of colors and finishes to compliment most bottle shape and size. G3 Enterprises’ leverages its vast experience in packaging manufacturing to work closely with marketing, quality, production and creative to ensure a consistent, precise fit of its polylaminate closures. Not only will the expansion provide winery owners with more convenient access to polylaminate closures, they can purchase the closures knowing they were produced at an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility. The International Standard’s ISO certifications were established to assist companies throughout the world to improve quality and reduce their impacts on the environment. “Since our inception in 2007, the Ukiah facility has invested heavily to reduce our impact on the environment by improving our processes and training our employees,” said G3’s Koehn. He added, “We have an outstanding reputation for our environmental commitment which includes establishing strict emission control standards; adopting new printing technologies to reduce the release of VOC’s while improving product quality and equipment efficiency; and our commitment to recycle PVC materials previously considered to not be recyclable. In the near future, more than 95% of our in-process scrap will be recycled and reused.”
Exton, Penn.--Gamajet Cleaning Systems announced the release of the Intrepid tank rinsing machine. The Intrepid offers fast, validatable tank rinsing with the 80% less water than the standard spray ball at the SAME pressure. This type of cleaning (fast and thorough without the use of chemicals) is ideal for cleaning light liquids and powders. A 500 gallon tank that once took 10 minutes at 60 psi and 60 gpm with a spray ball now takes 4 minutes with only 15 gpm at the same pressure. In addition to the 510 gallons of water saved the tank will be cleaned thoroughly, every time without clogging.
WILLIAMSBURG, Iowa -- Kinze® Manufacturing, Inc. today unveiled an innovative solution to increase productivity on the farm--the Kinze Autonomy Project. The technology, which is the first of its kind in row crop production worldwide, utilizes autonomous agricultural equipment to complete many tasks on the farm with minimal direct human input.
Cincinnati, Ohio--It was announced today that MH Equipment Ohio South has acquired specific Yale Materials Handling (YMH) Cincinnati assets and personnel. The recent acquisition makes MH Equipment Ohio South the new authorized Yale® life truck dealer in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky counties formally assigned to (YMH) Cincinnati.
Brussels, Belgium-- Designers of wine, beer and liquor bottle labels and a wide range of other products involving digital printing and/or digital finishing (laser cutting) can now direct and control ALL print and laser cutting finishing specifications at the earliest design stages with Spartanics’ latest laser cutting innovation--Designers’ Turnkey Digital Print-to-Laser Cutting System. Unlike other digital cutting /laser cutting lines that may require input of vector-based files during set up, the Spartanics’ Designers’ Turnkey Digital Print-to-Laser Cutting System allows product developers of all kinds to use their RIP (Rastor Image Process) software at the pre-press level to specify not only print but also laser cutting files to finish the product. The Designers’ Turnkey Digital Print-to-Laser Cutting System has the built-in capability to extract the vector data embedded in PDF, ONYX or other formats. In addition, the Designers’ Turnkey Digital Print-to-Laser Cutting System enables the use of bar codes to signal job changeovers for uninterrupted continuous production lines and the cost-efficiencies this affords for short-run jobs. For more details on Spartanics Designers’ Turnkey Digital Print-to-Laser Cutting System, please click here. The Spartanics Designers’ Turnkey Digital Print-to-Laser Cutting System world debut will be in Brussels on September 27-30, 2011 LabelExpo Europe Stand #9H54. Those not attending this trade show who are interested in visiting installations in Europe or North America can contact Mike Bacon, Spartanics VP, at +847 – 394- 5700 or For all other sales and product inquiries please contact Scott Edwards, Sales Administrator, Spartanics, + (847) 394 5700, FAX + (847) 394 0409, About Spartanics Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA-headquartered Spartanics specializes in tightly integrating advanced software engineering with sophisticated handling systems to manufacture best-in-class die cutting machinery , laser cutting machine technology as well as screen printing systems and other equipment for fabricating products made from flat stock materials. Its worldwide service organization uses state-of-the-art virtual service technician technology and also maintains offices and spare parts in Europe.
New Tool Helps Winemakers and Grape Growers Organize, Share and Analyze Harvest Sample Data Online
Wine industry veteran Claudia Zimmermann announced today the formal launch of WineTask, a new wine compliance consulting firm. Based on Zimmermann’s 10+ years of alcoholic beverage industry experience in the United States and abroad, WineTask provides clients with a clear strategy to expedite logistics, handle wine and beverage compliance across federal and state lines, and minimize the potential for non-compliance penalties.
San Francisco, CA – Wine industry veteran Claudia Zimmermann announced today the formal launch of WineTask, a new wine compliance consulting firm. Based on Zimmermann’s 10+ years of alcoholic beverage industry experience in the United States and abroad, WineTask provides clients with a clear strategy to expedite logistics, handle wine and beverage compliance across federal and state lines, and minimize the potential for non-compliance penalties.
Broyhill’s ATV trailered sprayer is great for Vineyards, large lawn and estate acreages. The 60 gallon unit with roller pump takes care of most pests and weeds. The special tank has a place to hold hand tools, chemicals or work gloves, etc. 10’ and 21’ booms, spray guns and control boxes are available.
Forston Labs introduces a new Mini GC/Lab Navigator product specifically tuned for ethanol testing in the food and beverage industries. Forston’s Mini GC and accompanying methods have provided Ethanol testing in various wine operations and results matched those on the bottle’s labels as well as tests results from outside laboratories. This capability is now easily accessible in any workspace, as the Forston GC is the size of a shoebox and weighs less than 3 pounds. On-column, direct injection makes this unit easy to use and sample preparation is practically non-existent. With a new, heated injection port, Forston’s Mini GC quantitatively analyzes ethanol percentages in most fluids.
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