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Cambrian Innovation, provider of advanced biotechnology products for industrial businesses, announced today a major new product line, the EcoVolt® Membrane Bioreactor (MBR). Extending and enhancing Cambrian’s distributed water offerings for growing industrial businesses, the EcoVolt® MBR is a polishing process that removes over 99% of pollutants and solids, enabling water re-use on site. Cambrian’s first EcoVolt MBR customer is one of the fastest growing and largest craft breweries, Lagunitas Brewing Company.
The Tow and Blow wind machine was developed in New Zealand and is now for sale in the U.S. through Chamberlin Agriculture. The machine is designed to protect fruit and other crops from freezing temperatures, frost and excessive heat. An aerodynamically designed, composite shroud design increases airflow to protect up to 10 acres from frost and 3 acres from heat. The fan is powered with a small engine that requires 1.5 gallons of fuel per hour, while the hydraulic lift and rotating mechanism are powered by DC power packs with a solar panel to provide backup power. An auto start mechanism can be set to start the fan at specified temperatures, and at 5.5 feet wide the machine should fit between most vineyard or orchard rows.
The Gofermentor is a fermentation tank that operates with a single-use, biodegradable bladder with two chambers. One chamber is designed to hold must while the other chamber is filled with air. The liner is enclosed in a rigid container that can be moved by a forklift or pallet. When the air chamber inflates it compresses the cap and forces juice up through it, creating a “punch up” effect. The air chamber can also be used as a press when fermentation is complete, or as a press for whole clusters of white grapes when connected to a second fermentor. Once the liner is empty it can be folded up and discarded. The system is designed as a winemaking system that uses little to no wash water and protects must and juice from any exposure to air.
The new Monadnock Envi Enhanced Barrier label with EarthCoating is “the next generation” of moisture-resistant label protection according to the manufacturer. The labels are a replacement for BOPP (Bi-Oriented Polypropylene) film-laminated labels and are available in 100% post-consumer-waste fiber, bright white, smooth stock and a virgin fiber, bright white, vellum stock. Monadnock entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Smart Planet Technologies for use of its extruded EarthCoating technology for adhesive beverage labels in North America in 2014. With this coating, the high performance labels contain less plastic and adhesive “yet offer improved opacity, brightness and wet-strength.” 
The Aeros 9040 field computer by TeeJet Technologies now features additional capabilities including tip flow monitoring, ISOBUS Universal Terminal functionality to integrate with other control modules and Wi-Fi data transfer for two-way job data transfer between the machine and farm office. The new features complement existing functions such as guidance, auto-steering, video monitoring, variable rate application control, applied mapping, automatic section control and droplet size monitoring. 
ThinFilm and G World introduced what they claim is the first “smart wine bottle” featuring ThinFilm’s patent-pending NFC OpenSense tags and G World’s patented SAMSCAN process to enable consumers to authenticate a wine while also protecting a brand from counterfeiters. The G World anti-counterfeiting solution – employing Thinfilm’s NFC technology – is designed to provide authentication of individual bottles throughout the supply chain, ensuring they are packaged, shipped, stocked and purchased in their original factory-sealed state., 
Vineyard Concepts released a new Concept Cover for two stacked grape bins. The cover is designed to maintain the temperature of grapes at harvest through transport and delivery and while they wait on the crush pad for processing. The new double cover provides the same level of protection but for two stacked bins.
The new AIA CES Training Seminar from Flowcrete Americas is the ideal opportunity for architects to find out more about specifying fit-for-purpose flooring solutions for the food and beverage industry.
Laffort USA is pleased to offer FREE SHIPPING for all orders of $500* or more placed and delivered by July 31st!
NAPA, JULY 7, 2015-/ Dr. Marie-Laure Murat and Dr. James Kennedy will release a joint scientific publication confirming the consistency of achievable flavor profiles with Vicard Generation 7’s patented coopering system at the International Symposium of Enology in Bordeaux in July.
Sustainable agribusiness leader, Aloterra, and compostable foodservice ware innovator, World Centric, have developed and are marketing a new line of certified compostable foodservice ware made from Miscanthus plant fiber. The products are the first of what is to be a new sector of the economy. They are sourced from Miscanthus Giganteus, a large, perennial grass crop resembling bamboo, which is grown on marginal, non-food producing American farmland. The foodservice ware is as strong as foam and plastic and will sell at a similar price as fiber foodservice ware produced in Asia. Aloterra and World Centric will initially produce 55 million 9” plates and six sizes of “clamshell” food take-out containers with expanded production planned for 2016. Aloterra and World Centric are the only companies internationally that are manufacturing and marketing a foodservice ware line made from Miscanthus.
Napa, July 6, 2015 / David Bowyer, CEO and Owner of Tapp Label Company, LLC, announces the acquisition of Metro Label, an industry leading label printing company founded in 1974. Metro Label specializes in high/decoration label, shrink/sleeve and flexible packaging markets for the wine, spirits, pharmaceutical, health, beauty, and other key industries. Clients are served throughout the USA, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean. Metro Label has received numerous awards for its environmental leadership in the label industry.
New features enhance the performance of the Tow and Blow portable wind machines for growers who want to protect their plants and crops from freezing temperatures, frost and even heat damage. Used on all kinds of horticulture—from wine grapes to tree fruits and nuts, vegetables and flowers—Tow and Blow machines continue to be refined, now with the following improvements:
The Navik program by Absolutdata automates the market research and concept testing processes to make launching a new product or packaging design quicker and easier. The “cloud-based, decision support tool” is designed to help companies set market test parameters such as demographics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge if a project is a “go” or “no go.”
ADAMA received EPA approval for its Captan Gold 4L liquid fungicide for use on grapes, tree fruits and other specialty crops. A multi-site contact fungicide, Captan Gold 4L penetrates fungal spores, protecting crops against diseases like anthracnose, botrytis (gray mold), brown rot and scab. The manufacturer reports its product is the only liquid captan with a “caution” signal word. 
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