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ITW Muller announced the release of its new Octopus “C” automatic rotary ring stretch wrapper. The compact unit can wrap up to 40 loads per hour, depending on load size and wrap pattern. Michael Klear, the sales and marketing director for ITW Muller, said in a news release that the unit is “ideal for manufacturers looking to increase productivity without compromising space and allowing the customer to stay within budget restraints.” Details: itwmuller.com.
Cork producer M.A. Silva announced that it now offers what it’s calling “revolutionary cork laser printing technology” that can provide high-resolution image printing for natural corks. The company has added a D-CLP “Decork” laser-printer system within its Diamond Program of services that include D-GC/MS testing. The new laser creates 3D-style imaging within the full 360° cork body spectrum. In addition to graphics, the laser also can mark each cork with a number for traceability. A free Decork app for iOS and Android devices enables users to view 3D artwork simulations on corks. Details: masilva.com.
SANTA ROSA, Calif., Jan. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sonoma County based M.A. Silva USA, now offers cork laser printing technology with the highest capable image resolution for printing natural cork stoppers. M.A. Silva now offers the D-CLP laser printer within their Diamond Program of premium services, along with D-GC/MS testing. The D-CLP creates perfectly detailed 3D style imaging within the full 360° cork body spectrum. The high definition shading along with the darkest printing capability, allows for distinctive illustrative or photographic rendering to be visually sharp.
Vancouver, Canada — January 7, 2014 — Renaissance BioScience Corp. announced that it has exclusively licensed, from the Regents of the University of California, patented and patent pending technology for the development and commercialization of yeast strains that reduce the formation of hydrogen sulfide in wine and other fermented products.
Invisible Sentinel Inc., a life-sciences company that develops and manufactures rapid molecular diagnostics for the food industry, announced today that it will partner with Jackson Family Wines, the family-owned winery in Sonoma County, on a first-in-class rapid diagnostic to detect Brettanomyces, a wine-spoiling yeast.
January 6, 2014 (Kelowna, British Columbia) – A small, family run winery in Kelowna, The Vibrant Vine, has garnered international acclaim at the 2014 World Beverage Competition, Geneva, Switzerland, securing two awards including Platinum “Best of Show” (White Wine) and a Bronze medal for packaging.
BSG Wine is offering adjuncts in four flavor profiles and two formats from Toasted Oak. The oak is selected from forests in central France, air-seasoned and toasted using infrared, convection or traditional fire heating. The company offers sample packs. Details: bsgwine.com.
Laffort USA has trademarked and begun U.S. sales of VEGECOLL, a potato protein isolate, for reduction of phenolic compounds in must, and for use in white, rosé and red wines for fining. VEGECOLL offers high clarification and sedimentation rates, along with color stabilization and reduction of astringent tannins. Details: laffort.com/en/fining/728-vegecoll.
GridBee mixers from Medora Corp. are suitable for winery wastewater pond use, supplementing aeration with energy-efficient mixing for ponds and water basins. The mixers are compact, lightweight and low-maintenance, even in high TSS applications, with no moving parts or electrical use in the water. Mixers are available to rent, purchase or lease-purchase. Details: wastewater.medoraco.com/airpwr.
FELCO’s new FELCOtronic 801 is the newest in FELCO’s line of electronic pruners. Designed for vineyard use, it offers additional speed, a full day of battery life and an ergonomic and lightweight design. The hardened-steel cutting head has a semi-opening mode to save time and make high-quality cuts for vine health. Details: FELCO801.com.
CleanSweep automated self-cleaning red wine fermentors are now available from Spokane Industries. The CleanSweep system evacuates pomace from the tank with the press of a button, making tank cleaning a one-person job, and safer for workers. CleanSweep is available on all new tanks 5,000 gallons and larger. Details: spokaneindustries.com.
Union Jack of Louisville, Ky., is expanding its winemaking tools catalog with a new line of Sani-Lav nozzles for washing and sanitizing applications. All models have a trigger-controlled, variable-spray pattern and instantly shut off when the trigger is released. The N81 is a water-saving model. Details: unionjacktools.com.
PORTLAND, OREGON, December 20, 2013 – Cascade Corporation accepted a WINovation award for their Wine Barrel Handler from the Wine Industry Network (WIN) last week in Santa Rosa, California. The “Excellence in Innovation” award recognizes Cascade as one of the most innovative companies in the industry. The awards are a part of the second annual North Coast Wine Industry Expo and Cascade was one of just 10 companies honored with this award.


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