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WineWeb.com, Santa Fe, NM, announces the addition of a CRM Dashboard to its winery customer relationship management services. The integrated winery CRM dashboard allows wineries to analyze their customers across e-commerce, point-of-sale and wine club transactions. "The winery CRM dashboard, with its drill-down capabilities, allows a winery to monitor and analyze customer data across all direct sales channels," states Ron Kreutzer, Founder and President of WineWeb Enterprises, Inc. "We've included analysis of direct trade orders and email campaigns into the tool," continues Kreutzer.
American Tartaric Products is pleased to announce its representation of Heinrich Oak Alternatives, a line of oak products using original, proven Australian recipes. The Heinrich Oak Alternatives product line includes premium oak shavings, chips and tank staves, as well as Maximum Impact oak chips and tank staves.
The Moyno®, Springfield, OH 2000 CC pump provides unmatched performance in a competitively priced, compact, close-coupled configuration. It is designed for municipal and industrial applications where close-coupled configurations are preferred, but the robustness of a gear joint drive is needed.
The Tom Beard Company, international manufacturer of wine barrel and grape harvest bin washing systems, has been certified as a "Green Manufacturer" by the Bay Area Green Business Program. The Tom Beard Company is the second manufacturer serving the wine industry in Sonoma County to receive this prestigious certification.
UPM Raflatac, Mills River, NC, announces the launch of an ultra removable product range for a variety of end-use applications. The new product line for the Americas market includes five paper and film labelstocks for four major end-uses including news labeling, multipurpose labeling applications (book labeling, glass labeling, promotional items labeling and direct mail labels), page tab marking and wall labeling.
BrandTech Scientific, Essex, CT, has released the Vacuubrand ME1 and ME1C vacuum pumps for laboratory filtration and Solid Phase Extraction applications. These oil-free pumps come with a fluoropolymer and corrosion-resistant flowpath, and handles nearly any lab evaporative application except freeze drying. In addition, the pumps never need an oil change and don’t need to be serviced until they reach 10,000-15,000 hours of operation.
Brewmaster, San Leandro, CA, announces its new home winemaking equipment and juice kit, priced at $150. They are also offering new, lower prices on presses, destemmer/crushers/variable capacity tanks and grape juice concentrates.
Britton Design, Sonoma, CA, reveals their revamped website, www.brittondesign.com. Upgrades include showing current packaging, collateral and identity designs and an archived section of past designs.
D.D. Williamson, Louisville, KY, releases an acid-proof, Class One caramel color for North American customers. The darkest Class One caramel color in the product line, the new product provides stability below pH 2.5 and in alcohol up to 65% ABV.
G3 Enterprises, Modesto, CA, is now the exclusive distributor of the DIAM technical cork – produced by the patented DIAMANT super-critical CO2 process – in the North American market.
Magnuson Industries’, Rockford, IL, Posi-Pour measuring pour spout is now available in portion sizes ranging from as small as ¼ ounce and as large as two ounces. All of these sizes are offered in a variety of colors.
Mistral Barrels, Sonoma, CA, introduces a new line – the Ambrosia Flavor Boost. These enhanced toastings achieve a unique equilibrium between wood and fruit, resulting in an extended range of flavors and fine aromas while creating wines with personality and super premium individuality. Ambrosia accomplishes wines with exceptional characteristics, intense aromas and softness as well as unrivaled complexity. Tannins are sweet and rounded, while the mouth feel is textured, persistent and slightly fat.
Assmann Corporation of America, Garrett, IN, has received ISO 9001:2008 certification of its management system. Assmann manufactures large polyethylene storage tanks and plastic storage containers in various shapes and capacities from 40 gallons to 12,000 gallons. The company also has a state-of-the-art rotational molding facility with the capability to do all necessary secondary processing, including fittings, vents, fill lines, heat tracing and insulation.
Staco Energy Products, Dayton, OH, introduces its latest addition to their line of Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVR) for the power conditioning in demanding applications. Based on a series regulation transformer controlled by variable transformers (VTs), these robust units offer tight output regulation and are easily customizable. The basic AVR will handle more than 90% of typical power problems – handling all but the most extreme voltage swings. Options such as suppression of high voltage transients, high harmonic content or site load balance can be added – providing site-specific power correction in a one-box solution. The Staco AVR is ideal for broadcast transmitter sites and studios, whole floor regulation in high-rise buildings, input voltage regulation for elevator control, large A/C chillers, lighting systems, industrial automation process control, CNC equipment, robotics, dockside or shipboard voltage regulation and power conditioning, XC-ray, CT scan and MRI power conditioning, commercial broadcast and military mobile communications trucks, trailers and shelters and more. All Staco AVR units feature extremely high overload/inrush ratings. Gold plated contacts on all coils and nickel plated copper bus bars are standard. They are robust and durable enough to withstand the constant vibration of mobile applications. Individual coil protection means these proven units avoid catastrophic cascade failures which are common with other topologies. An industry-leading three year warranty attests to the robust design and workmanship inherent in each Staco AVR.
Today marks the launch of a new community resource aimed at small businesses that are interested in growing their email marketing lists — thereby increasing their sales. The VerticalResponse List Building Bank is a community for small businesses to post tips and tricks while learning more about new and improved list building tactics from their peers as well as the experts at email marketing company VerticalResponse. Following on from the success of the VR Marketing Lounge, a community forum for marketers to meet and share their expertise, VerticalResponse has launched this latest forum for small business owners.


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