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Rounder mouth-feel, distinct aromas, and increased overall complexity. This is what a number of winemakers in the Northern hemisphere have achieved in their wines after using PRELUDE®, which global ingredients supplier Chr. Hansen launched in August 2009.
The new Moyno® Winery pump is the pump of choice for winery applications, such as pump overs, pumping high fining solids or a tote of crushed grapes. They provide gentle pumping action, portability, outstanding application versatility and low total cost of ownership.
KPG Corporation, formerly Ko-Pack, is very pleased to announce its newly- formed partnership with SEI Laser Converting, Italian manufacturer of the fastest laser for die-cutting labels.
Lighting influences how wine tastes and how much consumers are willing to pay for it, the National Lighting Bureau reports, citing conclusions drawn from a series of three German experiments in which more than 500 people tasted white Riesling wines. The study report – “Ambient Lighting Modifies the Flavor of Wine” – was published in the December 2009 issue of Journal of Sensory Studies.
VinoVisit.com, a winery search engine, enables visitors to search, then select and winery tours and wine tasting events by location, varietal, and dozens of other attributes. Winery profiles include robust descriptions, photo galleries, video, maps, visitor reviews and ratings. Real-time reservation bookings, multi-day itinerary-building tools, turn-by-turn directions and closed-loop visitor reviews make it easy for wine lovers to plan winery visits.
Using a memorable tagline and eye-catching visuals, Armstrong Associates successfully re-launched ZORK USA’s alternative wine closure at the 2010 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.
P&L Specialties, international manufacturer of grape reception and selection equipment, has been certified as a "Green Manufacturer" by the Bay Area Green Business Program. P&L Specialties is the second Manufacturer in Sonoma County to receive this prestigious certification.
The wine industry has a new Certified Public Accounting firm—one with more than 60 years of expertise: Brown Holder Alfaro & Co. LLP. The new St. Helena-based company has formed after a split with now Napa-based G & J Seiberlich & Co. LLP.
Okanagan Barrel Works Ltd. of Oliver, B.C., has tossed their barrel-maker’s gauntlet to a number of internationally renowned cooperages: Seguin Moreau (Napa), Demptos (Napa), Radoux (Santa Rosa) A&K Cooperage (Missouri), Canadian Oak Cooperage (Ontario) and Carriage House Cooperage (Ontario) to determine how each cooper’s barrels will impact on a given wine.
The wide spread adoption of aluminium screw caps for bottling wine has seen the emergence of a new problem for bottlers. What to do when a bottle on the production line fails the quality test and it needs to be reprocessed? The cap and collar needs to be removed before the issue can be addressed. Zecante, a New Zealand based company, have developed a patented device to remove these collars safely and quickly.
Universal Specialties Inc has announced that it has changed its name to Universal Packaging Inc.
Water usage reduction of 17% in two years makes cork wine stoppers from ACI CORK USA a closure alternative that is more environmentally friendly than any other option available in the wine industry today. Statistics recently released by ACI CORK USA show that the production facilities of parent company Àlvaro Coelho & Irmãos, S.A., in Portugal have greatly reduced water used per kilo of corks produced. (See chart below)
Is China becoming the largest producer of California wines? An alarming number of fake California wines are being sold in Asia as authentic imports. Counterfeiting does not just damage the brand owner's reputation and result in loss of revenue, but may also expose the owner to liability and the consumer to harm. What are the consequences if wine is produced without health department inspections, sanitizing safeguards, quality control tests, product purity, and proper storage? How long before these counterfeit bottles of wine appear in America, on the shelves of your local wine retailer, or in your glass at your favorite restaurant?
Tonnellerie Quintessence is proud to present Fleur de Quintessence, a new premium barrel for aging the world’s finest wines. This barrel celebrates artistry, craftsmanship, French heritage and an exceptional wood source, all of which contribute to Fleur de Quintessence’s status as the cooperage’s icon barrel.
Leonardo LoCascio, President, CEO and Founder of Winebow, Inc., announced the expansion of Winebow's distribution business into the state of Illinois. Winebow will operate as a distributor serving the market from a new Chicago distribution facility.


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